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G.I. Joe Accessory Guide:

One basic figure stand was used for vintage-sculpt figures. Initially available only in Battle Gear Accessory Packs and a handful of other sets, they were included with most figures beginning in late 1991. Nearly all Collector's Club-exclusive figures from 2003 onward came with transparent stands. There are slight variations in the surface texture, peg size, and peg placement, and even a few "left-handed" stands. Different stands were sold with the Commando Attack Game, and personalized stands were included with figures using 25th-Anniversary construction. All these were black, except where indicated below.


tan x2: Battle Gear #1
black x2: Mach. Gun Def. Unit
grey x2: Missile Defense Unit
dk green x2: Mortar Defense Unit
brown x2: Battle Gear #2
dk blue x2: 85 Rifle Range
green x2: Battle Gear #3
off-white x2: Battle Gear #4
brown x2: Battle Gear #5
brown x2: Battle Gear #6
black: 91 Grunt
black: 91 Snake-Eyes
black: 91 Tracker
black: 91 Mercer
black: 91 BAT
black: 91 Cobra Cmdr.
black: 91 Toxo-Viper
black: 91 Sludge Viper
black: 92 Falcon
black: 92 Zap
black: 92 Maj. Bludd
black: 92 Road Pig
black: 92 Rock 'n Roll
black: 92 Psyche-Out
black: 92 Hawk
black: 92 Stalker
black: 92 Cobra Cmdr.
black: 92 Overkill
black: 92 Storm Shadow
black: 92 Dojo
black: 92 Nunchuk
black: 92 T'Jbang
black: 92 Slice
black: 92 Dice
black: 92 Duke
black: 92 Wet-Suit
black: 92 Roadblock
black: 92 Big Bear
black: 92 Destro
black: 92 Flak-Viper
black: 92 Gen. Flagg
black: 92 Gung-Ho
black: 92 Barricade
black: 92 Wild Bill
black: 92 Firefly
black: 92 Eel
black: 92 Deep Six
black: 92 Barbecue
black: 92 Toxo-Zombie
black: 92 Bullet-Proof
black: 92 Mutt
black: 92 Cutter
black: 92 Shockwave
black: 92 Headman
black: 92 Headhunter
brt green: 93 Bazooka
black: 93 Cross-Country
yellow: 93 Beach-Head
brt green: 93 HEAT Viper
black: 93 Alley Viper
black: 93a Roadblock
black: 93 Wet-Suit
black: 93 Flak-Viper
brt green: 93 Col. Courage
black: 93 Leatherneck
white: 93a Snow Storm
red: 93a Outback
orange: 93 Night Creeper Ldr.
yellow: 93 Dr. Mindbender
black: 93a Gung-Ho
black: 93 Barricade
blue: 93 Snake-Eyes
orange: 93 Zartan
blue: 93 Night Creeper
yellow: 93 Scarlett
pink: 93 Banzai
white: 93 Bushido
black: 93 Slice
white: 93b Snow Storm
red: 93b Outback
black: 93a Duke
white: 93 Frostbite
blue: 93 Keel-Haul
black: 93 Backblast
black: 93 Crimson Guard Cmdr.
silver: 93 Cobra Cmdr.
black: 93 Wild Bill
black: 93 Gen. Flagg
red: 93 Eel
black: 93b Gung-Ho
black: 93 Clutch
yellow: 93 Mega-Viper
olive: 93 Mirage
blue: 93 Blast-Off
silver: 93 Cyber-Viper
gold: 93 Robo-JOE
red: 93b Duke
yellow: 93 Rock 'n Roll
black: 93 Heavy Duty
yellow: 93 BAAT
silver: 93 Destro
red: 93 Payload
yellow: 93 Countdown
gold: 93b Roadblock
black: 93a Ozone
orange: 93 Astro-Viper
neon red: 93 TARGAT
neon yellow: 93 Law
dk yellow: 93 Mace
dk blue: 93 Muskrat
red: 93 Long Arm
dk red: 93 Gristle
black: 93 HH Stormtrooper
black: 93 Bullet-Proof
black: 93 Headhunter
black: 93 Mutt
black: 93 Ozone
dk green: 93 Ambush
black: 93 Low-Light
black: 93 Create-a-Cobra
black: 93 Deep Six
black: 93b Hawk
black: 93 Dee-Jay
black: 93 Stalker
black: 93 Sub-Zero
black: 93 Snow Serpent
black: 93 Major Altitude
black: 93 Interrogator
black: 93 Big Bear
black: 93 Big Ben
black: 93 Budo
black: 93 Spirit
lt blue: 93a Ryu
black: 93a Ken Masters
black: 93a Guile
yellow: 93a Chun Li
purple: 93a Blanka
black: 93a M. Bison
blue: 93 Edmond Honda
purple: 93 Dhalsim
dk yellow: 93 Zangief
gold: 93 Vega
black: 93 Balrog
purple: 93 Sagat
black: 94 Flint
neon yellow: 94 Dial-Tone
black: 94 Shipwreck
purple: 94 Metal-Head
red: 94 Viper
yellow: 94 Beach-Head
orange: 94 Alley Viper
yellow: 94 Lifeline
black: 94 Stalker
lt grey: 94 Ice Cream Soldier
red: 94 Maj. Bludd
cream: 94 Snow Storm
gold: 94 Night Creeper Ldr.
red: some 94a Payload
lt grey: most 94a Payload
lt grey: 94b Payload
gold: 94 Roadblock
yellow: 94 Lobotomaxx
black: 94 Predacon
green: 94 Carcass
black: 94 Countdown
silver: 94 Ozone
clear dark: 94 Snake-Eyes
clear blue: 94 Storm Shadow
clear green: 94 Slice
clear red: 94 Nunchuk
clear blue: 94 Night Creeper
clear blue: 94 Bushido
black: 97 Blizzard
black: 97 Iceberg
black: 97 Snow Job
black: 97 Lady Jaye
black: 97a Snake Eyes
black: 97 Storm Shadow
black: 97 Baroness
black: 97 Cobra Cmdr.
black: 97 Destro
black: 97 Duke
black: 97 Torpedo
black: 97 Viper
black: 97 Gung-Ho
black: 97 Alley Viper
black: 97 Ace
black: 97 Hawk
black: 98 Cobra Officer
black: 98 Cobra Trooper
black: 98 Shipwreck
black: 98 Torpedo
black: 98 Wet-Suit
black: 98 Firefly
black: 98 Night-Creeper
black: 98 Snow Serpent
black: 98 Col. Brekhov
black: 98 Lt. Gorky
black: 98 Volga
black: 98 Vypra
black: 98 Ace
black: 98 Heavy Duty
black: 98 Thunderwing
black: 00 Snake Eyes
black: 00 Storm Shadow
black: 00 Dusty
black: 00 Law
black: 00 Gen. Tomahawk
black: 00 Dial-Tone
black: 00 Chameleon
black: 00 Cobra Cmdr.
black: 00 Firefly
black: 00 Undertow
black: 01 Big Ben
black: 01 Whiteout
black: 01 Maj. Bludd
black: 01 Rock Viper
black: 01 Duke
black: 01 Side Track
black: 01 Double Blast
black: 01 Crossfire
black: 01 Destro
black: 01 Fast Blast Viper
black: 01 Cobra Cmdr.
black: 01 Laser Viper
black: 01 Low-Light
black: 01 Sure Fire
black: 01 Wet-Suit
black: 01 Wet Down
black: 01 Zartan
black: 01 Shadow Viper
black: 01 Big Brawler
black: 01 Tripwire
black: 01 Gung Ho
black: 01 Leatherneck
black: 02a Tomax
black: 02a Xamot
black: 02a Shipwreck
black: 02 Sidetrack
black: 02 Sideswipe
black: 02 Lifeline
black: 02 Serpentor
black: 02 Shock Viper
black: 02 Sure Fire
black: 02 Slice
black: 02a Mirage
black: 02a Viper
black: 02 Gen. Tomahawk
black: 02 Headman
black: 02a Big Ben
black: 02a Alley Viper
metallic: 02b Big Ben
metallic: 02b Alley Viper
metallic: 02b Mirage
metallic: 02c Viper
black: 02 Reservist
clear: 03a Zartan
black: 03a BAT
black: 03 Inferno BAT
black: 03c Over Kill
clear: 03 Falcon
clear: 03a Lady Jaye
clear: 03 Maj. Storm
clear: 03a Cobra Cmdr.
clear: 03 Black Dragon
clear: 03 Swamp-Viper
clear: 03 Black Dragon Trpr.
clear: 03a Firefly
clear: 03b Firefly
metallic: 03 Alley Viper
metallic: 03c Viper
black: 03 Black Dragon Trpr.
black: 04a Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04b Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04d Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04d Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04a Cobra Squad Ldr.
black: 04b Cobra Squad Ldr.
flour. green: 04 Heavy Water
clear: 04c Beachhead
clear: 04 Hardtop
clear: 04a Mutt
clear: 04 Joe-Bob
clear: 04 Billy-Bob
clear: 04 Otis
clear: 04 Cletus
clear: 04 Vance
clear: 04 Roscoe
clear: 04 Buzzer
clear: 04 Crusher
clear: 04 Demolishor
clear: 04 Ripper
clear: 04 Road Pig
clear: 04 Zarana
clear: 04 Thrasher
clear: 04 Zanzibar
clear: 04b Zartan
clear: 04c Zartan
clear: 04d Zartan
black: 04 Barricade
black: 04 Charbroil
black: 04c Duke
black: 04 Lifeline
black: 04b Mutt
black: 04c Roadblock
black: 04 Alley Viper
black: 04c Firefly
black: 04a Night-Creeper
black: 04 Nullifier
black: 04 Scrap-Iron
black: 04b Storm Shadow
black: 05a Infantry Division
black: 05b Infantry Division
black: 05c Infantry Division
black: 05d Infantry Division
black: 05e Infantry Division
black: 05f Infantry Division
black: 05a Crimson Guard
black: 05a Firefly
black: 05 Tomax
black: 05 Xamot
clear: 05a Jungle Viper
clear: 05b Destro
clear: 05 Gen. Mayhem
clear: 05 Metal-Head
clear: 05 Iron Anvil
clear: 05 Iron Grenadier
clear: 05b Gung Ho
clear: 05 Steel Brigade Cmdr.
clear: 05 Dragonsky
clear: 05 Steel Brigade Paratrpr.
clear: 05b Jungle Viper
black: 06 G.I. Joe
black: 06 G.I. Jane
black: 06 Interrogator
black: 06 Viper Guard
black: 06 Red Zone
black: 06 Rook
black: 06 Checkpoint
black: 06 Guillotine
black: 06 Gallows
black: 06 Grim Skull
red: 06a Viper
red: 06b Viper
clear: 06a Nullifier
clear: 06 Maj. Bludd
clear: 06 Cobra Mortal
clear: 06 Overlord
clear: 06 Coil Trooper
clear: 06 Skull Squad Trooper
clear: 06 Mercer
clear: 06 Red Dog
clear: 06 Taurus
clear: 06 Sgt. Slaughter
clear: 06b Nullifier
clear: 07 Chuckles
clear: 07a Shipwreck
clear: 07 Ice-Viper
clear: 07 Snow Serpent Cmdr.
clear: 07 Copperhead
clear: 07 Clutch
clear: 07 Doc
clear: 07 Flash
clear: 07 Grunt
clear: 07 Rock 'n Roll
clear: 07 Sparks
clear: 07 Zap
clear: 07 Clay Moore
clear: 07 Night Stalker Cmdr.
clear: 07a Night Stalker
clear: 07b Night Stalker
clear: 07c Night Stalker
clear: 07 Grand Slam
clear: 07 Starduster
clear: 07 Steeler
clear: 07 Rip It
clear: 08e Cobra Cmdr.
clear: 08 Gristle
clear: 08 Headhunter BAT
clear: 08 Headhunter Guard
clear: 08 HH Stormtrooper
clear: 08 Long Arm
clear: 08 Low-Light
clear: 08 Shockblast
clear: 08 Bullhorn
clear: 08 Headhunter Driver
clear: 08 Hotwire
clear: 08 Sky BAT
clear: 08 Airtight
clear: 08 Outback
clear: 08e Cobra Officer
clear: 08 Night-Viper
clear: 09 Falcon
clear: 09b Python Copperhead
clear: 09 Munitia
clear: 09 Undertow
  red x6: Cmndo Attack Game
orange x6: Cmndo Attack Game
green x6: Cmndo Attack Game
blue x6: Cmndo Attack Game
silver: most 07a Destro
gold: some 07a Destro
07 Cobra Officer
07a Cobra Cmdr.
07 Baroness
07b Cobra Cmdr.
07a Cobra
07b Destro
07b Storm Shadow
07 Serpentor
07b Cobra
07 Buzzer
07 Air Trooper
07c Cobra Cmdr.
07c Cobra Trooper
07c Storm Shadow
07 Vehicle Driver
07 Zartan
07 Red Ninja
07 Firefly
08a Crimson Guard
08a Destro
08a Storm Shadow
08a Cobra Cmdr.
08a Ripper
08 Torch
08b Destro
08b Cobra Cmdr.
08a Wild Weasel
08b Storm Shadow
08a Cobra Officer
08b Crimson Guard
08 Tomax
08 Xamot
08 Red Ninja
08 Red Ninja Leader
08 Night Watch Officer
08a Night Watch Trooper
08b Night Watch Trooper
08c Night Watch Trooper
08d Night Watch Trooper
08c Cobra Cmdr.
08 Crimson Guard Officer
08c Crimson Guard Trooper
08d Cobra Cmdr.
08b Cobra Officer
08a Cobra Trooper
08a HISS Driver
08a Viper
08a Maj. Bludd
08c Python Officer
08f Cobra Cmdr.
08a Baroness
08a Firefly
08c Storm Shadow
08 Copperhead
08 HISS Cmdr.
08a Serpentor
08a Tele-Viper
08b Baroness
08b Cobra Trooper
08c Destro
08d Storm Shadow
08a Snow Serpent
08a BAT
08d Destro
08a Iron Grenadier
08 Nemesis Immortal
08h Cobra Cmdr.
08b Firefly
08 Crimson Guard Squad Ldr.
08d Crimson Guard Trooper
08 Para-Viper
08 Cobra Bazooka Trpr.
08 Croc Master
08 Wraith
08 Iron Grenadier Officer
08b Iron Grenadier Trpr.
08 Cobra Pilot
08b Viper
08 Zartan
08 Eel
08a Scrap-Iron
08b BAT
08b Serpentor
08b Maj. Bludd
08i Cobra Cmdr.
08j Cobra Cmdr.
08f Destro
08b HISS Driver
08 Vehicle Gunner
08b Ripper
08 Ninja Viper
08 Cobra Diver
08c Cobra Tropper
08e Python Crimson Guard
08k Cobra Cmdr.
08c Maj. Bludd
08d Cobra Officer
08d Cobra Trooper
08e Cobra Trooper
08f Cobra Trooper
08e Crimson Guard
08b Scrap-Iron
08 Snow Serpent Officer
08b Snow Serpent Trpr.
08b Tele-Viper
08c Viper
08d Viper
08l Cobra Cmdr.
08 Cobra Paratrooper
09a Python Copperhead
09a Cobra Cmdr.
09a Cobra Trooper
09 Torch
09a Firefly
09 Destro
09a Storm Shadow
09 Baroness
09b Cobra Cmdr.
09b Storm Shadow
09a Viper
09c Cobra Cmdr.
09c Storm Shadow
09a BAT
09d Cobra Cmdr.
09 Cobra Officer
09b Cobra Trooper
gold: 09b Firefly
gold: 09b BAT
gold: 09d Storm Shadow
gold: 09c Viper
gold: 09 Crimson Guard
09 Arctic HISS Driver
09 Air Viper Commando
09 Stinger Driver
07a Storm Shadow
07a Snake Eyes
07 Flint
07 Duke
07 Gung Ho
07 Roadblock
07 Scarlett
07b Snake Eyes
07 Beachhead
07 Lady Jaye
07b Shipwreck
07 Stalker
08 Snow Job
08 Flash
08a Snake Eyes
08b Snake Eyes
08a Hawk
08a Scarlett
08a Duke
08a Breaker
08a Ace
08c Snake Eyes
08d Snake Eyes
some 08b Duke
some 08 Grunt
some 08b Hawk
08a Rock 'n Roll
08a Torpedo
some 08b Duke
some 08 Grunt
some 08b Hawk
08 Doc
08a Wild Bill
08 Spirit
08e Snake Eyes
08f Snake Eyes
08a Roadblock
08a Flint
08 Shipwreck
08d Duke
08 Red Star
08a Steeler
08 Double Clutch
08b Breaker
08g Snake Eyes
08a Stalker
08 Lady Jaye
08b Roadblock
08 Bazooka
08b Hawk
08 Barbecue
08 Falcon
08 Tripwire
08a G.I. Joe Trooper
08b G.I. Joe Trooper
08c G.I. Joe Trooper
08d G.I. Joe Trooper
08e Duke
08 Mutt
08b Ace
08 Skyduster
08b Wild Bill
08 Cutter
08a Deep Six
08b Torpedo
08b Deep Six
08 Leatherneck
08 Trakker
08 Airborne
08b Flint
08b Scarlett
08h Snake Eyes
08 Hard Master
08 Beachhead
08 Dataframe
08c Wild Bill
08 Dusty
08 Quick Kick
08i Snake Eyes
08 Short-Fuze
08c Stalker
08b Steeler
08c Deep Six
08b Rock 'n Roll
08 Gung Ho
08 Alpine
08f Duke
09 Lift Ticket
09a Duke
09 Blowtorch
09 Shockblast
09 Tunnel Rat
09a Flint
09 Hawk
09 Lady Jaye
09 Shipwreck
09a Snake Eyes
09b Duke
09b Snake Eyes
09c Duke
gold: 09c Snake Eyes
gold: 09 Beachhead
gold: 09b Flint
gold: 09b Zartan
gold: 09d Snake Eyes
09 Outback
  silver: 08c Duke
blue-grey: 08f Duke

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