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File Name: Danimal J. Rogers of Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Notes: The 2008 filecard adds a known alias of Brutus Vandalo. Montego Bay is a duty-free man-made peninsula on the northwest shore of the island, with an extremely high crime rate.

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Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Unknown290 seconds11132

Notes: DiC's Gristle bore no resemblance to the figure. He wore a modified 1992 Headhunter outfit without the helmet, and his jacket lacked sleeves, but he wore a long-sleeved red shirt underneath. He had yellow hair and did not wear sunglasses.


The Greatest Evil Part I38 seconds5 lines
The Greatest Evil Part II52 seconds6 lines


Born November 10, 1948. Gristle was selected by Headman as his chief lieutenant in late 1985, frequently overseeing its international activities. His appearance was represented by Version 1, changing to Version 2 in 1991.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1993 (Battle Corps) 2. 2008 (Convention)  
Version 1: 1993 Battle Corps Wave 3 carded assortment, #32
Fig. #0415: Urban Crime Commander
  • head: Gristle (93, 08)
  • arms: Gristle (93, 08)
  • torso: Gristle (93, 08)
  • waist: Gristle (93, 08)
  • legs: Gristle (93, 08)
Accessories: dark red sniper rifle (90 Rock-Viper's PSG-1); dark red machine gun (92 Destro's XL-14); yellow spring missile launcher (93 Astro Viper's, with dark red trigger); dark red knife (88 Shockwave's); two dark red missiles (93 Astro Viper's); dark red figure stand
When you think of grease, slime, and dirt, you are basically thinking about GRISTLE. Not only is he a corrupt crime boss, his personal hygiene is absolutely disgusting. During the months he spent training to be in the Headhunters, he didn't bother to shower once! But because he was big and bad, he became the right-hand man to some major crime lords who operated illegal warehouses disguised as legitimate comedy clubs. Eventually Gristle started his own criminal activities and then joined up with Cobra, but even those snakes admit he's just too grungy to deal with. Gristle is easily recognized by his blood-shot eyes, or by the sunglasses he uses to shield them from the daylight.
Motto: "I go crazy when those G.I. Joes come after me, they just keep chasing, and chasing, and chasing . . ."
Variations: Some missile launchers had a loop for a string.
Toy Notes: Originally intended as part of 1993's D.E.F. line, but moved into Battle Corps when it was canceled. The Australian release retained the D.E.F. packaging. Item #6762.
Version 2: 2008 Cobra Headhunters boxed set
Fig. #1280: Headhunters Commander
  • head: Gristle (93, 08)
  • arms: Gristle (93, 08)
  • torso: Gristle (93, 08)
  • waist: Gristle (93, 08)
  • legs: Gristle (93, 08)
Accessories: black shotgun (03 Destro's SPAS-12, with brown trim); black submachine gun (new, with large silver blade on front); clear figure stand
When you think of greasy, slime ball types, you are basically thinking about GRISTLE. Like his namesake, he is a disgusting but resilient individual who has evaded capture from civilian authorities for over a decade. Rumored to have relocated to South America, he somehow masterminded the exponential growth of the newly motivated HEADHUNTERS into a powerful worldwide crime organization. Now both respected and feared in the underworld, GRISTLE commands the legions of HEADHUNTERS working as an international syndicate of smugglers for COBRA, specializing in goods deemed too dangerous or questionable for the tastes of his peers.
Fearing a fate similar to that of his short-sighted predecessor, GRISTLE personally trained his underlings in rarely-seen street fighting styles to maximize their skills as bodyguards. This protection is especially needed as the HEADHUNTERS ensure the clandestine manufacture of chemical-firing weapon modules for COBRA. The G. I. JOE team will soon discover they have never faced a more ruthless crime boss, or one with a more impressive private army of vicious, highly trained guards.
"Don't waste your'll never get your hands on me!"
Toy Notes: Boxed in a convention-exclusive set with two copies of Headhunter Guard (08), six copies of Headhunter BAT (08), and six copies of Headhunter Stormtrooper (08).