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(aka Felix "Mercer" Stratton)

File Name: Felix P. Stratton of Spencer, West Virginia.
Grades: Army E-5 equivalent (1987, 2006); E-9 (1991)
SNs: 933-41-5632; 010-5639-JE09
Notes: Spencer is in the western part of the state, about 45 miles northeast of Charleston. The 1991 filecard identifies Mercer as Richard S. Cecil of Richmond, Virginia.

Previous character: Sneak Peek
Next character: Red Dog


Animated Appearances

Sunbow VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Kristoffer Tabori
(credited as Christopher Tabori)
3146 seconds745
DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
???4466 seconds59599

Sunbow's Mercer wore his 1987 outfit with a red vest instead of orange, with a large "No Cobra" sign on the left. His mohawk style was more pronounced, and his hair was more reddish. The DiC series used the 1991 outfit. Both series played up Mercer's past involvement with Cobra, and resulting suspicion from one or more fellow Joes.


G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 338 seconds2 lines
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 493 seconds5 lines
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 515 seconds (silent)
The Eliminator159 seconds17 lines
Kindergarten Commandos256 seconds40 lines
Basic Training21 seconds (silent)
The Legend of Metal-Head30 seconds2 lines


Born March 9, 1958. Mercer joined the Joe Team in March 1984, and his appearance is represented by Version 1, changing to Version 2 in late 1986. He was among the Joes reactivated in June 1991, with his Version 3 appearance.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1987 (Renegades) 2. 1991 3. 2006 (Convention)
Version 1: 1987 Renegades three-pack
Fig. #0129: RenegadeMOS 1: Small Arms Armorer [45B]
  • head: Mercer (87) - remolded: Mercer (06)
  • arms: Mercer (87)
  • torso: Mercer (87)
  • waist: Mercer (87)
  • legs: Mercer (87)
Accessories: black backpack (85 Footloose's); light grey pistol (new, .45-cal. with silencer)
The Renegades don't answer to anyone but themselves. They don't officially exist. They can function with very little restraint but if they are compromised, they're on their own.
Mercer was the only Cobra Viper that ever defected to the Joes and survived. He had joined Cobra for the adventure and the promise of material gain but soon grew disaffected with the Cobra philosophy. He escaped Cobra Island by hot-wiring a hydrofoil and outrunning his pursuers across the Gulf of Mexico. Mercer is proficient with all Cobra small arms and explosive devices.
"Mercer found his true home with the Renegades. He gets three meals a day, a warm place to sleep, and a chance to shoot at Cobras!"
Toy Notes: Carded in a three-pack with Red Dog (87) and Taurus (87). Item #6153. Reportedly a Toys 'R Us exclusive a few months before general release.
Version 2: 1991 Wave 2 regular carded assortment
Fig. #0298: MercenaryMOS 1: Mercenary
MOS 2: Explosives Expert [18C?]
  • head: Mercer (91)
  • arms: Mercer (91)
  • torso: Mercer (91)
  • waist: Mercer (91)
  • legs: Mercer (91)
Accessories: dark blue backpack (new, with launcher slot); orange laser rifle (new, with joined grips); orange submachine gun (new, Calico 960); dark blue spring missile launcher (new, with orange trigger); orange missile (new, smooth); black figure stand
MERCER was the only Cobra Viper to defect to G.I. Joe. He originally signed up with SGT. SLAUGHTER'S MARAUDERS, an outfit so secret that the Pentagon never acknowledged their existence. Recently transferred into the main body of the G.I. Joe team, Mercer is invaluable as a tough fighter and as a source of inside information on Cobra tactics and battle doctrine.
"Although the rest of the G.I. Joes weren't too thrilled about having a defector in the ranks, especially one from Cobra, we soon developed a grudging respect for his no nonsense attitude and coolness under fire. We also didn't mind the fact that Mercer is strong enough to carry a 88mm Stanford Rocket Launcher with an ample supply of anti-tank armaments. None of this means that we like him very much, but then again, he doesn't like us very much either."
Toy Notes: Item #6594. The 1991 Wave 2 assortment did not appear in Hasbro's insert catalogs.
Version 3: 2006 Convention-exclusive Renegades three-pack
Fig. #1149: Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades
Felix "Mercer" Stratton
MOS 1: Small Arms Armorer [45B]
MOS 2: Infiltration
  • head: Mercer (87) - remolded: Mercer (06)
  • arms: Gung-Ho (92, 93/I, 01, 04/IV), Mercer (06), Red Dog (06), Taurus (06), Sgt. Slaughter (06)
  • torso: Clutch (93), Mercer (06), Red Dog (06), Taurus (06)
  • waist: Clutch (93), Mercer (06), Red Dog (06), Taurus (06)
  • legs: Clutch (93), Mercer (06), Red Dog (06), Taurus (06)
Accessories: cream backpack (92 Big Bear's); grey submachine gun (05 Duke's MP5K); grey machine gun (03 Torpedo's); clear figure stand
FELIX "MERCER" STRATTON was the only COBRA VIPER that ever defected to the G.I. JOE team and survived. While some team members are still wary around him, even after voluntarily wearing an electronic monitoring armband, he has proven himself to SGT. SLAUGHTER on countless occasions—which is no easy task. Although his knowledge of the inner workings of COBRA is valuable, his infiltration skills are his greatest aset. Once he even joined the mainstream G.I. JOE team as an official member by changing his name and appearance, but he soon grew tired of "playing by the rules" and returned to the life on the edge that being a Renegade guarantees.
MERCER's loyalty to the one man who gave him a second chance knows no bounds. Upon hearing of COBRA COMMANDER's challenge to eliminate the Sarge, the former VIPER immediately rounded up the other Renegades. The trio suited up in their new body armor system and headed to the top-secret training camp to protect their mentor.
"I used to be a big bad COBRA, now I'm just a mean snake-stomping machine!"
Toy Notes: Carded in a Convention-exclusive three-pack with Red Dog (06) and Taurus (06). These figures are considered high-demand items.