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Major Altitude

File Name: Robert D. Owens of Rumford, Rhode Island.
Grade: Army WO-2 (1991)
SN: 038-8729-AT01
Notes: Rumford is a historic district of Providence and contains the site of Roger Williams' original settlement. Providence is located at the mouth of the Providence River. Ace, Bullhorn, Dee-Jay, Dogfight, Ice Cream Soldier, Skystriker, and Major Storm also come from Providence. Hasbro's headquarters is in nearby Pawtucket, which is why so many Joes come from this state. Note that "Major" is part of Major Altitude's code name, not his rank.

Previous character: Night Vulture
Next character: Interrogator


Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Unknown11513 seconds52451

Notes: DiC's Major Altitude wore his 1991 outfit.


Season 2 Opening (DiC)2 seconds (silent)
Kindergarten Commandos11 seconds (silent)
Long Live Rock and Roll Part I11 seconds (silent)
Long Live Rock and Roll Part II7 seconds (silent)
The Sludge Factor Part I115 seconds20 lines
The Sludge Factor Part II130 seconds16 lines
The Greatest Evil Part I2 seconds (silent)
The Greatest Evil Part II4 seconds (silent)
Shadow of a Doubt133 seconds5 lines
Basic Training94 seconds11 lines
The Legend of Metal-Head4 seconds (silent)


Born August 19, 1968. Major Altitude joined the Joe Team in March 1988, and his appearance is represented by Version 1. He was with the team until it was disbanded in December 1989 but was not recalled when the Joes were reactivated in 1991.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1991 (Battle Copter) 2. 1993 (Mail)  
Version 1: 1991 boxed Battle Copter vehicle
Fig. #0293: Battle Copter PilotMOS 1: Battle Copter Pilot
MOS 2: Fuselage Art Designer
  • head: Wildcard (88), Major Altitude (91, 93)
  • arms: Star-Viper (88), Major Altitude (91, 93)
  • torso: Star-Viper (88), Major Altitude (91, 93)
  • waist: Keel-Haul (85, 93), Major Altitude (91, 93)
  • legs: Hardtop (87), Major Altitude (91, 93)
Accessories: bright green helmet (88 Wildcard's); silver assault rifle (89 Windchill's)
MAJOR ALTITUDE announced his ambition to be a member of the elite G.I. Joe team when he was eleven years old. His parents scoffed, "You're too young, too small, and not even out of school yet!" Determined to fulfill his dream to be a G.I. Joe copter pilot, he wrote to the local Army Recruiting Office to find out education and physical requirements for the G.I. Joe Flight program. He then prepared himself in mind and body for the day he would be a Real American Hero. Eight years later, after finishing at the top of his class in both Aviator School and Flight Warrant Officer School, Major Altitude received his orders to report for duty at G.I. Joe Headquarters.
"Major Altitude is no genius and he's not the strongest G.I. Joe by any means, but he's certainly the most determined. Every goal he sets for himself, no matter how trivial, is attacked with the same level of intensity. This has made him extremely popular with the other G.I. Joes. Let's face it. If you're pinned down in an inaccessible box canyon by a heavily armed company of Cobra Vipers, wouldn't you prefer it if the guy who was sent in to rescue you wasn't a quitter?"
Toy Notes: Item #6326.
Version 2: 1993 mail-order Battle Copter Pilots
Fig. #0431[joint filecard for both figures; no MOS listed]
  • head: Wildcard (88), Major Altitude (91, 93)
  • arms: Star-Viper (88), Major Altitude (91, 93)
  • torso: Star-Viper (88), Major Altitude (91, 93)
  • waist: Keel-Haul (85, 93), Major Altitude (91, 93)
  • legs: Hardtop (87), Major Altitude (91, 93)
Accessories: orange helmet (88 Wildcard's); silver submachine gun (91 Cloudburst's MP5); black figure stand
With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the steady decline of communism around the world, one would think that the skies over Eastern Europe were safe for commercial air travel: think again! Cobra Battle Copters have taken advantage of the current situation and are trying to claim the European skies for themselves! They are attempting to disrupt the flow of peaceful air traffic, a problem with disastrous potential. Leading Cobra's air assault is the notorious INTERROGATOR, an ace Battle Copter pilot whose past is clouded in mystery. To counter the Cobra copters and eliminate them from the skies, G.I. Joe has sent their own squadron of Battle Copters led by MAJOR ALTITUDE, one of the most skilled and determined pilots in the world. Interrogator claims that he can't be shot down, but Major Altitude vows to drop him like a bad habit!
Toy Notes: Sold in a bagged set with Interrogator (93) in 1993 through the Terrifying Lasers of Destruction mail offer. Apparently at least some of these figures were intended for inclusion with 1993-94 vehicles and were made available by mail once the vehicles were canceled.