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2nd of 20 episodes in DiC season 2. Written by Tony Zalewski. First aired September 24, 1991.

Previous episode: The Eliminator
Next episode: The Sword

A ceremony opening the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France is attacked by Cobra Commander, who kidnaps the Queen of England. Big Ben rallies Wet-Suit and Big Bear for a rescue attempt, but it is unsuccessful and they are left trapped in a flooding portion of the tunnel. As they escape using an abandoned Cobra Earthquake, Cobra goes on to steal the Crown Jewels, briefly trapping Duke and Scarlett below ground in the process.

As Cobra Commander heads to Buckingham Palace with the Queen in tow, Big Ben's team uses a train to exit the second tunnel, but its brakes are disabled by an attack from Road Pig. Duke and Scarlett use the General to block the tracks, stopping the train. The Joes fight off Sludge Vipers on the way to the Palace, where they confront Cobra Commander. The hostage Queen and her corgi easily put Cobra to flight, but Scarlett skips out on the Queen's invitation to tea in order to go shopping, dragging Duke along.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Cobra Commander310 seconds45 lineskidnapping the Queen, flying attack copter to steal crown jewels, at Tower of London, at Buckingham Palace
Maj. Bludd222 seconds21 lineskidnapping the Queen, driving Earthquake and Paralyzer, disguised as guard, stealing crown jewels, at Buckingham Palace
Baroness203 seconds15 lineskidnapping the Queen, stealing crown jewels, at Buckingham Palace
Road Pig154 seconds17 lineskidnapping the Queen, flooding tunnel, flying Liquidator, attacking train, flying Cobra glider, at Buckingham Palace, flying copter
Wet-Suit151 seconds17 linesdiving, driving Attack Cruiser in first rescue attempt, driving Earthquake to escape flooding tunnel, on runaway train
Big Ben146 seconds30 linesflying Battle Copter, driving Badger in first rescue attempt, on runaway train
Big Bear117 seconds14 linesplaying chess, driving Battle Cycle in first rescue attempt, on runaway train, driving Badger
Duke94 seconds15 linesshopping, finding Maj. Bludd at Crown Jewel Exhibit, driving General to stop train, flying Storm Eagle
Scarlett88 seconds14 linesshopping, finding Maj. Bludd at Crown Jewel Exhibit, in General
Troops Appearing
Sludge Viper102 seconds kidnapping the Queen, driving Paralyzer and Parasite, at Tower of London, flying Battle Copters and Liquidators
Vehicles Appearing
Earthquake59 seconds used to attack Chunnel ceremony and defend tunnel, used by Joes to escape flooding tunnel
Paralyzer55 seconds used to defend tunnel and pursue Big Bear
Badger42 seconds used in first rescue attempt and to jump drawbridge
Liquidator35 seconds used after tunnel escape and to attack train and Duke's flight
Storm Eagle26 seconds used to fly to Buckingham Palace
Battle Cycle25 seconds used in first rescue attempt
General25 seconds used to stop runaway train
Parasite17 seconds used to defend tunnel
Attack Cruiser11 seconds used in first rescue attempt
Battle Copter11 seconds used to summon Joes and fly to Buckingham Palace
Glider (Night Vulture's)10 seconds used by Road Pig to bail out of Liquidator
Cobra Battle Copter3 seconds used to attack Big Ben's flight
Brawler1 second seen entering the tunnel (3:54)
Non-Toy Characters: Queen of England, Fufu the Corgi, generic Joes in Big Ben's uniform
Non-Toy Equipment: red Cobra attack chopper

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 2 set (Disc 1, Episode 2)
  • First appearances (in order): Sludge Vipers, Road Pig, Big Bear; the Earthquake, Attack Cruiser, Badger, Battle Cycle, Paralyzer, Parasite, Liquidator, Cobra Glider (Night Vulture's color scheme), and Storm Eagle
  • The Battle Cycle, so named on the vehicle's model sheet, is mentioned on Duke's 1992 filecard but was never released as a toy.
  • In one shot, Duke is shown rescuing Big Ben from the water, but Wet-Suit's voice is heard speaking.
  • The real Channel Tunnel was officially opened on May 6, 1994, but the ceremony was held in Calais, France.