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File Name: William V. Iannotti of Key West, Florida.
Grade: Army E-6 (1990)
SN: 040-9812-JA41 [same as Stretcher's]
Notes: Key West is a seaport at the western end of the Florida Keys south of the mainland.

Previous character: Bullhorn
Next character: Altitude


Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Garry Chalk212,410 seconds2282,115

DiC's Pathfinder wore his 1990 outfit, changing to a new color scheme in the second season (brown shirt with light green vest).


Season 1 Opening (DiC)4 seconds (silent)
United We Stand398 seconds45 lines
Granny Dearest125 seconds12 lines
Victory at Volcania Part 189 seconds9 lines
Victory at Volcania Part 253 seconds (silent)
The Nozone Conspiracy11 seconds (silent)
Pigskin Commandos40 seconds4 lines
Injustice and the Cobra Way46 seconds1 line
That's Entertainment3 seconds (silent)
I Found You...Evy11 seconds (silent)
An Officer and a Viperman317 seconds27 lines
D-Day at Alcatraz Part 1260 seconds32 lines
D-Day at Alcatraz Part 2208 seconds22 lines
Stuck on You539 seconds67 lines
Season 2 Opening (DiC)1 second (silent)
El Dorado–The Lost City of Gold85 seconds2 lines
Long Live Rock and Roll Part I5 seconds (silent)
Long Live Rock and Roll Part II5 seconds (silent)
A Is for Android156 seconds7 lines
Keyboard Warirors2 seconds(silent)
Basic Training52 seconds (silent)


Born September 27, 1960. Pathfinder joined the Joe Team in September 1987, and his appearance is represented by Version 1. He was among the Joes reactivated in June 1991, with his Version 2 appearance.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1990 2. 2001 (AWE Striker)/VAMP 2004  
Version 1: 1990 regular carded assortment
Fig. #0258: Jungle Assault SpecialistMOS 1: Jungle Assault Specialist
MOS 2: Forward Observer/Recon
  • head: Pathfinder (90, 01)
  • arms: Pathfinder (90, 01)
  • torso: Pathfinder (90, 01), Clutch (07)
  • waist: Pathfinder (90, 01)
  • legs: Pathfinder (90, 01)
Accessories: light grey backpack (new, with fuel tank and belt begs); two light grey cannons (new, hip-mounted with belt pegs); black powered pole saw (new) with detachable silver blade; two silver ammo belts (new, short with peg holes); black hose (short standard)
By growing up in the alligator-infested swamplands of southern Florida, PATHFINDER quickly learned how to find his way around in order to stay alive! With his father's help, Pathfinder mastered the ways of jungle survival. He learned how to make trails where there were none, to detect unnatural jungle sounds, and to attack unsuspecting targets swiftly and quietly. When he was eighteen, Pathfinder enlisted in the Army and began a career as a jungle recon specialist. Almost immediately, he became the Army's premiere jungle/rain forest tactical assault expert. Pathfinder was then ordered to serve as G.I. Joe's jungle assault specialist where he is now responsible for all covert operations involving attacks on Cobra Island.
"We could be chest-deep in a midnight swamp, with mosquitos in our ears, leeches in our boots, and Cobra NIGHT-VIPERS firing up our tails with tracers, but as long as Pathfinder has the point, we'll come out smelling like roses. He learned everything from his father, a decorated reconnaissance grunt from the Korean War. Like his father, he doesn't know the meaning of the word surrender. When Pathfinder leads a jungle patrol he doesn't stop until the job is successfully completed and all objectives have been accomplished. And I mean ALL objectives!"
Toy Notes: Featured in 1990's second new figures commercial. Item #6577. The prototype shown in the 1990 insert catalog has a peg for only one hip-mounted machine gun and has a grey handle added to the pole saw.
Version 2: 2001 Real American Hero Collection Wave 2 boxed AWE Striker vehicle
Fig. #0555: All-Weather Assault SpecialistMOS 1: All-Weather Assault Specialist
MOS 2: Forward Observer/Recon
  • head: Pathfinder (90, 01)
  • arms: Pathfinder (90, 01)
  • torso: Pathfinder (90, 01), Clutch (07)
  • waist: Pathfinder (90, 01)
  • legs: Pathfinder (90, 01)
AWE Striker Accessories: none
VAMP Accessories: black backpack (90 Pathfinder's); two black cannons (90 Pathfinder's); black powered pole saw (90 Pathfinder's) with black blade; two black ammo belts (90 Pathfinder's); black hose (short standard)
When a G.I. Joe assault team is faced with an obstacle, such as having to scale a 15,000 foot mountain to invade a COBRA fortress, Pathfinder's there to get them over the "hump." Ever since his childhood days in Key West, he's always had a fascination with being able to "rough it" in the wild. When he was only 9 years old, he spent a week alone in the everglades, just to prove that he could do it. His only worry wasn't the alligators, but the mosquitoes. Pathfinder can't stand bugs. After joining the G.I. Joe Team, he spent over 10 years learning how to overcome whatever Mother Nature dished out. His ability to survive in dense jungles, barren tundras, and sand-swept deserts is uncanny.
When the G.I. Joe team deployed the A.W.E. Striker vehicle there was only one choice for its driver . . . Pathfinder. It was as if the vehicle was made just for him. Like him, the A.W.E. Striker never quits. That's probably why this man and machine combination is such a good match!
Variations: The 2004 VAMP release has a black belt buckle, whereas the original's was dark grey The 2004 filecard replaces the last paragraph with the quote: "My job isn't just to find a path in and out for the team. It's to make a path if there isn't one. You'll always come out all right if you work with nature, have respect for it, and learn from it."
Toy Notes: Item #57768.
Re-releases: Also boxed in 2004 in a Toys 'R Us-exclusive vehicle set with Big Brawler (04) and Chief Torpedo (04/I) as well as the VAMP with Twin Battle Gun (04). Item #60352.