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Big Bear

File Name: Grigori Ivanovich Rostoff of Arkhangelsk, Russia, USSR.
Grade: E-5 equivalent (1992)
no SN (not US military)
Notes: Arkhangelsk is a port city by the White Sea, about 150 miles east of the border with Finland. Lt. Gorky is also from Arkhangelsk.

Previous character: Dice
Next character: Flak-Viper


Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Unknown6261 seconds27240

DiC's Big Bear wore his 1992 outfit.


Chunnel117 seconds14 lines
Long Live Rock and Roll Part II6 seconds (silent)
The Greatest Evil Part I2 seconds (silent)
Keyboard Warriors127 seconds13 lines
Basic Training2 seconds (silent)
The Legend of Metal-Head7 seconds (silent)


Born July 13, 1956. Big Bear was one of the ten original members of the Oktober Guard, which was formed in 1980 in response to the Cobra threat, and thus the Soviet counterpart to the G.I. Joe Team. His appearance is represented by Version 1.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1992 (Oktober Guard) 2. 1993 (International Action Force)  
Version 1: 1992 Wave 1 regular carded assortment
Fig. #0326: Oktober Guard Anti-Armor SpecialistMOS 1: Air Assault
  • head: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • arms: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • torso: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • waist: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • legs: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
Accessories: black backpack (new, small pouch); black attack rifle (new, "AK-88," actually resembles AK-S74U); black missile launcher (new, double barreled); two yellow missiles (new, one with guiding pins); black figure stand
BIG BEAR grew up in a place where the conditions are cold, wet, and nasty—every day! He can be meaner than a Siberian wolf with its leg caught in a steel trap and wilder than an [sic] Murmansk fur merchant. Transferred from the elite 103rd Guards Air Assault Division, Big Bear's main gripe about the Oktober Guard was the constant reference to it as the Soviet Union's counterpart of G.I. Joe! He would snap back stating, "G.I. Joes—OUR counterparts!" Big Bear enjoys rumbling into battle behind the wheels of the infamous G.I. Joe Attack Cruiser and Badger!
Motto: "You G.I. Joes! Airborne troops afraid to fall without parachutes! No guts!"
Toy Notes: Item #6728.
Version 2: 1993 mail-order International Action Force
Fig. #0433[joint filecard for all 4 figures; no MOS listed]
  • head: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • arms: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • torso: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • waist: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
  • legs: Big Bear (92, 93), Lt. Gorky (98)
Accessories: black photon rifle (87 Dodger's); black figure stand
There comes a time when the power of evil becomes so threatening to world peace that global leaders must join together to stop its impending danger; Cobra is just such an evil. An international force of G. I. Joe combat specialists have been called upon to hit Cobra and hit them hard! Russia is represented by BIG BEAR, an anti-armor specialist who loves to blow up Cobra tanks. From England comes BIG BEN, an expert in subversive operations and enemy infiltration. Japan has sent BUDO, one of its greatest samurai warriors who plans on slicing Cobra into tiny pieces of snake meat. SPIRIT, a Native American also joins the team from his home in Arizona, where he was called for duty to track down and eliminate Cobra Dreadnoks. World peace must be upheld and Cobra evil must be stopped . . . TODAY!
Toy Notes: Sold in a bagged set with Big Ben (93), Budo (93), and Spirit (93) in 1993 through the Menace in the Wilderness mail offer. Apparently at least some of these figures were intended for inclusion with 1993-94 vehicles and were made available by mail once the vehicles were canceled.