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G.I. Joe Accessory Guide: Facewear and Head Attachments

This page contains accessories that attach to part of the head, usually covering the face. This includes visors, goggles, and breath masks, as well as headsets, microphones, and antennas. Because they are often small, nondescript, and/or transparent, many of these are easily lost or broken and are therefore high-demand accessories.


clear: 82 Short-Fuze
clear: 82 Flash
clear: 82 Hawk
clear: 82 Grand Slam
clear: 83 Grand Slam
clear x4: Battle Gear #1
black: 87 Starduster
clear: 97 Duke
clear: 97 Breaker
clear: 97 Short-Fuse
clear: 08 Flash
clear: 08a Hawk
clear: 08b Hawk
clear: 08 Grand Slam
clr dark: 08 Skyduster
black: 08b Steeler
dk grey: 82 Breaker
grey: Battle Gear #1
dk grey: 82 Steeler
grey: Battle Gear #1
black: 84 Mutt
black: 89 Mutt
black: 84 Rip Cord
black: 85 Parachute Pack
yellow: 84 Blowtorch
lt green: 84 Thunder
green: Battle Gear #3
red-brown: 88 Skystriker
dk green: 98 Thunderwing
black: 84 Thunder
green x2: Battle Gear #3
clear: 88 Skystriker
black: 98 Thunderwing
pinkish: 84 Zartan
pale: 01 Zartan
brown: 85 Heavy Metal
black: 86 Lift-Ticket
red/silver: 87 Fast Draw
black: 87 Sneak Peek
black: 88 Sneak Peek
red: 87 Royal Guard
brown: 87 WORMS
white: 87 Hardtop
black: 04 Hardtop
silver: 87 Avalanche
green: 87 Blaster
silver: 87 Dodger
dk pink: 88 Nullifier
green: 89 Scoop
orange/blue: 89 Alley Viper
blue: 89 TARGAT
purple: 93 TARGAT
white: 89 Dee-Jay
white: 93 Dee-Jay
dk green: 89 Night-Viper
black: 06 Night-Viper
clear: 90 Grid-Iron
dk grey: 90 Freefall
lt grey/red: 90 Undertow
black: 00 Undertow
red/gold: 09 Undertow
black/silver: 90 Bullhorn
gold: 90 Altitude
red-brown: 90 Altitude
copper: 90 Airwave
clear gold: 90 Cold Front
white: 90 Cold Front
black/red: 91 Low-Light
black: 93 Low-Light
black: 01 Low-Light
clear: 91 Hawk
clear red: 93b Roadblock
clear gold: 93b Hawk
clear red: 94 Roadblock
clear blue: 91 Skymate
clear blue: 91 Cloudburst
black: 91 Tracker
black: 92 Psyche-Out
black: 92 Air Devil
black: 92 Ace
black: 93 Ace
black: 94 Action Pilot
black: 97 Ace
green: 92 Bullet-Proof
green (glued): 93 Bullet-Proof
black: 93 Alley Viper
orange: 94 Alley Viper
black: 97 Alley Viper
lt blue: 02a Alley Viper
metallic: 02b Alley Viper
metallic: 03 Alley Viper
silver: 03b Duke
black: 04 Alley Viper
white: 93 Frostbite
clear blue (glued): 93 Mirage
clear: 02a Mirage
clear: 02b Mirage
clr yellow: 03 Mirage
clear: 05 Mirage
black: 94 Shipwreck
black: 98 Shipwreck
black: 02a Shipwreck
clear: 94 Action Astronaut
clear: 05 Flash
clear: 01 Slythor
white: 03 Scalpel
black/red: 03 Black Out
black/dk red: 06 Low Light
black: 03 Depth Charge
black: 05 Depthcharge
03b Lady Jaye
grey: 03 Tele-Viper
grey: 04 Tele-Viper
black: 05 Tele-Viper
black: 04 Leatherneck
grey: 04b Tunnel Rat
grey: 05a Tunnel Rat
red: 04 Jinx
red: 04 Slice
red: 05 Slice
clear: 04b Baroness
clear: 05b Baroness
white: 04 Steeler
grey/red: 07 Steeler
grey: 05 Mutt
07 Zartan
09b Zartan
brown/clear: 08 Snow Job
black: 08a Breaker
black/clear: 08a Torpedo
grey/clr green: 08b Torpedo
black/clear: 08 Cobra Diver
black/clear: 08a Wild Weasel
black/clear: 08b Wild Weasel
black: 08a Viper
grey/red: 08b Viper
black/silver: 08c Viper
black/silver: 08d Viper
black/silver: 09a Viper
grey/red: 09b Viper
black/silver: 09c Viper
silver: 08e Snake Eyes
clr dark/red: 08a Firefly
clr dark/red: 09b Firefly
clr blue: 08b Baroness
black: 08 Mutt
black/red: 08 Para-Viper
silver: most 08 Wraith
clr blue: some 08 Wraith
08 Zartan
09a Zartan
09b Zartan
white: 08 Hard Master
white: 08 Hard Master
green: 08 Beachhead
tan: 08c Maj. Bludd
black: 08a Scrap-Iron
black: 08b Scrap-Iron
black: 08 Dusty
silver: 08 Airtight
yellow/blue: 09 Blowtorch
black/clear: 09 Shockblast
black: 09 Destro
silver: 09a Storm Shadow
silver/green: 09 Munitia

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