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Animated Appearances

Sunbow VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Burgess Meredith3291 seconds39546

Notes: Sunbow's Golobulus was similar to the toy's design on top, but his tail was grey and more naturally serpentine, and he had no red veins on his green arm. Until the end of the Movie, he was concealed in a huge, floating green pod. Actor Burgess Meredith had a major role in the 1945 film The Story of G.I. Joe, which inspired the name of the toy line.


G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 11 second (silent)
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 3175 seconds30 lines
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 5115 seconds9 lines


Hatched November 16, 107 B.C. Ascending to the serpent-kings' throne at a young age, Golobulus ruled as a true tyrant, maintaining Cobra-La's unity and strength by cultivating xenophobia against humans and crafting the myth over the centuries that Cobra-La had ruled the earth prior to the rise of mankind. (In fact, the race was an offshoot of humanity exiled as recently as 2,000 B.C. over the issue of selective breeding and other taboo manipulations of nature. Analysis of Cobra-La DNA, divination methods, and comparison with certain designs on ancient black eggshell pottery suggest an affinity with the Longshan civilization of northern China. The name kobhre-'alla means "these are the mighty ones" in Cobra-La's traditional tongue.)

Cobra Commander's fateful accident exposed his heresy of incorporating into his experiments lifeless mechanical implements stolen from humans. Golobulus confiscated his work on instantaneous mutation and, seeing something of himself in the prideful and power-hungry nobleman, commissioned him to go out into the world in the guise of a man and raise a human army to either conquer mankind or destroy it to make room for the return of Cobra-La's ancient empire, but warning him never to return until the task was complete.

Golobulus, whose appearance is approximated by Version 1, escaped the destruction of Cobra-La's ice dome in May 1984. While by no means a friend to Cobra Commander, he nevertheless works behind the scenes to manipulate events in Cobra's favor, and he retains a hope that Cobra will bring humanity to a point of weakness that will allow their conquest so that the legend of global domination by Cobra-La may become a reality.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1987 (Cobra-La)    
Version 1: 1987 Cobra-La three-pack
Fig. #0132: Cobra-La Ruler
  • head: Golobulus (87)
  • arms: Golobulus (87)
  • torso: Golobulus (87)
  • tail: Golobulus (87)
Accessories: red rifle (new, bio-laser gun)
Descended from the serpent kings of pre-history, Golobulus rules over Cobra-La, a hidden, secret valley in the Himalayas where the high priests of the Bio-Mechanical cult have created a technology based solely on living organisms. The buildings of Cobra-La are really colonies of crustaceans, and the clothes of inhabitants are as alive as the people who wear them. Golobulus has achieved immortality through symbiosis . . . at the cost of his humanity.
"The plates of Golobulus' body armor are living mutations of lobsters and crabs, each genetically altered to perform a specific function and bred for the tensile strength of their chitonous shells. Over the centuries, so much of Golobulus' body parts have been replaced or bio-mechanically altered that very little of the original is left except for his brain and his central nervous system."
Toy Notes: Carded in a three-pack with Nemesis Enforcer (87) and Royal Guard (87). Item #6141. Reportedly a Toys 'R Us exclusive a few months before general release. The prototype shown in the 1987 insert catalog had various mold differences, a silver gun, and a grey tail that coiled, allowing the figure to stand unattended.