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File Name: Leonard Michaels of Chicago, Illinois.
Grade: Army E-4 (1989)
SN: 887-1199-XE86
Notes: Chicago is in the state's northeast corner, at the south end of Lake Michigan. Bullet-Proof, Ghostrider, Hardtop, Heavy Duty, Short-Fuze, and Static Line are also from Chicago. Scoop was also the name of an Autobot released in 1988 as part of the Double Targetmasters team.

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Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Michael Benyaer182,122 seconds2382,404

DiC's Scoop wore his 1989 outfit, with a bluer tint to his green colors in most episodes. In the series, he was originally a Crimson Guard spy but defected to the Joes after the return of Cobra Commander.


Operation Dragonfire Opening2 seconds(silent)in footage from Operation Dragonfire (0:50-0:51)
Operation Dragonfire: Day 1213 seconds28 linesfilming at village; driving Raider; joining Joe Team; with Crimson Guard; reporting to Serpentor
Operation Dragonfire: Day 2214 seconds30 linesflying Skystorm, sending data to Destro, infiltrating caves
Operation Dragonfire: Day 3354 seconds44 linessending data to Cobra, following Cobra Commander through Lost City ruins
Operation Dragonfire: Day 4254 seconds20 linesprisoner of Joes, freed by Stalker, returning to Cobra, flying Conquest against Serpentor
Operation Dragonfire: Day 5198 seconds29 lineson airship giving false info on Joe plans, supplying data to Joes, cornered by Low-Light
Season 1 Opening (DiC)4 seconds(silent)laughing in original animation, in final pose
Granny Dearest3 seconds(silent)with Grid-Iron when Fortress crashes
Victory at Volcania Part 139 seconds(silent)playing football, retreating, at airfield, washed up on shore, disguised as Crimson Guard
Pigskin Commandos2 seconds(silent)running to Joe vehicles (7:12-13)
Cold Shoulder1 second(silent)running to Joe vehicles [6:38]
Injustice and the Cobra Way309 seconds27 linesin National Archives battle, chasing kidnappers, at HQ, breaking into Oval Office, in final battle
Night of the Creepers294 seconds44 linesflying Locust over bay, infiltrating jungle base, flying Locust to deactivate mummy army
That's Entertainment6 seconds(silent)restraining Heavy Duty
I Found You...Evy187 seconds16 lineson desert recon mission, breaking ankle
An Officer and a Viperman6 seconds(silent)defending Tokyo base, captured during attack
D-Day at Alcatraz Part 235 seconds(silent)pursuing Comstock Lode in sailboat, running to ground vehicles, guarding captured Cobras
Season 2 Opening (DiC)1 second(silent)in footage created for DiC season 1 opening (0:29)

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Scoop was discernible in 70 panels in 2 issues from Jul. 1989 to Nov. 1989: SM 23 and #92.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1989    
Version 1: spring 1989 regular carded figure assortment
Combat Information SpecialistMOS 1: Journalist [46R]
MOS 2: Microwave Transmission Specialist [25P]
  • head: Scoop (89)
  • arms: Scoop (89)
  • torso: Scoop (89)
  • waist: Scoop (89)
  • legs: Scoop (89)
Accessories: black pistol with trigger guard and complex surface (new), green helmet with red goggles and hole for mic (new), green J-shaped mic with bulging joint (new), grey satellite station backpack (new), large grey TV camera (new), medium-length black hose (common).
It takes a special kind of guy to step out from behind cover during a firefight and keep his finger squeezing the trigger—of his videocam! With an advanced degree in journalism, as well as a master's degree in electrical engineering, SCOOP could have had a secure future with a network news team. Instead, he opted for service on the G.I. Joe Team because he wanted to be on the spot when the news was being made, not reporting the aftermath!
"The other G.I. Joes were a bit put off by Scoop at first. They resented having a 'third wheel' tagging along lugging 60 pounds of video equipment and not much firepower! They changed their minds after he carried a wounded comrade two clicks to an extremely hairy evacuation site for a medivac. All the while his camera captured the whole thing on tape! Now that's called doing your job and then some!"
Toy Notes: Item #6526. This figure was modeled after NBC Today Show news reporter Mike Leonard.