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File Name: Kurt Schnurr of New Haven, Connecticut.
Grade: Army E-4 (1985-2008)
SNs: 307-42-4683; 307-42-KS83
Notes: New Haven is on the coast of the state, about 20 miles east of Whiteout's home of Bridgeport. Stretcher is also from Connecticut, born in Hartford.

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alphabetical: Airborne<< Airtight >>Air-Viper


Animated Appearances

Sunbow VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Pat Fraley211,005 seconds78760

Sunbow's Airtight wore his 1985 outfit, but usually with a paler yellow than on the figure. He was often seen without his helmet, with brown-to-black hair and a prominent widow's peak.


Season 1 Opening (Sunbow)9 seconds(silent)planting a bomb, running from the wreckage, in Skystriker in final pose
The Pyramid of Darkness, Part 241 seconds5 linesintercepting transmission on U.S.S. Flagg, in cargo plane preparing for mission
The Pyramid of Darkness, Part 366 seconds6 linesfighting at City of the Dead
Synthoid Conspiracy, Part 24 seconds(silent)possibly on risers at reinstatement (miscolored green?) behind Rock 'n Roll
The Greenhouse Effect54 seconds4 linesmaking weed spray at HQ, flying Sky Hawk to Chicago to shrink plants
The Funhouse176 seconds18 linesassaulting Cobra base, paired with Dusty
The Germ233 seconds26 linesflying hypodermic plane into germ, planting antibodies inside, capturing CG
Cobra Quake2 seconds(silent)standing guard outside economic summit (5:38-39)
Worlds Without End Part I161 seconds7 linesin W.H.A.L.E.; sent to alt-Earth; in A.P.C.; driving Silver Mirage; captured by Dreadnoks
Worlds Without End Part II152 seconds4 linesescaping Dreadnoks; captured by Destro; returning home
An Eye for an Eye24 seconds(silent)manning turret on flatbed truck
Primordial Plot14 seconds2 linesbriefing Joes on Massey's discovery
Flint's Vacation23 seconds1 lineat HQ during broadcast; on Flagg and in Killer W.H.A.L.E.
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 12 seconds(silent)on airfield after B.A.T. attack (6:22-23)
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 28 seconds(silent)guarding Napoleon's tomb in Paris
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 55 seconds(silent)cheering Sarge at Terror Drome; in final shot
Sins of Our Fathers3 seconds(silent)walking a guard post at Joe HQ
Knowing Is Half the Battle PSAs14 seconds5 lineshelping children tend to a boy who has fainted
G.I. Joe: The Movie Opening2 seconds(silent)flying J.U.M.P. past Snake Eyes (1:53-54)
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 26 seconds(silent)running from barracks and driving Recon Sled during Serpentor's escpe
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 56 seconds(silent)at Hawk's briefing; charging toward palace

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Airtight was discernible in 99 panels in 12 issues from Feb. 1986 to Jan. 1994: #44, Yearbook 2, 49, 52, SM 2, 54, Order of Battle 1, SM 21, 130, 140, 141, and 144.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1985 2. 2008 (DTC)  
Version 1: spring 1985 regular carded figure assortment
Hostile EnvironmentMOS 1: CBR (Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Warfare) [74D]
MOS 2: Ordnance [89B]
  • head: Airtight (85)
  • arms: Airtight (85)
  • torso: Airtight (85)
  • waist: Airtight (85)
  • legs: Airtight (85)
Accessories: black "Sniffer" CBR sensor (new), olive compressor bakcpack with air intakes on sides (new), long black hose (common), black notched air hose with peg at each end, fits onto back of helmet (new).
Kurt was the kid who could hold his breath the longest. He was also the kid who had the largest collection of plastic dinosaurs on the block. He was a weird kid who grew up to be an even stranger adult. It takes a mighty weird person to walk into a cloud of toxic gas strong enough to fell a mutant weight-lifter cockroach wearing a protective suit built under contract for the government by the lowest bidder.
"Airtight is an unreformed practical joker; sneezing powder, plastic barf, whoopee cushion - the whole bit!! No prank is too low for him. You'd think that other Joes would hate his guts, but they don't. Because when the bad guys escalate the fire fight and start playing dirty, it's old Airtight who suits up and wades into the thick of it."
Toy Notes: Item #6439. Featured in 1985's Check Point/Air Defense commercial.
Version 2: late December 2008 Direct-to-Consumer Wave 4 carded figure assortment
Chemical OfficerMOS 1: Hazardous Substance Control [74D]
MOS 2: Ordnance [89B]
  • head: Airtight (08)
  • arms: Barrel Roll (05), Cobra S.A.W. Viper (06), G.I. Joe (06), Airtight (08)
  • torso: Barrel Roll (05), Airtight (08)
  • waist: Barrel Roll (05), Airtight (08)
  • legs: Barrel Roll (05), Airtight (08)
Accessories: black pistol (06 Med Alert's), black laser rifle (06 Grand Slam's), silver clamshell visor with nose notch (new), clear figure stand (common).
The G.I. JOE team has to be ready for any kind of attack from COBRA forces, including dangerous substances created by the fiendish DR. MINDBENDER. That's where AIRTIGHT comes in. He's a trained expert in chemical weapons, and knows how to detect, identify, neutralize, and contain them. He keeps the team prepped for any eventuality, especially since COBRA is evil enough to attack with every nasty method at its disposal. When a toxic gas has been unleashed, it takes a courageous and coolheaded person to walk in and neutralize it, even when he's suited up in Level 4 M.O.P.P. (Mission Oriented Protective Posture) gear made of impermeable, charcoal-saturated polyurethane foam. AIRTIGHT is the guy for the job. When COBRA comes at the G.I. JOE team with their worst, he's there to save the day.
"Dealing with a dangerous toxin is only part of the mission. The other part is capturing the enemy who released it in the first place, and make sure they never do it again."
Toy Notes: Sold exclusively through the G.I. Joe Collector's Club.