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G.I. Joe Accessory Guide: Missile Launchers

This page contains missile launchers and similar weapons that can be loaded with separate projectiles. Most prominently, this includes the many spring-loaded launchers released between 1991 and 1994. Launchers with backpack pegs are, however listed on the backpacks page. The projectiles themselves are here.


black: 84 Scrap-Iron
red: Battle Gear #4
olive: 89 Backblast
white: 90 Sub-Zero
lt grey: 90 Metal-Head
lt grey x2: 90 Metal-Head
dk grey: 90 Range-Viper
blue-grey: 01 Rock Viper
black: 06 Range-Viper
lt grey: 90 Rampart
black: 90 Altitude
dk green x2: 91 Heavy Duty
black x2: 91 Desert Apache
black: 91 Crimson Guard Imm.
dk grey: 05b Destro
black: 91 Crimson Guard Imm.
dk grey: 05b Destro
purple: 91 Snow Serpent
black: 91 Desert Scorpion
silver: 91 Sci-Fi
black: 91 Red Star
silver: 91 Incinerator
black: 94 Effects
black: 91 Grunt
blue: 91 Mercer
blue/orange: 91 Cobra Cmdr.
black: 92 Cobra Cmdr.
black: 00 Cobra Cmdr.
black/yellow: 92 Wet-Suit
black/orange: 93 Wet-Suit
lt blue: 92 Roadblock
black/yellow: 92 Big Bear
black/red: 92 Destro
black: most 97 Destro
pink: some 97 Destro
lt green: 92 Gen. Flagg
lt green: 93 Gen. Flagg
black/blue: 92 Gung-Ho
orange/black: 93 Leatherneck
black/blue: 93a Gung-Ho
blue/yellow: 92 Barricade
gold/green: 93 Col. Courage
blue/yellow: 93 Barricade
blue/brown: 92 Wild Bill
blue/brown: 93 Wild Bill
gold: 92 Firefly
black: 93 Firefly
silver: 92 Eel
clear green: 92 Bullet-Proof
dk green: 93 Bullet-Proof
clear blue: 92 Mutt
clear orange: 92 Cutter
clear yellow: 92 Shockwave
clear red: 92 Headman
red: 93 Mutt
clear purple: 92 Headhunter
purple: 93 Headhunter
teal/green: 93 Bazooka
blue/red: 93a Outback
blue/red: 93b Outback
orange: 93 Zangief
blue/black: 93 Cross-Country
blue/black: 93a Roadblock
brown/white: 93a Snow Storm
brown/white: 93b Snow Storm
brown/black: 94 Snow Storm
green/white: 93 Iceberg
black/yellow: 93 Beach-Head
black/yellow: 94 Beach-Head
black/green: 93 HEAT Viper
black/orange: 93 Nt. Crpr. Ldr.
red/neon red: 93 TARGAT
green/orange: 93a M. Bison
red/black: 94 Metal-Head
gold/black: 94 Nt. Crpr. Ldr.
yellow/black: 93 Alley Viper
purple/yellow: 93 Dr. Mindbender
yellow/black: 94 Viper
blue/orange: 94 Alley Viper
gold/black: 93a Duke
orange-red: 93 Frostbite
orange-red: 93b Gung-Ho
yellow: 93 Clutch
gold/red: 93 Payload
dk blue/gold: 93b Roadblock
red/black: 93a Ozone
red/black: 93b Ozone
black/brown: 94 Stalker
gold/red: some 94a Payload
gold/black: most 94a Payload
gold/black: 94b Payload
silver/black: 94 Roadblock
orange/black: 94 Ozone
brown/blue: 93 Keel-Haul
black: 93 Backblast
lt blue: 93 Mirage
orange: 93 Blast-Off
black: 93 Countdown
black/yellow: 94 Ice Crm. Soldier
blue/black: 94 Countdown
yellow/blk: 93 Crim. Grd. Cmdr.
red/silver: 93 Cobra Cmdr.
yellow/red: 93 Eel
pink: 93 Mega-Viper
yellow: 93 Cyber-Viper
red: 93 Bio-Viper
orange/gold: 93 Robo-JOE
grey/yellow: 93 Rock 'n Roll
red/black: 93 BAAT
gold/orange: 93 Astro-Viper
yellow/red: 93 Gristle
orange/black: 93 HH Stormtrpr.
orange/black: 93a Blanka
red/black: 93 Balrog
black/red: 94 Maj. Bludd
blue/yellow: 93 Law
black/orange: 93 Long Arm
orange/black: 93a Guile
black/yellow: 93 Mace
orange/blue: 93 Muskrat
orange/black: 94 Flint
silver/yellow: 94 Dial-Tone
silver/black: 94 Shipwreck
black/red: 94 Lifeline
orange/black: 94 Duke
black/orange (attached): 94 Sci-Fi
brt green/black: 94 Blackstar
olive/black: 94 Action Soldier
green/black: 94 Action Marine
blue: 94 Action Sailor
black: 5-pack 94 Action Sailor
silver/green: 04a Hi-Tech
tan/green: 04a Roadblock
tan/green: 04b Duke
tan/green: 04a Gung-Ho
grey: 05 Bazooka
grey: 05 Salvo
olive: 06 Checkpoint
green: 07 Zap
dk grey: 07 Clay Moore
black: 08a Maj. Bludd
black: 08b Maj. Bludd
black: 08c Maj. Bludd
black/tan: 08 Bazooka
black/grey: 08b Snow Serp. Trpr.
black: 08a Scrap-Iron
black: 08b Scrap-Iron
black: 08b BAT
lt grey: 09d Cobra Cmdr.

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