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(aka Volga)

File Name: Daina L. Janack of Ostrava, Czechoslovakia.
Grade: O-2 equivalent (1998-2005)
no SN (not US military)
Notes: Ostrava, about 180 miles east of Prague, is an industrial city that was known as the "steel heart of the republic" in the days of Czechoslovakia. The 1998 filecard misspells the country Czechosiolvakia, and the 2005 filecard lists the modern country Czech Republic and says her file name is classified.

Previous character: Lieutenant Gorky
Next character: Vypra


Animated Appearances

Sunbow VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Unknown4169 seconds419

Sunbow's Daina, whose name was sometimes pronounced as if it were Diana, had black hair and wore a pink hat and snowsuit lined with white fur, although her outfit was colored brownish gray in ASA part 3 and a couple camera shots in other episodes (possibly animation errors). Her belt, gloves, and boots were black.


The Invaders61 seconds2 lines
The Great Alaskan Land Rush82 seconds2 lines
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 220 seconds (silent)
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 36 seconds (silent)


Born August 5, 1955. Daina was one of the ten original members of the Oktober Guard, which was formed in 1980 in response to the Cobra threat, and thus the Soviet counterpart to the G.I. Joe Team. His appearance is represented by Version 2.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1998 (three-pack) 2. 2005 (Comic #6)  
Version 1: 1998 three-pack assortment
Fig. #0531: Oktober Guard Weapons Expert
MOS 1: Small Arms Specialist
MOS 2: Helicopter Pilot
  • head: Volga (98)
  • upper arms: Lady Jaye (85, 97, 03/I), Volga (98)
  • lower arms: Lady Jaye (85, 97, 03/I, 06), Volga/Daina (98, 05)
  • torso: Lady Jaye (85, 97, 03/I), Volga (98)
  • waist: Lady Jaye (85, 97, 03/I, 06), Volga/Daina (98, 05), G.I. Joe Doc (07)
  • legs: Lady Jaye (85, 97, 03/I, 06), Volga/Daina (98, 05), G.I. Joe Doc (07)
Accessories: olive green backpack (85 Lady Jaye's); black power javelin (85 Lady Jaye's); black video camera (85 Lady Jaye's); black figure stand
VOLGA is the lone female on the OKTOBER GUARD team, and her team-mates often make the mistake of underestimating her skills. So have her adversaries. This has proven to be highly detrimental to the forces of COBRA and others that have challenged the Oktober Guard. Volga is a skilled tactician, second only to Colonel Brekhov himself, a world-class sniper, and a helicopter pilot of considerable talent. Her personality is somewhat of a mystery. She has a surprising sense of humor, but in the midst of a conflict, is all business. Her deepest commitment is to the team. She doesn't care if she has to sneak or fly to the battlefield, or stand on ridge away from it with a long-range weapon, as long as she does her part.
From Colonel Brekhov's Files: "I'm never sure what to make of Volga. I've never liked the idea of women in combat in the first place. If it had been up to me, Volga would fly us to the mission and then leave. But how do you tell someone not to fight who's so good at it?"
Toy Notes: Carded in a Toys 'R Us-exclusive Oktober Guard three-pack with Col. Brekhov (98) and Lt. Gorky (98). Item #57069. The rationale for identifying this character with Daina is: (1) Her first name is Daina, (2) she is from the Czech Republic as is Daina per the 2005 filecard, (3) both are said to be the only female member of the Oktober Guard, and (4) both filecards mention the character's marksmanship, tactical skill, and coolness in battle.
Version 2: 2005 Wave 1 comic three-pack assortment
Fig. #1000: Oktober Guard Soldier
MOS 1: Marksman
MOS 2: Infantry
  • head: Daina (05)
  • upper arms: Daina (05), Lady Jaye (06), G.I. Joe Doc (07)
  • lower arms: Lady Jaye (85, 97, 03/I, 06), Volga/Daina (98, 05)
  • torso: Daina (05), Lady Jaye (06), G.I. Joe Doc (07)
  • waist: Lady Jaye (85, 97, 03/I, 06), Volga/Daina (98, 05), G.I. Joe Doc (07)
  • legs: Lady Jaye (85, 97, 03/I, 06), Volga/Daina (98, 05), G.I. Joe Doc (07)
Accessories: black submachine gun (86 Beach Head's XF-7); black grenade launcher (90 Range-Viper's) with chamber; black assault rifle (02 Neo-Viper's AK-74); black knife (91 Low-Light's)
DAINA is an expert marksman in the OKTOBER GUARD and its only female member. Known for her chronically bad temper, DAINA is also the most tactically intelligent member next to COLONEL BREKHOV and often takes the role of second-in-command. Her rough edge is tempered by her coolness in the field, when patience and silence are essential to achieving a hit and completing the mission. As the only woman in the group, DAINA feels compelled to do twice as much to prove that she deserves a place in the OKTOBER GUARD, but if you ask any of the other members, they all wouldn't have anyone else beside them in the field—the highest compliment you can receive from one soldier to another.
"You want charm, go somewhere else. I'm here to fight, and to win."
Toy Notes: Carded in a three-pack with Col. Brekhov (05), Shrage (05), and a reprint of Marvel #6. Item #60499. These figures are considered moderately high-demand items.