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File Name: Stuart A. Finley of Annapolis, Maryland.
Notes: Annapolis is on Chesapeake Bay, about 30 miles south of Baltimore, and is home to the United States Naval Academy.

chronological: S.A.W.-Viper<< Metal-Head >>Undertow
alphabetical: Mercer<< Metal-Head >>Dr. Mindbender


Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Garry Chalk233,460 seconds4113,803

Notes: DiC's Metal-Head was a Cobra agent and wore his 1990 outfit, except that the knife on his chest pointed to his right. He had messy, shoulder-length hair, and his helmet appeared only in commercial animation. The series used him purely for comic relief, and he was the narrator for the series' final episode. Several stories incorporated the filecard's concept of a voice-activated weapon system triggered by the word bang. Metal-Head's grandmother (who called him Sonny) figured prominently in two episodes, one of which reveals that he and Grid-Iron attended the same high school.


Season 1 Opening (DiC)1 second(silent)in footage from DiC season 1 (0:33)
United We Stand146 seconds13 linesattacking Joes near Cobra lab, in Hurricane guarding Joe HQ, at rocket base, escaping in Dominator
Granny Dearest450 seconds48 linesattacking Sky Hawk, driving Hammerhead, foiled/bothered by Granny, hijacking train, in Floating Fortress
Victory at Volcania Part 1159 seconds20 linesin sub, leading Rages, wasting ammo at Club Joe, chasing Joes from airfield, mocking Joes at volcano
Victory at Volcania Part 2129 seconds19 linesswinging from vines, capturing Joes at volcano, in command center, firing on UN fleet, on Rage
The Nozone Conspiracy164 seconds21 linesat Nozone briefing, in ads, fighting Ambush in valley base
Pigskin Commandos45 seconds4 linesbuilding Cobra base, in Rage on football field
General Confusion27 seconds4 linesoverseeing the sapping of trees in Amazon
That's Entertainment57 seconds2 linesat Cobra briefing/tantrum, at captured studio after theft of MAP
I Found You...Evy2 seconds(silent)running toward Tomahawk crash (5:46-47)
D-Day at Alcatraz Part 1298 seconds27 linesdisguised as Lapplander for ambush, surrending, imprisoned at Alcatraz, haunted
D-Day at Alcatraz Part 2135 seconds16 linesmonitoring Comstock Lode, manning guard tower, starting up F.A.N.G. to escape Ghost of Alcatraz
Season 2 Opening (DiC)2 seconds(silent)in footage from DiC season 1 (0:32), and season 2 (0:54)
The Eliminator273 seconds26 linesat Terror Drome, training as a rival to Overkill, at Alps base, briefly fired, chasing Ice Sabre
Kindergarten Commandos112 seconds10 linesguarding captured teachers, destroying cafeteria truck, captured by Mercer and students
Long Live Rock and Roll Part I133 seconds17 linesgreeting Billy Blaster, arguing with Billy, flying Battle Copter to steal guitar
Long Live Rock and Roll Part II109 seconds13 linesat Cobra base, tying up Billy Blaster and taking his place playing for the sonic weapon
The Greatest Evil Part I33 seconds6 linespaired with Bullet-Proof, attacking Headman on foot
The Greatest Evil Part II73 seconds5 linesdriving Battle Wagon, chasing Headman
Keyboard Warriors41 seconds5 linesdisguised in lab, at planning table in war room
Cobra World178 seconds13 linescrashing Magic World, in mascot costume, in tunnel, chasing Jesse, driving Paralyzer, escaping park
Metal-Head's Reunion314 seconds37 linesin Paralyzer attacking lab, on cruise ship for reunion, flying Battle Copter in undersea base, in Hammerhead
The Legend of Metal-Head579 seconds105 linesfeatured in flashback

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Metal-Head was discernible in 27 panels in 2 issues from Jul. 1991 to Sept. 1991: #114 and 116.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1990 (Iron Grenadiers) 2. 1994 (Battle Corps) 3. 2005 (Convention)
Version 1: spring 1990 regular carded figure assortment (Iron Grenadiers)
Destro's Anti-Tank Specialist
  • head: Metal-Head (90)
  • arms: Metal-Head (90)
  • torso: Metal-Head (90)
  • waist: Metal-Head (90)
  • legs: Metal-Head (90)
Accessories: light grey machine pistol with three vents on top (new), light grey backpack-mounted twin missile tubes (new), two light grey leg-mounted missile boxes (new), six small yellow missiles with tiny fins (new), light grey armored helmet covering cheeks and back of neck (new), light grey H-frame backpack to hold launcher (new).
METAL-HEAD is a walking anti-tank weapon! He can launch high-explosive tubes and guide them to their objectives on a laser beam, without the use of his hands or his feet. His voice-activated weapons' command system is made up of circuits and targeting computer modules built into various components of his blast suit. All he has to do is make visual contact with the target, let the computer "read" the range, plot the trajectory, wait for the green light to flash, then yell "bang" to complete the firing sequence.
"The real targeting computer is upstairs in his brain, and it doesn't have an 'off' switch. This guy is so wrapped-up with his work that even when he sits down for dinner he's preparing for battle. He tests his visual acquisition sensors by locking onto the mash potatoes as they are passed from one end of the table to the other. He calculates wind deflection by observing how the steam rises off the meat loaf. He even measures the diameter of the green peas, seeing them as micro-targets. If he looks you straight in the eye, you'll feel as if you have a bullseye on your forehead."
Variations: There is variation in the thickness of the leg tabs and corresponding holes on missile boxes.
Toy Notes: Featured in 1990's second new figures commercial. Item #6571. The prototype shown in the 1990 insert catalog has a black pistol and smoother leg-mounted missile boxes, as well as a different paint scheme on the legs.
Version 2: spring 1994 Battle Corps Wave 5 carded figure assortment, #4
Anti-Tank SpecialistMOS 1: Tank Destruction
MOS 2: Hockey Fight Analyst
  • head: Metal-Head (94, 05)
  • arms: Metal-Head (94, 05)
  • torso: Metal-Head (94, 05)
  • waist: Rock-Viper (90, 03), Metal-Head (94, 05)
  • legs: Rock-Viper (90, 03), Metal-Head (94, 05)
Accessories: purple laser pistol (88 Iron Grenadier's), purple submachine gun (89 Annihilator's), purple rifle (90 Rock-Viper's), red spring missile launcher with black trigger (93 H.E.A.T. Viper's), two purple spring missiles (93 H.E.A.T. Viper's), purple figure stand (common).
METAL-HEAD is a walking anti-tank weapon! He uses the brain integrated targeting sight implanted into his left eye to get a fix on G.I. Joe tank positions. His anti-tank rocket launcher then senses the target through bio-processors in the handle and locks onto it like a cheetah about to pounce on a gazelle. All Metal-Head has to do is yell "fire" and the rocket blasts off with destructive accuracy. Metal-Head also enjoys skiing with the jet set on the slopes of New Hampshire, where he is known for cutting off other skiers, shooting at chair lifts, and being just plain mean! He's a suspected member of the secretive Susu-Gar martial arts clan, and is obviously one guy you never want to see eye-to-eye.
Motto: "I'm always giving people the eye...the bull's eye that is!"
Variations: First sold on 1993-style packaging with a normal-sized filecard, then on 1994-style packaging with a baseball card-sized filecard with abbreviated text.
Toy Notes: Item #81005.
Version 3: late June 2005 General Mayhem: M.A.R.S. Invades! boxed set
IRON GRENADIERS Air MarshallMOS 1: Aerial Vehicle Operator
MOS 2: Anti-Tank Specialist
  • head: Metal-Head (94, 05)
  • arms: Metal-Head (94, 05)
  • torso: Metal-Head (94, 05)
  • waist: Rock-Viper (90, 03), Metal-Head (94, 05)
  • legs: Rock-Viper (90, 03), Metal-Head (94, 05)
Accessories: dark grey machine pistol (02 Neo-Viper's), dark grey rifle (92 Duke's), clear figure stand (common).
METAL-HEAD is the leader of the IRON GRENADIERS air assault squadron. He has allowed DESTRO's top scientists to surgically implant an electro-magnetic shunt directly into his brain. This mnemonic device allows him to connect into the M.A.R.S. mainframe computer and download weapon and vehicle specifications directly into his memory. He simply plugs into the system and allows his bio-processors to acquire the knowledge. METAL-HEAD also has an integrated targeting sight located in the optic nerve of his left eye. All he has to do is make visual contact with a target, calculate the range, then yell "bang" to utilize his voice-activated weapon systems.
These upgrades have given METAL-HEAD faster reflexes, which makes him particularly adept with advanced technology aircraft—such as the Stealth A.G.P. (Anti-Gravity Pod). He now has the ability to execute ultra fast maneuvers that would physically debilitate other pilots. The few seconds it takes for his opponent to compensate is all he needs to calculate their range and launch his missiles to blast them out of the sky.
"I've got my eye on you—a Bull's Eye that is!"
Toy Notes: Boxed in a convention-exclusive set with Destro, Gen. Mayhem, five copies of Iron Anvil, and five copies of Iron Grenader.