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(aka Lift Ticket)

File Name: Victor W. Sikorski of Lawton, Oklahoma.
Grade: Army WO-2 (1986-2008)
SNs: 675-51-5671; 675-51-VW71
Notes: Lawton is in the southwest part of the state, 85 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. It was built up around the Fort Sill Army post and is also the birthplace of WWII ace Robert S. Johnson.

chronological: Slip-Stream<< Lift-Ticket >>Strato-Viper
alphabetical: Sergeant Lifeline<< Lift-Ticket >>Lightfoot


Animated Appearances

Sunbow VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Michael Bell24791 seconds90805

Sunbow's Lift-Ticket wore his 1986 outfit with dark brown pockets, gloves, and boots. He had brown hair with a slight widow's peak and was usually without his helmet except when flying.


Season 2 Opening (Sunbow)1 second(silent)storming the beach (0:06)
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 123 seconds4 linesarming Tomahawk; flying Tomahawk during Raven intercept; finding message pod
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 24 seconds2 linesdriving H.A.V.O.C. and flying Tomahawk in Egypt
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 434 seconds4 linesflying Tomahawk for team sent to Cobra Island
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 524 seconds2 linesassaulting Terror Drome; flying Tomahawk in DC battle
Let's Play Soldier13 seconds3 linesflying Tomahawk against river pirates
The Million Dollar Medic177 seconds20 linesflying Tomahawk for rescue ops; driving Silver Mirage to Van Mark home; at attack on ski lodge
Once Upon a Joe11 seconds2 linesflying Tomahawk to defend labs; present after Cobra raid
Glamour Girls42 seconds1 lineflying Tomahawk; investigating models' disappearance; captured with Flint's team
Iceberg Goes South1 second(silent)flying Tomahawk transporting Lady Jaye to Tropodome (14:53)
The Spy Who Rooked Me1 second(silent)in Tomahawk picking up Cross-Country's H.A.V.O.C. (4:59)
My Favorite Things4 seconds1 lineflying Tomahawk to Castle Dracula
G.I. Joe and the Golden Fleece125 seconds14 linesflying Tomahawk to retrieve alien coil; sent back in time; mistaken for Jason
The Most Dangerous Thing in the World6 seconds3 linesflying a Tomahawk in lab attack
Ninja Holiday2 seconds(silent)with Tomahawk to extract team (21:05-06)
Joe's Night Out6 seconds(silent)flying Tomahawk for rescue attempt
Second-Hand Emotions148 seconds18 linesat wedding; affected by mood organ; hijacking trolley; flying Tomahawk
Not a Ghost of a Chance52 seconds6 linesflying Tomahawk to search for pilots, protecting them from B.A.T.s
Sins of Our Fathers63 seconds4 linesflying Tomahawk to rescue Flint and Dial-Tone and fight creature
In the Presence of Mine Enemies7 seconds(silent)flying Tomahawk to rescue Slip-Stream
Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep24 seconds3 linesin mess hall, at briefing, flying Tomahawk as part of rescue team
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 24 seconds(silent)running from barracks and driving Recon Sled during Serpentor's escape
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 316 seconds3 linesflying Tomahawk to transport Falcon to Slaughterhouse
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 53 seconds(silent)at ice dome entrance; charging toward palace

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Lift-Ticket was discernible in 57 panels in 20 issues from Jul. 1986 to Oct. 1991: #49, SM 2, Order of Batle 1, GIJTF 2, 62, 65, SM 8, SM 10, 73, 74, 80, 81, 82, SM 19, 93, SM 28, 96, 111, 116, and 117.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1986 (Tomahawk) 2. 2009 (Ghost H.A.W.K.)  
Version 1: spring 1986 boxed Tomahawk vehicle
Tomahawk PilotMOS 1: Rotary Wing Aircraft Pilot [153A]
MOS 2: Fixed Wing Aircraft Pilot [155A]
  • head: Lift-Ticket (86)
  • arms: Lift-Ticket (86), Airborne (90)
  • torso: Lift-Ticket (86), Airborne (90)
  • waist: Lift-Ticket (86), Airborne (90)
  • legs: Lift-Ticket (86), Airborne (90)
Accessories: black mic with severely angled peg (new).
Lift-Ticket was one of those guys who joined the army to get out of his hometown. The big difference with Lift-Ticket is that he scored so high on the aptitude test, he qualified for West Point Prep., O.C.S. (Officer Candidate School) and Flight Warrant Officer School. Nobody in Lawton ever suspected he was that smart. Apparently, neither did Lift-Ticket, since he opted for Flight Warrant School over the others, thinking that it was the only one that offered training applicable to civilian employment.
"Getting into a target area is comparatively easy - you wait until dark and get sneaky. Now, getting out after some caps have been popped and a can o' firefight's been opened; well, that's another story. All you can do is squat on the L.Z. (landing zone) and hope that whoever's driving the extraction chopper is skillful, persistent, lucky, and bulletproof. Lift-Ticket satisfies the first three requirements, and he's working on the fourth!"
Variations: The helmet came in two slightly different shades of red.
Toy Notes: Item #6022.
Version 2: January 2009 boxed Ghost H.A.W.K. vehicle
Ghost H.A.W.K Pilot
Lift Ticket
MOS 1: VTOL and V/STOL pilot
MOS 2: Fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft pilot [153A, 155A]
  • head: Lift Ticket (09)
  • arms: Lift Ticket (09)
  • body: Cobra Viper (08/I, 08/II, 08/III, 08/IV, 09/I, 09/II, 09/III), Tele-Viper (08/I), Mutt (08), Scrap-Iron (08/I), Lift Ticket (09), Duke (09/II), Firefly (09/II)
  • legs: Mutt (08), Lift Ticket (09), Duke (09/II)
Accessories: black knife with four-section handle and wide cross-guard (new), red round flight helmet with black goggles on brim and attached chinstrap and mic (new), tan vest with black belt and holster with silver gun (new), black Joe figure stand.
LIFT TICKET was one of those guys who joined the Army to get out his hometown. The big difference with LIFT TICKET was that he scored so high on the aptitude test that he qualified for West Point Prep, Officer Candidate School, and Flight Warrant Officer Candidate School. Nobody in Lawton ever suspected he was that smart, even LIFT TICKET: he opted for Flight School, thinking that it was the only one that offered training applicable to civilian employment. He's known for his piloting experience and stubborn persistence in getting into a landing zone in the middle of enemy fire for extraction.
"You don't just fly into an LZ expecting the weapons fire to somehow miss you. You've got to have a whole lot of skill, plenty of stubbornness and a fistful of luck if you want to get you and your team out of there in one piece."
Toy Notes: Item #37450.