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The Sword

3rd of 20 episodes in DiC season 2. Written by Ted Pedersen & Steve Hayes. First aired September 25, 1991.

Previous episode: Chunnel
Next episode: El Dorado – The Lost City of Gold

A flight of Cobra ninjas and B.A.T.s ambush Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, and assault a monastery where they steal the Key to the Sword of Destiny. Hawk, Scarlett, and the Ninja Force drive off the attack, but Night Creeper Leader gets away with the key. However, he defies Cobra's orders and leaves to acquire the Sword for himself. Scarlett, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow give chase as Cobra's ninjas head to the Valley of Darkness. Overkill follows as well but loses his B.A.T.s to the valley's hazards.

Night Creeper Leader reaches the Shrine of the Sword and claims the weapon, which will grant him world-conquering power if he uses it to defeat the world's greatest ninja. Overkill arrives and collapses immediately, but Storm Shadow steps in challenge NCL to a duel between the Cobra ninja and Snake Eyes. As Snake Eyes is about to lose, Storm Shadow interrupts the duel by stealing the sword, giving it to Snake Eyes just as Cobra Commander shows up for a final attack. Hawk arrives with the cavalry to send Cobra into retreat, and Snake Eyes destroys the sword to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands again.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Storm Shadow290 seconds37 linesflying glider to escape Cobra, following Cobra to Valley of Darkness, stealing sword
Scarlett266 seconds36 linesdefending monastery, following Cobra to Valley of Darkness
Night Creeper Leader244 seconds31 linesflying Battle Copter in ambush, stealing Key, in Valley of Darkness, dueling Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes235 seconds flying glider to escape Cobra, following Cobra to Valley of Darkness, dueling Night Creeper Leader
Dice = DiC's Slice152 seconds16 linesflying Battle Copter in ambush, in Valley of Darkness
Overkill129 seconds11 linesstiffed by Night Creeper Leader at monastery, flying Battle Copter to follow him
Slice = DiC's Dice126 seconds11 linesflying Battle Copter in ambush, in Valley of Darkness
Hawk80 seconds13 linesdefending monastery, flying Battle Copter to drive off final attack
Cobra Commander70 seconds10 linesordering Overkill to follow Night Creeper Leader, monitoring Overkill, flying Battle Copter to take sword
T'Jbang44 seconds6 linesmeditating, driving Badger to defend monastery
Background Characters
Dojo37 seconds2 linesmeditating, defending monastery
Nunchuk23 seconds(silent)meditating, defending monastery
Troops Appearing
B.A.T.95 seconds1 lineflying gliders in ambush and final attack, flying Battle Copters at monastery and to follow ninjas, driving Paralyzers
Vehicles Appearing
Glider (Cloudburst's)107 seconds used to escape ambush, defend monastery, and follow Cobra ninjas
Cobra Battle Copter96 seconds used to attack monastery, fly to Valley of Darkness, follow Cobra ninjas, and in final attack
Badger38 seconds used to defend monastery
Glider (Night Vulture's)33 seconds used to attack monastery and retreat from final attack
Battle Copter15 seconds used to fight off final Cobra attack
Paralyzer6 seconds used in final attack
Storm Eagle4 seconds used to fight off final Cobra attack
Glider (Sky Creeper's)2 seconds flown by Cobra Cmdr's B.A.T.s in final attack (19:21-22)
Non-Toy Characters: generic Joe Battle Copter pilot colored blue and grey

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 2 set (Disc 1, Episode 3)
  • First appearances (in order): Slice, Dice, Dojo, Nunchuk, and T'Jbang; the Joe Glider (Cloudburst's color scheme) and Cobra Glider (Sky Creeper's color scheme). As indicated above, Slice and Dice's names are switched in the one dialogue exchange in which they are used.
  • Hawk's jet pack from the first season makes an appearance here, being used by Scarlett.
  • The B.A.T.s' one line of dialogue is a recycling of Slice and Night Creeper Leader's battle cry from earlier in the episode.
  • This episode contains the first interaction of any kind between Scarlett and Snake Eyes since Sunbow's first miniseries, and the first interaction between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe animation.