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G.I. Joe

File Name: Joseph B. Colton of Central Falls, Rhode Island.
Grade: Army O-10 (1994-2006)
SNs: 1033-1027-HAS93; 101-31-HA27
Notes: Central Falls is in the northeast part of the state, about 7 miles north of Providence. The town borders Pawtucket, where Hasbro's headquarters is located.

Previous character: Action Pilot Astronaut
Next character: Colonel Brekhov


Animated Appearances

To my knowledge, the original G.I. Joe was never animated.


Born September 17, 1937. Colton was the first agent to be given the code name G.I. Joe, conducting Top Secret missions either solo or supported by select military personnel. In 1970, he was seriously injured during Operation Tail-Wind in Nigeria and rescued by Lt. Clayton Abernathy and a mercenary from Russia named Ivan Brekhov. Capt. Colton received a promotion to colonel and thereafter was executive officer for the entire G.I. Joe program, while Abernathy took his place as a G.I. Joe agent. As a general in 1979 and 1980, Colton helped oversee the formation of the G.I. Joe Team in response to the new threat of Cobra.

Colton continued secret work for American interests through the 1990s, including a few missions with the G.I. Joe Team in 1993 and 1994, during which time his appearance is represented by Version 2.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1994 (Mail) 2. 2006 (Viper Lockdown)  
Version 1: 1994 special mail-order
Fig. #0496MOS 1: G.I. Joe X-O
MOS 2: Combat Infantry (Training and Intelligence)
  • head: G.I. Joe (94)
  • upper arms: Action Soldier (94), Action Pilot (94), Action Marine (94), G.I. Joe (94), Grunt (04/II)
  • lower arms: Action Marine (94), G.I. Joe (94)
  • torso: Action Marine (94), G.I. Joe (94), Grunt (04/II), Lt. Gorky (06)
  • waist: G.I. Joe (94)
  • upper left leg: Action Soldier (94), Action Pilot (94), Action Marine (94), G.I. Joe (94), Grunt (04/II), Lt. Gorky (06)
  • upper right leg: G.I. Joe (94)
  • lower left leg: Action Soldier (94), Action Pilot (94), G.I. Joe (94)
  • lower right leg: Action Soldier (94), G.I. Joe (94)
Accessories: black machine gun (92 Gung-Ho's M60)
G.I. Joe (a.k.a. Joseph B. Colton) graduated in 1960 from the United States Military Academy at West Point, receiving the academy's highest possible honors. An expert marksman, he is proficient with all modern weaponry from M60 machine guns to attack helicopters and L.A.W.'s (Light Armored Weapons). Recruited by Special Forces, Colton was destined for military glory, quickly distinguishing himself as an outstanding Green Beret. In 1963, after participating in "ultra" top secret combat operations and extensive tours of duty in trouble spots around the world, 1st Lt. Joseph B. Colton became the most decorated—and most feared—battlefield soldier the world had ever known. Recognizing Colton's innate combat skills and his warrior heart pumping courage through his veins, then President, John F.Kennedy, secretly selected him to create and command an ULTIMATE freedom fighting force. Other ranking soldiers had been passed over for this elite, presidential appointment. Colton was issued his code name "G.I. Joe," and began building his team with the toughest men the armed services could muster. From there, G.I. Joe would change the course of military history and re-define the word hero!
Toy Notes: Available by mail in 1994 through the Top Secret brochure included with figures. The prototype shown in the brochure has numerous differences from the released figure, including a different accessory (new oversized M-4).
Version 2: 2006 Viper Lockdown carded set
Fig. #1122: Strategic & Tactical OperationsMOS 1: X-O (Executive Officer)
MOS 2: Combat Infantry
  • head: Sgt. Stalker (04/I), G.I. Joe (06)
  • arms: Barrel Roll (05), SAW Viper (06), G.I. Joe (06), Airtight (08)
  • torso: Wild Bill (04/II, 05), G.I. Joe (06)
  • waist: Wild Bill (04/II, 05), G.I. Joe (06)
  • legs: Wild Bill (04/II, 05), G.I. Joe (06)
Accessories: two black six-shooters (04 Wild Bill's Colt Peacemaker); black machine gun (91 Big Ben's M240); black figure stand
A graduate of West Point, G.I. JOE rose through the ranks and distinguished himself as an outstanding soldier. He was recruited by Special Forces and became a Green Beret, participating in covert missions in trouble spots around the world. Soon he was the most sought after expert on secret operations and successfully led many of the most challenging missions ever conducted. With the rise of the COBRA organization, it became apparent that a special team was needed to fight this dangerous threat. G.I. JOE himself "retired" from the team and disappeared from the official military roster. But unofficially, he is the head of a secret strategic defense initiative installation whose lead scientist is none other than G. I. JANE.
"Duty, honor, country. They're not just words; they're the way to live your life."
Toy Notes: Carded in a Direct-to-Consumer/Toys 'R Us-exclusive set with G. I. Jane (06), Interrogator (06), and three copies of Viper Guard (06). Item #13408.