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G.I. Joe Accessory Guide: Bodywear

This page contains armor, removable clothes, belts, and other accessories that attach to the figure's body. This also includes limb attachments such as gloves and footwear. Shields and the various BAT hands are included here as well. A few high-tech attachments such as radar dishes and wrist communicators, however, are on the tech page.


pair of swimfins
grey: 83 Torpedo
black: 97 Torpedo
black: 01 Wet Down
belt with sash/loincloth
green/red: 84 Spirit
black/brown: 89 Spirit
parachute harness
green: 84 Rip Cord
chest panel
black/clear: 84 Zartan
clear: 04b Zartan
silver: 05 Zartan
pair of thigh pads
black/clear: 84 Zartan
clear: 04b Zartan
silver: 05 Zartan
pair of swimfins
black: 85 Eel
black: 86a Wet-Suit
black: 86b Wet-Suit
blue: Battle Gear #6
black: 01 Wet-Suit
black: 02a Shipwreck
pair of snow shoes
off-white: 85 Snow Serpent
dk blue: Battle Gear #6
black: 05 Snow Serpent
white: 07 Snow Serpent Cmdr.
waist pouch
blue: 85 Snow Serpent
blue: 05 Snow Serpent
grey: 07 Snow Serpent Cmdr.
arm attachments
silver: 86 BAT
silver: 08 Headhunter BAT
black: 86 Dr. Mindbender
green: 86 Serpentor
black: 02 Serpentor
yellow: 05 Serpentor
parachute harness
soft black: 86 store AVAC
hard black: 86 mail AVAC
parachute harness
tan: 87 Crazylegs
black: 88 Crazylegs
arm clips
silver/red: 87 Psyche-Out
black: 88 Psyche-Out
black: 87 Crystal Ball
lt brown: 87 Chuckles
lt brown: 87 Outback
black: 88 Outback
pair of boxing gloves
red/white: 87 Big Boa
red: 93 Balrog
chrome: 88 Super Trooper
pair of ice shoes
black: 88 Blizzard
black: 05 Backblast
black: 05b Frostbite
black: 05b Short-Fuze
black: 05e Snake Eyes
black: 05b Stalker
black: 07 Ice-Viper
pair of swimfins
red: 88 Hydro-Viper
pauldron with partial breastplate
black: 88 Road Pig
orange: 92 Road Pig
silver: some 93a M. Bison
silver: some 93b M. Bison
dk grey: 04 Road Pig
wrist shield
black: 88 Road Pig
orange: 93 Night Creeper Ldr.
gold: 94 Night Creeper Ldr.
dk grey: 04 Road Pig
red: 88 Ghostrider
orange/blue: 89 Alley Viper
yellow: 89 Backblast
black: 89 Frag-Viper
black: 06 Frag-Viper
elbow pad
yellow x2: 90 Grid-Iron
pair of snow shoes
dk grey x2: 90 Sub-Zero
pair of swimfins
dk grey: 90 Undertow
silver: 92 Eel
yellow: 93 Eel
black: 94 Shipwreck
blue: 00 Undertow
grey/black: 09 Undertow
digging implements
black x2: 91 Desert Scorpion
arm attachments
orange: 91 BAT
silver, black 03a BAT
black, red: 03 Inferno BAT
arm attachments
red: 92 Overkill
black/blue: 03c Over Kill
pair of swimfins
yellow: 92 Wet-Suit
pink: 92 Deep-Six
orange: 93 Wet-Suit
blue: 94 Action Sailor
black: 5-pack 94 Action Sailor
black: 98 Torpedo
black: 93 Alley Viper
orange: 94 Alley Viper
black: 97 Alley Viper
lt blue: 02a Alley Viper
metallic: 02b Alley Viper
metallic: 03 Alley Viper
black: 04 Alley Viper
bio-armor mold
yellow: 93b Gung-Ho
yellow: 93 Clutch
black: 93 Mega-Viper
lt blue: 93 Mirage
orange: 93 Blast-Off
lt green: 93 Cyber-Viper
blue: 93 Edmond Honda
pair of swimfins
black: 02a Wet-Suit
black: 02a Moray
green: 02b Wet-Suit
red: 02b Moray
black: 03 Depth Charge
black: 03 Night Creeper
gold: 05 Depthcharge
grey/red: 02c Dusty
black/silver: 02d Dusty
silver: 02 Dial Tone
yellow/grey: 02e Dusty
black/gold: 02 Dr. Mindbender
red/gold: 03 Dr. Mindbender
black/red: 03a Shipwreck
red: 03a Cobra Cmdr.
black/red: 03b Shipwreck
brown/white: 02 Snow Serpent
white/brown: 02 Snow Serpent
white/brown: 04 Snow Wolf
pair of snow shoes
silver x2: 02 Snow Serpent
silver x2: 03 Snow Serpent
android chestplate
silver/blue: 02 BAT
silver/yellow: 03b BAT
silver/yellow: 03c BAT
gold/red: 04a BAT
silver/red/blue: 04b BAT
silver/yellow/black: 04 BAT II
silver/green: 05a BAT
green: 03a Cross Hair
dk grey: 03b Cross Hair
grey: 03b Gung Ho
black: 04c Gung Ho
tan: 04 Cross Hair
green: 06 Tommy Arashikage
green: 03a Cross Hair
black: 03 Burn Out
dk grey: 03b Cross Hair
black: 05 Footloose
black: 06 Med Alert
ghillie suit
brown: 03a Cross Hair
lt brown: 03 Recondo
lt brown: 03a Iron Grenadier
lt brown: 03 Dart
dk green: 03a Roadblock
dk brown: 03 Black Out
dk brown: 03 Red Spot
dk green: 03b BAT
dk green: 03c BAT
dk green: 03 Alley Viper
dk green: 03b Neo-Viper
dk green: 03b Roadblock
dk green: 03b Cross Hair
dk brown: 03b Duke
dk green: 03 Zarana
purple/red: 03 Tunnel Rat
dk red: 03 Switch Gears
pair of gauntlets
purple: 03 Tunnel Rat
dk red: 03b Grunt
pair of greaves
purple: 03 Tunnel Rat
dk red: 03b Grunt
black: 03b Duke
brown: 03 Tunnel Rat
black: 03b Grunt
metallic blue: 03a Over Kill
tan: 03b Over Kill
black: 04 Over Kill
silver: 07 Copperhead
gold: 09b Python Copperhead
vest with holster
black/silver: 03a Over Kill
black/silver: 03b Over Kill
black/brown: 04 Over Kill
black/silver: 07 Copperhead
blck/gld: 09b Pyth. Copperhead
arm attachments
black/silver: 03a Over Kill
purple, tan: 03b Over Kill
black gun: 04 Over Kill
black/red: 03 Sgt. Hacker
black/red: 03a Sand Viper
black/red: 03b Sand Viper
pair of greaves
grey/red: 03 Sgt. Hacker
surgical mantle
red/white: 03 Scalpel
black/green: 05 Medi-Viper
scuba vest
silver/blue: 03 Torpedo
black: 03 Depth Charge
silver/yellow: 03 Night Creeper
gold: 05 Depthcharge
blue/silver: 03 Burn Out
blue/silver: 03 Burn Out
riot shield
brown: 03 Burn Out
black: 03 Wide Scope
dk grey: 08 Shockblast
pair of spaulders
black/red: 03a Iron Grenadier
grey/gold: 03b Iron Grenadier
black/red: 04 Iron Grenadier
silver/red: 03 Barrel Roll
pair of gauntlets
silver/red: 03 Barrel Roll
parachute harness
black: 03 Flint
lt green: 08 Outback
blue/black: 03a Shipwreck
black/red: 03b Shipwreck
pair of claw gauntlets
black/red: 03a Shipwreck
black: 03b Duke
black/red: 03b Shipwreck
leg braces
black/red: 03a Shipwreck
black/red: 03b Shipwreck
parachute harness
green: 03b Lady Jaye
black/brown: 03b Lady Jaye
black/red: 03b Lady Jaye
pair of gauntlets
black/red: 03b Lady Jaye
thigh armor
black/red: 03b Lady Jaye
dk green: 03 Destro
arm attachments
silver: 03b BAT
silver: 03c BAT
gold: 04a BAT
silver: 04b BAT
silver saw only: 04c BAT
silver saw only: 04d BAT
silver: 04e BAT
grey: 04 BAT II
silver saw, gun: 05a BAT
arm attachment
black: 03 Switch Gears
blue/red: 03c Cobra Cmdr.
black/red: 04a Cobra Cmdr.
dk grey: 04c Cobra Cmdr.
yellow/red: 03 Heavy Duty
gold/red: 06a Nullifier
silver/blue: 06b Nullifier
black: 03 Pit Viper
silver: 05 Pit Viper
green/red: 03 Halo Jumper
green/red: 03 Airborne
black: 03 Halo Jumper
black: 03 Airborne
dk grey: 04 Airborne
white/gold: 04a Storm Shadow
white/black: 04d Storm Shadow
red w/ arrow: 04a Vypra
red w/ stripe: 04b Vypra
white: 05a Storm Shadow
arm attachments
red/black: 04a Sand Scorpion
gold/black: 04 Neurotoxin
gold/black: 04b Sand Scorpion
detachable hands
purple: 04c BAT
dk red: 04d BAT
blue: 04e BAT
purple: 04f BAT
green: 05b BAT
arm attachments
silver: 04c BAT
silver: 04d BAT
silver: 04f BAT
silver: 05b BAT
lt brown: 04a Swamp Rat
grey/red: 05 Swamp Rat
brown: 04a Swamp Rat
black: 05 Swamp Rat
lt brown: 04 Leatherneck
black: 05 Long Range
belt straps
black: 04 Ghost Bear
dk blue: 06a Cobra Trooper
grenade bandolier
tan/black: 04a Dusty
black/yellow: 06 Grand Slam
belt straps
green: 04b Tunnel Rat
grey: 05a Tunnel Rat
pair of claw gauntlets
clr yellow: 04a Electric EEL
black: 05 Electric EEL
belt pouch
black: 04a Stalker
belt pouch
red: 04b Firefly
weasel-skull necklace
off-white: 04 Kwinn
black: 04 Venomous Maximus
arm attachment
black: 04 Over Kill
black: 04b Gung Ho
black: 05a Gung Ho
black/red: 06 Low Light
brown: 05 Snow Wolf
pair of snow shoes
black: 05 Snow Wolf
black: 05b Snake Eyes
brown: 05 Maj. Barrage
black/red: 05c Cobra Cmdr.
red: 05 Maj. Bludd
dk brown: 05 Barrel Roll
arm attachments
dk grey: 05c BAT
rocket arm
silver/yellow: 05b Over Kill
trench coat
brown: 06 Monkey Wrench
brown/cream: 06 Krieger
leather jacket
black: 06 Hannibal
black: 07 Rowdy Roddy Piper
white: 08 Hotwire
brown/black: 06 Lt. Gorky
brown/silver: 06 Sgt. Misha
ballistic vest
green: 06 Rook
green: 06 Checkpoint
dk red: 07a Storm Shadow
black/brown: 08 Red Ninja Ldr.
grenade bandolier and belt
grey/green: 07a Snake Eyes
black/grey: 08d Snake Eyes
grey/blue: 07 Cobra Officer
yellow: 07 Air Trooper
black/red: 07 Vehicle Driver
yellow: 08a Cobra Officer
blck/brn: 08 Nt. Wtch. Officer
grey: 08b Cobra Officer
black: 08 Cobra Driver
black/red: 08 Cobra Pilot
brown/red: 08d Cobra Officer
grey: 09c Storm Shadow
brown/green: 07 Flint
green/gold: 08a Flint
black/silver: 08b Ace
green/brown: 09a Flint
green/black: 09b Flint
chest strap with grenade
green/gold: 07 Duke
yellow/silver: 08a Duke
grey/silver: 08b Duke
silver/gold: 08c Duke
brown/silver: 08d Duke
brown/black: 08e Duke
tan/black: 08 Skyduster
vest with grenade
lt blue: 07 Gung Ho
green/brown: 08 Gung Ho
webbing with grenade
black/green: 07 Roadblock
grey/black: 08b Roadblock
belt with holster and quiver
green/gold: 07 Scarlett
yellow: 08a Scarlett
webbing with holster and grenade
black/green: 07b Snake Eyes
black/dk green: 07 Stalker
black: 08a Snake Eyes
black/yellow: 08b Snake Eyes
black/dk green: 08a Hawk
green/black: 08a Breaker
black/yellow: 08c Snake Eyes
brown/green: 08 Grunt
black/green: 08b Hawk
black: 08b Breaker
black: 08g Snake Eyes
tan: 08a Stalker
brn/slvr: 08a G.I. Joe Trooper
brn/slvr: 08b G.I. Joe Trooper
brn/slvr: 08c G.I. Joe Trooper
brn/slvr: 08d G.I. Joe Trooper
black/brown: 08 Short-Fuze
black/green: 08b Stalker
black: 08e Cobra Officer
black/silver: 09b Snake Eyes
black/metallic: 09d Snake Eyes
webbing with pistol
black: 07a Cobra
black: 07b Cobra
yellow: 07c Cobra Trooper
blck/brn: 08a Night Watch Trpr.
blck/brn: 08b Night Watch Trpr.
blck/brn: 08c Night Watch Trpr.
blck/brn: 08d Night Watch Trpr.
grey/black: 08a Cobra Trooper
black/brown: 08 Crankcase
green/yellow: 08c Python Officer
black/white: 08b Cobra Trooper
black/white: 08b Flint
black/red: 08 Vehicle Gunner
black: 08c Cobra Trooper
black: 07b Storm Shadow
black/red: 07c Storm Shadow
black: 07 Red Ninja
dk blue: 08a Storm Shadow
blue/yellow: 08b Storm Shadow
black/brown: 08 Red Ninja
brown/black: 08d Storm Shadow
grey: 09b Storm Shadow
red/black: 09c Storm Shadow
black: 09d Storm Shadow
dk green: 07 Lady Jaye
green/gold: 07 Serpentor
green/gold: 08a Serpentor
gold: 08b Serpentor
vest with grenades and knife
black/red: 07 Beach Head
black/green: 08a Firefly
black/white: 08b Scrap-Iron
dk blue/black: 09 Shockblast
red: 07 Rowdy Roddy Piper
black/grey: 07 Firefly
brown/blue: 08b Firefly
brown/grey: 09a Firefly
black: 09b Firefly
belt with scabbard
gold: 08a Destro
black: 08d Destro
gold/red: 08a Iron Grenadier
purple: 08e Destro
gold/red: 08 Iron Gren. Officer
gold/purple: 08b Iron Gren. Trpr.
grey: 08f Destro
olive: 08 Flash
olive/silver: 08a Rock 'n Roll
dk green/silver: 08 Grand Slam
black: 08 AVAC
lt green: 08b Rock 'n Roll
vest with chains
black: 08 Torch
brown: 09 Torch
belt with holster
dk red: 08b Cobra Cmdr.
red: 08k Cobra Cmdr.
olive/gold: 08a Rock 'n Roll
lt green/gold: 08b Rock 'n Roll
pair of swimfins
grey: 08a Torpedo
yellow: 08b Torpedo
red: 08 Cobra Diver
white/red: 08a Ace
green/brown: 08a Deep Six
dk red: 08b Storm Shadow
spaulder with sash
red/silver: 08 Tomax
spaulder with sash
red/silver: 08 Xamot
black/red: 08e Cobra Cmdr.
vest with holster and knife
brown: 08a Wild Bill
black: 08b Wild Bill
yellow: 08c Wild Bill
grey/yellow: 09 Wild Bill
black: 08a HISS Driver
black: 08 HISS Cmdr.
black/red: 08b HISS Driver
grey: 08b Maj. Bludd
black: 08c Maj. Bludd/brown
brown/black: 08f Cobra Trooper
vest with grenades
black/red: 08a Viper
grey/green: 08b Viper
tan/red: 08d Cobra Trooper
grey/black: 08c Viper
black/red: 09a Viper
grey/yellow: 09b Viper
black/red: 09c Viper
dog tags
silver: 08a Maj. Bludd
grey: 08b Maj. Bludd
metallic: 08c Maj. Bludd
chest straps and satchel
olive: 08f Snake Eyes
pair of snow shoes
black x2: 08f Snake Eyes
vest with knife
green/red: 08a Roadblock
black/brown: 08d Viper
vest with throwing stars
black: 08c Storm Shadow
life jacket
orange/black: 08 Shipwreck
orange/grey: 08 Cutter
black: 08 Copperhead
red: 09a Python Copperhead
webbing with canteen and grenades
lt brown: 08 Red Star
belt and chest holster
black: 08a Steeler
black: 08b Steeler
olive/brown: 08 Double Clutch
purple: 08a Tele-Viper
air tank harness
dk red: 08b Baroness
green: 08 Lady Jaye
grey: 09 Lady Jaye
pair of snow shoes
white: 08a Snow Serpent
grey: 08 Snow Serpent Officer
white: 08b Snow Serpent Trpr.
fur lining
white: 08a Snow Serpent
grey: 08 Snow Serpent Officer
white: 08b Snow Serpent Trpr.
arm attachments
silver/black: 08a BAT
silver: 08b BAT
silver/black: 09a BAT
silver: 09b BAT
belt, attaches to leg holster
yellow: 08a BAT
yellow: 08b BAT
black: 09a BAT
yellow: 09b BAT
chest strap
blk/red/gld: 08a Iron Grenadier
blk/red/gld: 08 Iron Gren. Officer
purple/gold: 08b Iron Gren. Trpr.
dk green: 08 Falcon
dk red: 08 Nemesis Immortal
lt green: 08 Tripwire
dk blue/grey: 08h Cobra Cmdr.
dk blue/copper: 09b Cobra Cmdr.
dk blue/grey: 09c Cobra Cmdr.
belt with holster and scabbard
gold: 08h Cobra Cmdr.
black/grey: 09c Cobra Cmdr.
brown/red: 08 Mutt
black/yellow: 08 Para-Viper
black: 08 Para-Viper
pair of swimfins
black: 08 Para-Viper
webbing with holster in back
black: 08 Cobra Bazooka Trpr.
black/red: 09 Stinger Driver
battle armor
silver: most 08 Wraith
clr blue: some 08 Wraith
black: 08 Zartan
clear/red: 09a Zartan
black/silver: 09b Zartan
silver/red: 08 Trakker
vest with knife and grenade
blue: 08 Airborne
pair of swimfins
black: 08 Eel
vest with leg straps
blue/grey: 08b Scarlett
vest with leg straps
black/grey: 08 Beachhead
black/grey: 09 Beachhead
red/black: 08a Scrap-Iron
backpack straps
black: 08 Dusty
grey/tan/brown: 08 Dusty
belt and sash
red/black: 08 Quick Kick
grenade bandolier
black/grey: 08i Snake Eyes
black/grey: 09a Snake Eyes
grey: 09c Snake Eyes
vest with climbing rope
green/black: 08 Alpine
black: 08 Alpine
chest straps
silver: 08f Duke
parachute harness
white: 08l Cobra Cmdr.
parachute harness
white: 08 Cobra Paratrooper
green/black: 08 Airtight
black: 08e Cobra Officer
black: 08 Night Viper
vest with pistol
tan/silver: 09 Lift Ticket
green: 09a Duke
blue/red: 09a Cobra Cmdr.
red: 09d Cobra Cmdr.
blue/black: 09a Cobra Trooper
red/black: 09 Cobra Officer
red/black: 09b Cobra Trooper
padded vest
red/yellow: 09 Blowtorch
blue/black: 09 Destro
black: 09 Destro
black/brown: 09 Tunnel Rat
dk blue: 09 Tunnel Rat
red: 09a Storm Shadow
vest with knife
black/brown: 09b Duke
belt (parachute?)
black: 09c Duke
open vest with leg straps
lt green: 09 Outback
chest panel with holster and belt
red/black: 09 Air Viper Commando

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