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Lieutenant Gorky

File Name: Mikhail P. Gorky of Arkhangelsk, Russia, USSR.
Grade: O-2 equivalent (1998-2006)
no SN (not US military)
Notes: Arkhangelsk is a port city by the White Sea, about 150 miles east of the border with Finland. Big Bear is also from Arkhangelsk.

Previous character: Colonel Brekhov
Next character: Daina


Animated Appearances

To my knowledge, Lt. Gorky was never animated.


Born July 19, 1952. Lt. Gorky was one of the ten original members of the Oktober Guard, which was formed in 1980 in response to the Cobra threat, and thus the Soviet counterpart to the G.I. Joe Team. His appearance is represented by Version 2.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1998 (3-pack) 2. 2006 (Comic #101)  
Version 1: 1998 three-pack assortment
Fig. #0530: Oktober Guard CommandoMOS 1: Naval Commando
MOS 2: Infantry
  • head: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • arms: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • torso: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • waist: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • legs: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
Accessories: black backpack (92 Big Bear's); black attack rifle (92 Big Bear's AK-88); black figure stand
LT. GORKY was a latecomer to the OKTOBER GUARD team when reinforcements were needed. Although detached from the Black Sea regiment of the Naval Infantry, the Soviet equivalent of the Navy SEALs, Gorky was frequently treated like an inexperienced youngster by the otheer members of the team. To that end, he grew a beard to appear more mature. But it wasn't facial fuzz that gained him the respect of the Oktober Guard. Gorky is utterly fearless in batle, and his training allows him to handle any environment thrown at him. He despises COBRA, but he doesn't have the same hostility towards the G.I. Joe team that Col. Brekhov tends to have. In fact, Gorky has a mild crush on Lady Jaye, but the situations where the two might encounter each other don't really allow for the expression of feelings, and Gorky is first and foremost committed to getting the job done for his team.
From Colonel Brekhov's Files: "So I am sent this kid with a reputation for being the best the Naval Infantry has to offer. I am not impressed. Then I see him against Cobra, and not just the troops, but tanks and helicopters. He stands his ground. Now I am impressed."
Toy Notes: Carded in a Toys 'R Us-exclusive Oktober Guard three-pack with Col. Brekhov (98) and Volga (98). Item #57069.
Version 2: 2006 Wave 2 comic three-pack assortment
Fig. #1127: Oktober Guard CommandoMOS 1: Naval Commando
MOS 2: Infantry
  • head: Lt. Gorky (06)
  • arms: Headman (92, 02), Gen. Flagg (04), Shrage (05), Tomax (05), Xamot (05), Lt. Gorky (06)
  • torso: Action Marine (94), G.I. Joe (94), Grunt (04/II), Lt. Gorky (06)
  • waist: Action Marine (94), Grunt (04/II), Lt. Gorky (06)
  • upper left leg: Action Soldier (94), Action Pilot (94), Action Marine (94), G.I. Joe (94), Grunt (04/II), Lt. Gorky (06)
  • upper right leg: Action Soldier (94), Action Marine (94), Grunt (04/II), Lt. Gorky (06)
  • lower legs: Action Marine (94), Grunt (04/II), Lt. Gorky (06)
Accessories: light brown chest holster (new, with silver buckle); black handgun (03 Beachhead's); black submachine gun (86 Beach Head's XF-7)
LT. GORKY was recruited for the OKTOBER GUARD when reinforcements were needed to bolster the ranks of this formidable group, which is the Rusian equivalent of the G.I. JOE team. He comes to the Guard with extensive experience in land, sea, and air operations. Formerly a member of the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet, LT. GORKY is a tough and versatile fighter who is utterly fearless in battle and capable of handling any situation thrown at him. The hard-nosed members of the original OKTOBER GUARD reserved their acceptance of him until he had proved his mettle on a real operation. He more than earned his right to be part of the team during a treacherous mission in which the Guard teamed up with the G.I. JOE team in a joint operation against COBRA.
Toy Notes: Carded in a three-pack with Dragonsky (06), Sgt. Misha Zubenkov (06), and a reprint of Marvel #101. Item #13025.