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File Name: Andrei Freisov of Moscow, Russia, USSR.
Notes: Moscow is the Russian capital, near the west end of the country.

chronological: Iron Anvil<< Dragonsky >>Steel Brigade Commander
alphabetical: Downtown<< Dragonsky >>Drop Zone


Animated Appearances

To my knowledge, Dragonsky was never animated.

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Dragonsky was discernible in 70 panels in 12 issues from Mar. 1986 to May 1994: Yearbook 2, SM 18, SM 26, #92, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 146, 147, and 148. He was not featured in the Order of Battle.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 2005 (Convention) 2. 2006 (Comic #101)  
Version 1: late June 2005 Convention-exclusive Steel Brigade Command figure three-pack
Oktober Guard Flamethrower
Andrei "Dragonsky" Freisov
MOS 1: Infantry/Special Weapons
MOS 2: Mechanical Engineer
  • head: Blast-Off (93), Dragonsky (05)
  • arms: Blast-Off (93), Dragonsky (05)
  • torso: Duke (94), Dragonsky (05), Sgt. Flash (07), Grand Slam (07)
  • waist: Blast-Off (93), Dragonsky (05), Sgt. Flash (07), Grand Slam (07)
  • legs: Blast-Off (93), Dragonsky (05)
Accessories: silver flamethrower (05 Dreadnok Torch's), black helmet with metallic blue visor and grey trim (93 Blast-Off's), dark green backpack with black hose (05 Dreadnok Torch's), clear red flame (05 Dreadnok Torch's), clear figure stand (common).
ANDREI "DRAGONSKY" FREISOV is a member of the OKTOBER GUARD (Russian/Warsaw Pact equivalent of the G.I. JOE Team) and an expert with special weaponry, including his favorite—the flamethrower. His interest in fire control and the military started at an early age. As a child, he was seen throwing Molotov cocktails at German Panzers when they invaded his homeland. He later joined the Soviet Army and had a long and successful military career. His greatest honor came with the invitation to join the elite OKTOBER GUARD. Dragonsky carries the latest in military pyro-technology and wears a special flame-retardant suit. He is a very dedicated and loyal individual, always ready to protect his comrades even when the odds are against him.
Early in Dragonsky's military career, he was trained by a brilliant commander who later proved to be insane and immoral. Because he failed to turn him in when he had the chance, the OKTOBER GUARDSMAN has made it his personal responsibility to someday bring down the madman. Even though his personal nemesis now goes by the name of "GENERAL MAYHEM," the brutal tactics are all too familiar to Dragonsky. It is to this end that he seeks the assistance of the G.I. JOE Team in capturing GENERAL MAYHEM for his crimes against the "motherland."
"Even in Siberia, I make sure things get really hot!"
Toy Notes: Carded in a convention-exclusive three-pack with Gung-Ho and Steel Brigade Commander. This figure is considered a high-demand item.
Version 2: February 2006 Wave 8 comic three-pack assortment
Oktober Guard SoldierMOS 1: Vehicle Driver
MOS 2: Incendiary Weapons
  • head: Dragonsky (06)
  • arms: S.A.W.-Viper (90, 03), Zartan (01), Dragonsky (06)
  • torso: S.A.W.-Viper (90, 03), Zartan (01), Dragonsky (06)
  • waist: Ice Cream Soldier (94), Shock Viper (02/I, 02/II), Dragonsky (06), Lt. Clay Moore (07)
  • upper legs: Ice Cream Soldier (94), Shock Viper (02/I, 02/II), Dragonsky (06), Lt. Clay Moore (07)
  • lower legs: Sky Creeper (91), Duke (94), Dragonsky (06)
Accessories: black rifle (02 Neo-Viper's), silver flamethrower (05 Dreadnok Torch's), silver backpack with black hose (05 Dreadnok Torch's).
DRAGONSKY can operate just about any form of wheeled transportation with impressive skill and just enough reckless abandon to scare the enemy into a hasty retreat. He's an expert with a flamethrower and prefers it above any other weapon. He can aim a fiery blast with amazing precision and never seems to be bothered by the intense heat. A former member of the Soviet Army, DRAGONSKY joined the OKTOBER GUARD as the team's mechanic, welder, and incendiary weapons specialist. He has combined all three skills to build custom-designed fire-blasting attachments for the team's vehicles. COBRA forces have been unpleasantly surprised to find themselves blasted by a wall of flames where just moments ago there was only an innocent-looking transport vehicle.
"Whenever the enemy tries to make the situation hot for me, I make it ten times hotter for them.
Toy Notes: Carded in a three-pack with Lt. Gorky, Sgt. Misha Zubenkov, and a reprint of Marvel #101. Item #13025.