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G.I. Joe Accessory Guide: Long Firearms

This page contains guns 57 mm or longer, sorted by approximate length. This includes handheld machine guns, many submachine guns, assault rifles, laser rifles and similar futuristic weapons, spearguns, shotguns, carbines, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and battle rifles in general. Excluded are bazookas, flamethrowers, and other "gunlike" weapons, as well as machine guns that sit on tripods. Releases marked "SA" have a Sound Attack tab. Please note that the toys are often modified from real life or only loosely based on the weapon types listed and linked below.


Dragunov SVD sniper rifle
black: 82 Cobra
dk blue: Battle Gear #2
lt blue: Battle Gear #4
black: 89 Python Officer
shotgun/missile launcher
grey: 05 Maj. Bludd
VSS Vintorez sniper rifle
black: 07 Zartan
black: 08d Night Watch Trooper
black: 09b Zartan
CAR-15 Carbine
dk grey: 83 Airborne
lt grey: Battle Gear #2
dk blue: 85 Rifle Range
grey: 85 Battle Platform
grey: some 87 Steel Brigade
Beretta BM59 battle rifle
lt green: 84 Recondo
tan: Battle Gear #3
black: 88 Recondo
assault rifle with grenade launcher
lt grey: 86 Viper
dk grey: Battle Gear #5
black: 89 Viper
black SA: 02 Beach Head
Ingram MAC-10
dk blue: 88 Shockwave
black: 89 Shockwave
black: 91 Lamprey
black: 92 Ace
copper: 03 Lamprey
grey: 05 Steel Brigade Cmdr.
assault rifle
dk grey: 90 Freefall
pump-action shotgun
black x2: 05 Maj. Barrage
black/brown: 06 Red Zone
black/brown: 06 Rook
grey: 07 Rip It
black: 09 Falcon
Cugir PSL semi-automatic rifle
lt grey: 07 Cobra Officer
black: 07a Cobra
black/brown: 07b Cobra
black: 07 Air Trooper
lt grey: 07 Vehicle Driver
black: 08 Night Watch Officer
black: 08a Night Watch Trooper
black: 08b Night Watch Trooper
black: 08c Night Watch Trooper
black: 08d Night Watch Trooper
black: 08b Cobra Officer
black: 08a Cobra Trooper
black: 08c Python Officer
black: 08 Vehicle Gunner
black: 08c Cobra Trooper
dk brown: 08e Cobra Trooper
assault rifle with grenade launcher
lt grey: 08a Viper
black: 08b Viper
black: 08c Viper
metallic: 09a Viper
black: 09b Viper
metallic: 09c Viper
M4 carbine with bayonet
black/silver: 08 Airborne
machine gun
black: 08e Cobra Officer
bayonet rifle
silver: 85 Ripper
dk grey: 04 Ripper
black: 05 Ripper
bayonet rifle
silver: 08a Ripper
black/silver: 08b Ripper
dk brown: 08d Cobra Trooper
bayonet rifle
black: 85 Crimson Guard
lt blue: Battle Gear #4
dk grey: some 87 Steel Brigade
black: 89 Pyth. Tele-Viper
M16A1 assault rifle
black: 04 Cobra Trooper
black: 04a Gen. Abernathy
black: 04b Grunt
black: 04d Snake Eyes
black: 04 Steeler
black: 04 Black Dragon Ninja
black: 05a Stalker
black: 05c Duke
black: 05 Gen. Abernathy
black: 05 Flint
black: 05b Frostbite
black: 05e Snake Eyes
black: 05b Stalker
black: 05 Breaker
black: 06 Lonzo Wilkinson
black: 08d Duke
black: 09 Arctic HISS Driver
bayonet rifle
black/silver: 08a Crimson Guard
blck/slvr: 08 Crim. Grd. Officer
blck/slvr: 08c Crim. Grd. Trooper
blck/slvr: 08 Crim. Grd. Sqd. Ldr.
blck/slvr: 08d Crim. Grd. Trooper
blck/slvr: 08 Python Crimson Grd.
black/silver: 09 Crimson Guard
ultra-sonic photon rifle
silver: 87 Dodger
black: 91 Dodger
silver: 93 Create-a-Cobra
black: 93 Sub-Zero
black: 93 Big Bear
assault rifle with scope
black: 89 Windchill
silver: 91 Major Altitude
black: 94 Windchill
grey: 05 Steel Brigade Cmdr.
missile-launching rifle
lt grey: 90 Grid-Iron
machine gun
white: 91 Snow Serpent
white: 98 Snow Serpent
AK-103 assault rifle
black: 91 Red Star
black: 98 Col. Brekhov
black: 01 Big Brawler
black: 02 Sure Fire
black: 02b Viper
black: 02a Scarlett
black: 02c Storm Shadow
black: 02b Scarlett
black: 02c VHS Duke
black: 03s Tunnel Rat
black: 03 Dial-Tone
black: 04 Action Man
black: 04a Tunnel Rat
black: 04 Cobra Officer
black: 06 Dragonsky
black: 06 Sgt. Misha
black: 06b Cobra Trooper
G36 assault rifle with AG36 grenade launcher
black: 03a Sand Viper
black: 03 Red Spot
black: 03b Sand Viper
black: 03 Halo Jumper
black: 03 Airborne
black: 04a Viper
copper: 04a Stalker
dk grey: 04 Billy-Bob
dk grey: 04 Cletus
dk grey: 04 Joe-Bob
dk grey: 04 Otis
dk grey: 04 Roscoe
dk grey: 04 Vance
black: 04b Viper
black: 04b Alley Viper II
black: 04d Gung Ho
black: 04e Snake Eyes
black: 05 Swamp Rat
black: 05a Sand Viper
black: 05a Baroness
black: 05 Medi-Viper
black: 05b Roadblock
black: 05a Night Trooper
black: 05b Night Trooper
machine gun/grenade launcher
black: 09a Cobra Trooper
black: 09 Cobra Officer
black: 09b Cobra Trooper
XMLR-1A laser rifle
black: 86 Sci-Fi
Uzi with stock, scope, and flash suppressor
black: 91 Low-Light
black: 93 Leatherneck
black: 93 Low-Light
green: 94 Carcass
black: 01 Low-Light
black: 02a Neo-Viper
black: 02b Neo-Viper
black: 03as Iron Grenadier
dk grey: 07 Clutch
AICW AWS sniper rifle
brown: 03 Tunnel Rat
copper: 04a Dusty
black: 04 Cobra Trooper
grey: 04b Night Creeper
black: 04 Zap
grey: 05a Frostbite
black: 05 Infantry Division set
dk grey: 06 Cobra Mortal
auto-arrow launcher
lt green: 84 Spirit
tan: Battle Gear #3
black: 89 Spirit
sniper rifle based on Enfield L39A1 with night scope
black: 86 Low-Light
brown: Battle Gear #5
black: 89 Low-Light
black: 05 Mirage
Mossberg 500 shotgun
black: 87 Falcon
black: 88 Falcon
P480 Sub-Zero stun gun
silver: 87 Avalanche
black: 91 Law
three-piece riot shotgun
black: 90 Bullhorn
dk grey: 08 Bullhorn
sonic disruptor cannon
dk grey: most 92 Maj. Bludd
silver: some 92 Maj. Bludd
ovrszd G3 battle rifle
brown: 92 Duke
black: 01 Leatherneck
brown-grey SA: 02c Duke
brown-grey SA: 04b Duke
dk grey: 05 Metal-Head
"GP-88 field rifle"
green: 92 Bullet-Proof
green: 93 Bullet-Proof
alien weapon
black: 01 Warwolf
AK-74 assault rifle
metallic: 02d Neo-Viper
black: 02cs Cobra Cmdr.
brown: 03 Scalpel
silver: 03 Black Out
metallic: 03b Neo-Viper
metallic: 04a Neo-Viper
black: 04a Zartan
silver: 04 Snow Wolf
black: 04 Demolishor
black: 04 Op. Avalanche
black: 04b Viper
black: 04 Desert CLAWS
black: 04 Ambush
black: 05 Col. Brekhov
black: 05 Daina
black: 05 Shrage
black: 05 Horror Show
black: 05 Viper
black: 05 Sand Viper
black: 05 Heavy Assault Squad
black: 06a Cobra Trooper
black: 06 Viper Guard
dk grey: 07 Night Stalker Cmdr.
silver: 08 Headhunter Guard
black: 08e Cobra Officer
FN-FAL battle rifle
lt green: 84 Rip Cord
grey: 85 Battle Platform
green: Battle Gear #3
oversized M16 rifle
grey: 90 Skydive
alien weapon
silver: 01 Iguanus
four-piece M4 carbine with M203 grenade launcher
grey: 04d Duke (+VM)
grey: 05 Footloose
black: 06 Rook
dk grey: 06 Sgt. Slaughter
laser rifle
black: 06 Grand Slam
black: 08 Airtight
high-density laser rifle
black: 84 Baroness
red: Battle Gear #3
off-white: Battle Gear #4
black: 97 Blizzard
black: 97a Snake Eyes
black: 97 Baroness
black: 00 Chameleon
black: 02a Viper
metallic: 02c Viper
metallic: 03as Iron Grenadier
metallic: 03c Viper
metallic: 04b Wild Weasel
black: 04 Cobra Officer
black: 05 Infantry Division set
black: 06b Cobra Trooper
oversized assault rifle
black: 90 Airborne
brt green: 93 Col. Courage
dk green: 93 Ambush
black: 94 Predacon
laser machine gun
yellow: 92 Maj. Bludd
black: 01 Maj. Bludd
black: 02a Moray
black: 02c Moray
black: 04a Electric EEL
black: 04 Scrap Iron
black: 05 Electric EEL
M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle
brown: 94 Action Soldier
black: 5-pack 94 Action Soldier
green: 94 Action Pilot
black: 94 Action Marine
brown/lt black: 08b Crimson Guard
dk brown/black: 08f Crimson Guard
auto-arrow launcher
tan: 08 Spirit
machine gun
black: 09 Tunnel Rat
ovrszd M16 assault rifle with scope
black: 85 Frostbite
black: 88 Frostbite
M16-A2 with bayonet and grenade launcher
lt blue: 89 Recoil
black: some 87 Steel Brigade
alien weapon
black: 01 Warwolf
silver: 01 Iguanus
machine gun
black SA: 02d Snake Eyes
dk grey: 07 Clay Moore
dk grey: 07a Night Stalker
dk grey: 07b Night Stalker
dk grey: 07c Night Stalker
Stoner 63A light machine gun
black: 05b Duke
grey: 05 Snow Serpent
grey: 06 Skull Squad Trooper
grey: 07 Snow Serpent Cmdr.
blk/brn: 08 HH Stormtrooper
M249 light machine gun (* = w/ tripod peg)
black: 06 SAW Viper
black x2: 06 Viper Pit
silver*: 08a Roadblock
black*: 08d Viper
ovrszd FN FNC assault rifle
black: 85 Crankcase
EM-2 "Janson" rifle
black: 90 Ambush
brt green: 93 Bazooka
red: 93a Outback
red: 93b Outback
red: 93a Payload
dk yellow: 93 Mace
dk blue: 93 Muskrat
red: some 94a Payload
lt grey: most 94a Payload
dk yellow: 93 Zangief
black: 94 Flint
lt grey: 94b Payload
black: 01 Side Track
black: 02a Cobra Cmdr.
black: 02a Frostbite
black: 02 Sidetrack
black: 02b Cobra Cmdr.
black: 02c Frostbite
black x2: 04c CLAWS
black: 04 Ambush
off-white x4: 06 Viper Pit
machine gun/grenade launcher
silver: 90 Airwave
black: 93 Leatherneck
black: 93 Low-Light
green: 94 Carcass
dk grey: 07 Grunt
portable laser cannon
red: 92 Overkill
black: 03c Over Kill
"Cobra NA-55" assault rifle
brt green: 92 Firefly
brt green: 93 Firefly
black: 03a Cobra Cmdr.
dk grey: 06 Coil Trooper
black: 09 Munitia
M16 with M203 grenade launcher
grey: 86a Leatherneck
grey: 86b Leatherneck
brown: Battle Gear #5
black: 89 Python Copperhead
black: 02c Dusty
silver: 02 Dial Tone
brown-grey SA: 02 Wild Bill
black: 02e Dusty
silver SA: 03a Cross Hair
black: 03as Cross Hair
brown-grey SA: 03b Wild Bill
brown-grey SA: 03b Cross Hair
black: 04 Razorclaw
black: 04as Ace
black: 04 Razor Trooper
black: 04 Zap
black: 04c Heavy Duty
black: 05a Infantry Division
black: 05b Infantry Division
black: 05c Infantry Division
black: 05d Infantry Division
black: 05e Infantry Division
black: 05f Infantry Division
dk grey: 07 Copperhead
dk grey: 07 Grunt
black: 09b Python Copperhead
steadi-cam machine gun
black: 88 Repeater
black: 89 Repeater
plasma rifle
dk blue: 91 Flint
blue: 93 Keel-Haul
black: 93 Backblast
olive: 93 Mirage
blue: 93 Blast-Off
red: 93b Duke
black: 93 Heavy Duty
yellow: 93 Countdown
pink: most 93a Hawk
black: some 93a Hawk
black: 94 Countdown
M4 carbine with shotgun barrel
black: 02 Ripper
black: 03am Roadblock
silver: 03 Ripper
black: 03 Falcon
black: 03 Switch Gears
black: 04 Sand Viper
copper: 04a Dusty
black: 04as Stalker
black: 04 Switch Gears
black: 04c Alpine
black: 05 Croc Master
black: 05 Backblast
black: 05b Roadblock
M60 machine gun
black: 05 Rock 'n Roll
black: 06 CLASSIFIED
black: 09 Shipwreck
rifle with scope
gold: 92 Hawk
silver: 00 Gen. Tomahawk
silver: 02a Mirage
metallic: 02b Mirage
silver: 03as Iron Grenadier
blue: 94 Action Sailor
black: 5-pack 94 Action Sailor
anti-tank machine gun/rocket launcher
grey: 05b Scrap Iron
black/red: 06 Grim Skull
trident gun
dk grey: 86 Monkeywrench
brown: Battle Gear #6
red: 94 Viper
Calico 960 semi-automatic carbine
orange: 91 Mercer
"hydro-charged" spear rifle
yellow: 92 Wet-Suit
orange: 93 Wet-Suit
black: 98 Torpedo
CZ 700 sniper rifle
brown: 03 Barrel Roll
silver: 04b Barrel Roll
harpoon rifle
black: 86 Zandar
brown: Battle Gear #6
machine gun
black: 87 Tunnel Rat
black: 88 Tunnel Rat
black: 91 Tunnel Rat
brt green: 93 Col. Courage
dk green: 93 Ambush
black: 93 Big Ben
black: 94 Predacon
black SA: 02a Stalker
silver SA: 02c Wet-Suit
black SA: 02b Stalker
Steyr AUG assault rifle
black: 90 Bullhorn
black: 93 Cross-Country
black: 93a Roadblock
white: 93a Snow Storm
white: 93b Snow Storm
black: 94 Shipwreck
cream: 94 Snow Storm
black: 02a Shipwreck
dk grey: 07 Night Stalker Cmdr.
dk grey: 08 Bullhorn
underslung laser rifle
black: 92 Falcon
experimental projectile weapon
gold: 93 Monstro-Viper
M14 rifle
brown-grey SA: 02b Shipwreck
AICW AWP sniper rifle
brown: 03a Cross Hair
brown: 03b Cross Hair
black: 04b Tunnel Rat
black: 04b Scarlett
black: 04 Cross Hair
black: 05b Tunnel Rat
black: 05b Frostbite
sniper rifle
brown-grey SA: 02d CLAWS
brown-grey SA: 04b CLAWS
PSG1 sniper rifle
black: 89 Gnawgahyde
black: 91 Lamprey
machine gun
lt grey: 88 Spearhead
black: 89 Spearhead
black: 91 Lamprey
yellow (no sling): 93 Beach-Head
yellow (no sling): 94 Beach-Head
black SA: 02 Neo-Viper Cmdr.
metallic SA: 02 Fast Blast Viper
black SA: 02 Snow Serpent
black SA: 02 Skull Buster
dk green SA: 03 Lamprey
black SA: 03 Neo-Viper Cmdr.
black: 04a Sand Scorpion
black: 04 Neurotoxin
black: 04b Sand Scorpion
dk grey: 05a Jungle Viper
"blowgun" (air rifle)
grey: 89 Snake Eyes
60mm machine gun
black: 01 Desert Striker
black SA: 02b Flint
M60 machine gun
white: 86 Iceberg
dk grey: Battle Gear #5
black: 97 Iceberg
double-barreled machine gun
orange: 92 Road Pig
Steyr IWS 2000 anti-materiel rifle
dk grey: 05 Barrel Roll
M240 machine gun
black: 91 Big Ben
brt green: 93 Bazooka
red: 93a Outback
red: 93b Outback
dk yellow: 93 Zangief
black: 94 Flint
black: 01 Big Ben
black: 02a Gung Ho
black: 02b Gung-Ho
black: 02a Mirage
black: 02b Big Ben
metallic: 02b Big Ben
metallic: 02b Mirage
black: 02cs Duke
black: 03a Big Brawler
clear: 03a Zartan
black: 04b Roadblock
black: 04 Short-Fuze
copper: 04b Wild Bill
black: 04 Double Clutch
black: 04b Grunt
grey: 05 Wild Bill
black: 05b Stalker
black: 06 G.I. Joe
M60 machine gun
dk grey: 90 Sub-Zero
portable laser cannon
lt blue: 92 Flak-Viper
orange: 93 Flak-Viper
black: 06 Flak-Viper
alien weapon
black: 01 Slythor
Barrett M82 anti-materiel rifle
black: 06 Low Light
grenade launcher
dk grey: most 92 Zap
silver: some 92 Zap
metallic: 03 Maj. Bludd
black: 05a Scrap Iron
"M90 continuous-fire"machine gun
black: 92 Roadblock
machine gun
red-brown: 92 Rock 'n Roll
sniper rifle
black: 05 Spirit
M60 machine gun
dk grey: 82 Rock 'n Roll
grey: Battle Gear #1
black: 97 Rock 'n Roll
underslung minigun
black: 89 Darklon
PSG1 sniper rifle
cream: 90 Rock-Viper
cream: mail 86 Iceberg
brt green: 93 HEAT Viper
black: 93 Crimson Guard Cmdr.
silver: 93 Cobra Cmdr.
red: 93 Eel
yellow: 93 Mega-Viper
silver: 93 Cyber-Viper
orange: 93 Astro-Viper
neon red: 93 TARGAT
dk red: 93 Gristle
black: 93 HH Stormtrooper
purple: 93a Blanka
black: 93a M. Bison
black: 93 Balrog
purple: 94 Metal-Head
red: 94 Maj. Bludd
copper: 03 Rock Viper
black: 03 Swamp-Viper
black: 03 Black Dragon Trpr.
black: 04a Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04b Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04d Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04d Cobra Infantry Trpr.
black: 04a Cobra Squad Ldr.
black: 04b Cobra Squad Ldr.
resembles M60 machine gun
black: 92 Falcon
M60 machine gun
grey/black: 08a Rock 'n Roll
lt grey: 08b Rock 'n Roll
sniper rifle
dk blue: 08 Para-Viper
resembles M60 machine gun
black: 92 Gung-Ho
black: 93a Gung-Ho
neon yellow: 94 Dial-Tone
black: 94 G.I. Joe
black: 01 Gung Ho
green SA: 02 Sand Razor
anti-tank machine gun
black: 90 SAW-Viper
silver: 01 Zartan
black SA: 02 Desert CLAWS
dk grey SA: 02 Roadblock
metallic SA: 03 Tunnel Rat
dk green: 03 SAW Viper
"combat rifle"
black: 92 Stalker
gold: 03 Stalker

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