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G.I. Joe Accessory Guide: Backpacks

This page contains backpacks and other accessories that feature a backpack peg. Bodywear that fits over the torso but does not have a peg (such as Rip Cord's parachute harness) can be found on this page. Releases marked "SA" have a Sound Attack tab. Some 25th-Anniversary backpacks are identical to earlier releases except for the backpack peg but are relisted because of that difference.


olive: 82 Short-Fuze
lt green: 82 Zap
tan: Battle Gear #1
green/black: 97 Short-Fuse
black/green: 97 Zap
olive: 82 Breaker
tan: Battle Gear #1
olive: 82 Flash
tan: Battle Gear #1
olive: 82 Grunt
tan: Battle Gear #1
green: 97 Stalker
green: 82/83 JUMP
green: 87 Starduster
olive: 07 Grand Slam
olive: 07 Starduster
black: 83 Maj. Bludd
red: Battle Gear #4
lt green: 83 Tripwire
brown: Battle Gear #2
lt grey: 85 Tripwire
dk grey: 88 Tripwire
dk green: 01 Tripwire
tan: 83 Airborne
tan: 83 Duke
brown: Battle Gear #2
lt green: 88 Duke
white: 83 Snow Job
white: 97 Snow Job
white: 01 Whiteout
white: 02a Frostbite
white: 02c Frostbite
grey/orange: 83 Torpedo
black/brown: 97 Torpedo
black: 01 Wet Down
black: 02a Wet-Suit
black: 02b Wet-Suit
lt blue: 83 Gung-Ho
brown: Battle Gear #2
brown: 97 Gung-Ho
black: 83 Destro
dk blue: Battle Gear #4
green: 84 Spirit
tan: Battle Gear #3
black: 89 Spirit
(* = attached ammo box, no peg)
red-brown: 84 Roadblock
tan: Battle Gear #3
lt green: 88 Roadblock
olive*: 01 Double Blast
dk green*: 01 Leatherneck
dk green*: 02a Duke
dk green*: 02b Duke
black*: 04c Roadblock
black*: 05a Short-Fuze
lt green: 84 Recondo
tan: Battle Gear #3
red-brown: 87 Taurus
dk green: 88 Recondo
yellow: 84 Blowtorch
tan: Battle Gear #3
black: 84 Baroness
red: Battle Gear #4
black: 00 Chameleon
black: 02b Baroness
black: 84 Storm Shadow
black: 97 Storm Shadow
grey: 84 Firefly
white: 98 Firefly
black: 00 Firefly
black: 03 Wreckage
black: 03a Firefly
black: 03b Firefly
black: 04a Flint
black: 04a Tunnel Rat
black: 04c Firefly
black: 04 Desert CLAWS
black: 05a Firefly
black: 05b Sand Viper
black: 05b Firefly
black: 84 Zartan
silver: 85 Buzzer
dk grey: 04 Buzzer
black: 05 Buzzer
silver: 85 Ripper
dk grey: 04 Ripper
black: 05 Ripper
silver: 85 Torch
black: 04d BAT
black: 04f BAT
olive: 85 Flint
dk green: 88 Flint
green: 02 Dart
green: 03s Tunnel Rat
black: 03 Dart
black: 04as Dusty
black: 04d Beachhead
black: 04b Swamp Rat
black: 05a Night Creeper
black: 85 Snake-Eyes
lt green: 85 Bazooka
dk green: 88 Bazooka
lt green: 85 Airtight
lt green: 85 Lady Jaye
black: 97 Lady Jaye
olive: 98 Volga
black: 03a Lady Jaye
black: 85 Quick Kick
tan: 85 Dusty
red-brown: 87 Red Dog
lt green: 88 Dusty
red-brown: 02 Ripper
blue: 03 Ripper
dk green: 08 Low Light
dk green: 08 Shockblast
tan: 85 Alpine
cream: 85 Footloose
black: 87 Mercer
black: 89 Footloose
dk grey/red: 85 Barbecue
silver: 89 Barbecue
black: 85 Tele-Viper
blue: Battle Gear #6
black: 89 Python Tele-Viper
black: 02c Cobra Cmdr.
black: 02d Neo-Viper
black: 03b Neo-Viper
black: 03b Cobra Cmdr.
black: 04a Neo-Viper
black: 04 Op. Avalanche
black: 04e Duke
black: 85 Eel
blue: Battle Gear #6
off-white: 85 Snow Serpent
blue: Battle Gear #6
black: 02a Scarlett
black: 02 Undertow
black: 02b Scarlett
white/black: 05 Snow Serpent
white/black: 07 Sn. Serp. Cmdr.
black: 85 Crimson Guard
dk blue: Battle Gear #4
black: 89 Pyth. Crimson Guard
green: 85 Parachute Pack
green: Target 88 Hit & Run
dk green: 90 Altitude
grey: 90 Airborne
brown: 90 Drop Zone
white: 90 Static Line
blue: 90 Skydive
brown: 90 Airwave
green: 94 Action Pilot
black: 86 BAT
black: 08 Headhunter BAT
blue: 86 Zandar
lt green: 86a Leatherneck
lt green: 86b Leatherneck
black: 89 Python Copperhead
black: 86 Low-Light
dk grey: Battle Gear #5
black: 89 Low-Light
dk grey: 86a Mainframe
dk grey: 86b Mainframe
dk grey: Battle Gear #5
black: 86 Beach Head
cream: Battle Gear #5
black: 02 Beach Head
black: 04b Alley Viper II
silver: 86 Lifeline
brown: Battle Gear #5
black: 88 Lifeline
lt green: 86 Hawk
black: 97a Snake Eyes
black: 97 Duke
black: 97 Hawk
black: 97 Breaker
black: 97 Grunt
black: 98 Thunderwing
brt green: 86 Sci-Fi
orange: 86a Wet-Suit
orange: 86b Wet-Suit
black: 98 Wet-Suit
grey: 01 Wet-Suit
lt grey: 86a Dial-Tone
lt grey: 86b Dial-Tone
lt red: 86 Zarana
silver: Battle Gear #6
black: 04 Zarana
black: 05 Zarana
black: 86 Viper
black: 89 Python Viper
black: 97 Viper
black: 02b Viper
black: 03 Swamp-Viper
black: 03 Black Dragon Trpr.
gold: 86 Serpentor
black: 02 Serpentor
lt green: 05 Serpentor
silver: 87 Cobra Cmdr.
marbled silver: 01 Cobra Cmdr.
olive: 87 Falcon
black: 88 Falcon
silver: 87 Psyche-Out
black: 88 Psyche-Out
(* = tied to parachute)
black: 87 Jinx
black: 98 Vypra
dk green*: 02b Dusty
lt grey: 03 Jinx
black*: 03 Air-Viper
black*: 05 Iron Anvil
black*: 05 Steel Brgd. Paratrpr.
black*: 05b Jungle Viper
black*: 06b Nullifier
olive: 87 Tunnel Rat
black: 88 Tunnel Rat
lt brown: 87 Outback
black: 88 Outback
brown/lt brown: 87 Raptor
olive: 87 Fast Draw
black: 87 Techno-Viper
dk grey: 87 Nemesis Enforcer
green: 87 Nemesis Enforcer
white: 87 Payload
lt grey: 89 Payload
black: 88 Blizzard
red: 88 Storm Shadow
lt green: 88 Repeater
black: 89 Repeater
dk blue: 88 Shockwave
black: 89 Shockwave
silver/yellow: 88 Charbroil
black/red: 89 Charbroil
black: 04 Charbroil
green/red: 88 Lightfoot
black/red: 89 Lightfoot
black: 88 Toxo-Viper
orange: 88 Spearhead
black: 89 Spearhead
silver: 88 Astro-Viper
silver: 01 Shadow Viper
grey/red: 88 Muskrat
black/grey: 89 Muskrat
brown: 88 Budo
olive: 88 Hardball
black: 88 Hydro-Viper
gold: 88 Voltar
grey: 88 Wildcard
dk green: 89 Recoil
lt grey: 89 Scoop
silver: 89 Countdown
black: 89 Snake Eyes
purple: 90 Night Creeper
black: 00 Snake Eyes
black: 04a Night Creeper
black: 89 Alley Viper
black: 93 Alley Viper
lt grey: 89 TARGAT
blue: 89 Dee-Jay
lt grey: 89 Rock & Roll
lt grey: 89 HEAT Viper
black: 01 Fast Blast Viper
black: 03 HEAT Viper
black: 89 Gnawgahyde
black: 04 Crusher
black: 89 Downtown
black: 89 Frag-Viper
black: 89 Night-Viper
black: 05 Iron Grenadier
black: 06 Night-Viper
lt grey: 89 Annihilator
lt green: 90 Grid-Iron
lt grey: 90 Topside
black: 90 Rock-Viper
copper: 03 Rock Viper
white: 90 Sub-Zero
dk green: 90 Ambush
brown: 01 Side Track
lt brown: 90 Salvo
dk grey: 90 Freefall
silver: 90 Laser-Viper
black: 03 Laser-Viper
dk red: 90 SAW-Viper
black: 01 Zartan
black: 02a Viper
metallic: 02c Viper
black: 03 SAW Viper
metallic: 03c Viper
black: 03 Black Dragon Trpr.
black: 04a Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04b Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04d Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04d Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04a Cobra Squad Ldr.
black: 04b Cobra Squad Ldr.
black: 04as Stalker
black: 04c Alpine
black: 05 Rock 'n Roll
dk red: 06 SAW Viper
black: 06 Lonzo Wilkinson
lt grey: 90 Metal-Head
dk grey: 90 Range-Viper
blue-grey: 01 Rock Viper
lt green: 02a Heavy Duty
lt green: 02c Heavy Duty
lt green: 04 Scrap Iron
black: 06 Frag-Viper
black: 06 Range-Viper
dk green: 90 Stretcher
black: 04 Lifeline
black: 07 Sparks
grey: 90 Bullhorn
black: 08 Bullhorn
lt grey: 90 Pathfinder
black: VAMP/TBG Pathfinder
grey-brown: 91 Tunnel Rat
lt brown: 91 Law
black: 91 Dial-Tone
blue-green: 91 Dodger
gold: 91 Viper
black: 91 Lamprey
dk green: 91 Heavy Duty
red-brown: 91 Dusty
orange: 93 Cross-Country
black: 98 Cobra Officer
black: 98 Cobra Trooper
black: 00 Dusty
black: 00 Dial Tone
black: 02a Gung Ho
black: 02a CLAWS
black: 02b Gung-Ho
black: 02b CLAWS
black: 02 Gen. Tomahawk
black: 02 Desert CLAWS
black: 02 Roadblock
black: 02b Flint
black: 02cs Duke
black: 03 Scarlett
brown: 03as Cross Hair
black: 03 Desert CLAWS
black: 04a Gung-Ho
black: 04b Snake Eyes
black: 04 Steeler
black: 04f Storm Shadow
black: 05 Col. Brekhov
black: 05a Crimson Guard
black: 05 Crimson Shadow Guard
remolded pea-green: 05 Footloose
black: 91 Low-Light
black: 01 Low-Light
black: 02a Destro
black: 02c Destro
black: 02 Skull Buster
clear: 03a Zartan
dk grey: 04c Beachhead
dk green: 91 Big Ben
white: 01 Big Ben
lt brown: 02as Stalker
lt brown: 02c Dusty
black: 02 Dial Tone
green: 02e Dusty
black: 03m Recondo
grey: 91 Hawk
black: 91 Crimson Guard Imm.
dk grey: 05b Destro
purple: 91 Snow Serpent
black: 98 Snow Serpent
black: 91 Desert Scorpion
silver: 91 Sci-Fi
black: 01 Laser Viper
silver: 07 Flash
brown: 91 Red Star
black: 98 Col. Brekhov
black: 03 Falcon
black: 91 Incinerator
blue: 91 Snake-Eyes
blue: 91 Mercer
black/green: 91 BAT
blue/orange: 91 Flint
green/yellow: 91 Ozone
yellow/red: 92 Barbecue
brt green: 91 Clean-Sweep
purple/orange: 91 Cesspool
purple: 91 Toxo-Viper
purple: 91 Sludge Viper
lt blue: 92 Falcon
dk grey: 92 Zap
dk grey: 92 Maj. Bludd
black: 93b Hawk
brt green: 92 Road Pig
green: 92 Rock 'n Roll
lt grey: 92 Psyche-Out
gold: 92 Hawk
dk yellow: 92 Stalker
black: 92 Cobra Cmdr.
red: 92 Overkill
tan/red: 92 Duke
black: 92 Big Bear
black: 98 Lt. Gorky
black: 01 Big Brawler
black: 02a Alley Viper
metallic: 02b Alley Viper
metallic: 03 Alley Viper
black: 04 Alley Viper
black: 04d Snake Eyes
black: 05a Infantry Division
black: 05b Infantry Division
black: 05c Infantry Division
black: 05d Infantry Division
black: 05e Infantry Division
black: 05f Infantry Division
black: 05b Gung Ho
black: 05 Steel Brigade Cmdr.
cream: 06 Mercer
cream: 06 Red Dog
cream: 06 Taurus
orange: 07 Doc
green/blue: 92 Flak-Viper
green/orange: 93 Flak-Viper
black: 06 Flak-Viper
black: 92 Gung-Ho
black: 93a Gung-Ho
black: 01 Gung Ho
black: 02 Sure Fire
black: 02a Baroness
black: 02a Stalker
black: 02c Wet-Suit
black: 02b Stalker
black: 03a Snake Eyes
black: 03b Snake Eyes
black: 03 Dial-Tone
black: 04as Ace
black: 04a Beach Head
black: 04 Oper. Avalanche
black: 04c Heavy Duty
black: 05 Horror Show
black: 05 Backblast
black: 05b Frostbite
black: 05 Mirage
black: 05b Short-Fuze
black: 05e Snake Eyes
black: 05b Stalker
black: 06 CLASSIFIED
black: 06a Viper
black: 06b Viper
dk blue: 92 Barricade
dk blue: 93 Barricade
red-brown: 92 Wild Bill
red-brown: 93 Wild Bill
green: 92 Bullet-Proof
green: 93 Bullet-Proof
black: 92 Headhunter
black: 93 Headhunter
black: 08 Headhunter Guard
orange: 94 Duke
orange/black: 94 Sci-Fi
blue/gold: 94 Space Shot
brt green: 94 Blackstar
dk green: 94 Action Soldier
olive: 94 Action Marine
blue: 94 Action Sailor
black: 5-pack 94 Action Sailor
black/silver: 02a Snake-Eyes
white/red: 02a Storm Shadow
black/silver: 02b Snake-Eyes
grey/red: 02b Storm Shadow
grey/silver: 02d Storm Shadow
black/silver: 04 Ninja Trooper
red SA: 02 Blowtorch
black/silver: 02d Snake-Eyes
black/silver: 03 Kamakura
blue/silver: 03 Night Creeper
black: 04a Snake Eyes
green: 04bs Kamakura
black: 04c Snake Eyes
black: 04e Storm Shadow
black: 04c Night Creeper
purple: 05a Night Creeper
black: 05c Snake Eyes
black/silver: 05c Storm Shadow
black: 03b BAT
black: 03c BAT
black: 04a BAT
black: 04b BAT
black: 04e BAT
black: 04 BAT II
black: 05a BAT
black: 05b BAT
black/green: 03 Heavy Water
black/clr green: 04 Heavy Water
black: 03 Halo Jumper
black: 03 Airborne
dk green: 04b Wild Weasel
black: 04a Scarlett
copper: 04 Jinx
black: 04c Scarlett
brown: 04a Scarlett
brown: 04c Scarlett
red: 04a Sand Scorpion
gold: 04 Neurotoxin
gold/black: 04b Sand Scorpion
dk grey: 04 Shipwreck
lt green: 05 Shipwreck
black: 04a Kamakura
green/black: 04 Hard Drive
yellow: 04b Tunnel Rat
clr yellow: 04a Electric EEL
black: 04b Kamakura
black/silver: 04d Storm Shadow
black/silver: 05a Storm Shadow
black/silver: 05b Storm Shadow
red/black: 05 Torch
black: 05 Dragonsky
silver: 06 Dragonsky
grey: 05a Tunnel Rat
lt green: 05 Bombstrike
dk red: 05b Crimson Guard
grey/green: 05c BAT
blue/red: 08 Sky BAT
black: 06 Guillotine
lt blue: 07 Gung Ho
lt blue: 07s Duke
brt green: 08a Duke
green: 08 Gung Ho
black: 07 Roadblock
black: 08b Night Watch Trooper
black: 07 Baroness
grey/red: 07 Buzzer
black: 07 Beachhead
black: 09 Beachhead
blue: 07 Air Trooper
grey/silver: 08c Duke
grey/silver: 08a Stalker
green/silver: 08 Skyduster
dk green: 08b Stalker
silver: 08f Duke
black: 07 Zartan
black: 08 Zartan
black/silver: 09a Zartan
black/silver: 09b Zartan
grey: 07 Firefly
grey/black: 08b Firefly
black: 09b Firefly
red: 08a Crimson Guard
red: 08b Crimson Guard
red: 08 Crimson Guard Officer
red: 08 Crim. Grd. Squad Leader
red: 08 Crimson Guard Trpr.
black: 08e Python Crimson Grd.
brown: 08f Crimson Guard
cherry: 09 Crimson Guard
white: 08 Snow Job
olive: 08 Flash
olive: 08a Breaker
black: 08a Night Watch Trooper
silver: 08a Ripper
black: 08b Ripper
silver: 08 Torch
dk brown: 08e Cobra Trooper
black: 09 Torch
silver: 08b Cobra Cmdr.
metallic: 08k Cobra Cmdr.
grey/red: 08a Torpedo
grey/red: 08b Torpedo
black/red: 08 Cobra Diver
black/red: 08a Viper
grey/green: 08b Viper
black/silver: 08c Viper
black/red: 09a Viper
silver: 08 Spirit
silver: 08e Snake Eyes
black: 09b Snake Eyes
black: 08a Maj. Bludd
silver: 08b Maj. Bludd
black: 08c Maj. Bludd
green: 08f Snake Eyes
dk grey: 08a Firefly
black: 08d Cobra Officer
grey: 09a Firefly
dk grey: 09b Firefly
black: 08c Storm Shadow
silver: 08 Ninja Viper
green/tan: 08 Red Star
red: 08b Baroness
green: 08 Bazooka
dk grey: 08b Snow Serpent Trpr.
green: 08c Hawk
brt green: 09 Hawk
dk grey/red: 08 Barbecue
brown/silver: 08f Cobra Trooper
white: 08a Snow Serpent
grey: 08 Snow Serpent Officer
white: 08b Snow Serpent Trpr.
lt grey: 08d Viper
black: 09 Arctic HISS Driver
black: 08a BAT
black: 08b BAT
black: 09a BAT
lt green: 08 Falcon
blue: 08b Tele-Viper
dk red: 08 Nemesis Immortal
green: 08 Nemesis Immortal
lt green: 08 Tripwire
dk brown: 08d Cobra Trooper
green/brown: 08e Duke
black: 09b Duke
silver: 08 Croc Master
brown: most 08 Wraith
clr blue: some 08 Wraith
green/black: 08 Trakker
tan/green: 08 Airborne
black/grey: 08 Eel
blue: 08b Scarlett
black/white: 08h Snake Eyes
black/white: 08 Hard Master
black: 08 Dusty
black: 08 Quick Kick
black: 08 Alpine
black: 09a Cobra Trooper
black: 09 Cobra Officer
black: 09b Cobra Trooper
yellow: 09 Blowtorch
silver/blue: 09 Destro
brown: 09a Flint
brown: 09b Flint
black: 09a Snake Eyes
black/silver: 09c Duke
silver: 09b BAT

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