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The Eliminator

1st of 20 episodes in DiC season 2. Written by Sandra Ryan. First aired September 23, 1991.

Preceded by: DiC Season 2 Opening Sequence
Next episode: Chunnel

When a failed Cobra attack on a peace conference turns out to be a decoy, Overkill is blasted apart by G.I. Joe. Overkill offers Cobra the real location of the conference (from a satchel he stole from Mercer during the attack) on the condition that he be rebuilt and upgraded using a superchip Destro has developed. Cobra Commander allows the Joes to intercept a broadcast claiming the information came from Mercer directly. Duke has Mercer confined until after the conference, intending to investigate later.

Upgraded and calling himself The Eliminator, Overkill attacks the conference in the Alps, using a new weapon that freezes targets in ice. The Joes track him to Cobra's base and attack, but Overkill single-handedly squashes the assault. Duke consults Mercer, who as a former Cobra knows how the freezing weapon can be neutralized. Mercer's ruse as a traitor gets them into Cobra's base, where they shatter Overkill once more and escape, outrunning an avalanche unwittingly started by Metal-Head. The conference continues, and Overkill will have to be reassembled to his prior form because the superchip has been ruined.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Overkill420 seconds35 linesin Hammerhead attacking decoy conference, blasted and rebuilt as The Eliminator, attacking peace conference, shattered
Cobra Commander292 seconds44 linesattacking decoy conference, at Terror Drome and Alps base
Metal-Head273 seconds26 linesat Terror Drome, training as a rival to Overkill, at Alps base, briefly fired for incompetence, chasing escaping Ice Sabre
Duke173 seconds22 linesat Joe base, confining Mercer to stockade, freeing Mercer, captured, escaping in Ice Sabre
Mercer159 seconds17 linesflying Battle Copter, suspected of being a Cobra agent, appearing to betray Duke and Roadblock, escaping in Ice Sabre
Roadblock157 seconds15 linesflying Retaliator, rescuing Mercer and blasting Overkill, defending Mercer, captured, escaping in Ice Sabre
Destro85 seconds8 linesattacking decoy conference, at Terror Drome and Alps base
Cloudburst84 seconds14 linestracking Overkill, driving Patriot to attack Alps base, frozen by Overkill, freeing Pres. Girard
Background Characters
Skymate6 seconds(silent)flying Retaliator, shot down by Overkill
Big Ben5 seconds(silent)flying Battle Copter to attack Alps base
Troops Appearing
Snow Serpent13 seconds running to and driving Ice Sabres, defending Alps base, chasing escaping Ice Sabre
B.A.T.12 seconds cornering Mercer, firing at escaping Ice Sabre
Vehicles Appearing
Ice Sabre92 seconds used to defend Alps base, used by Duke's team to escape
Patriot55 seconds attacking Cobra base in the Alps
Retaliator43 seconds used to repel Hammerheads, attacking Cobra base in the Alps
Hammerhead26 seconds used to attack decoy conference
Battle Copter22 seconds used to repel Hammerheads, attacking Cobra base in the Alps
Brawler14 seconds attacking Cobra base in the Alps
Non-Toy Characters: President Girard, Vice President Lydia Navarro, generic Joes in Big Ben's uniform

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 2 set (Disc 1, Episode 1)
  • First appearances (in order): Overkill, Cloudburst, and Skymate; the Battle Copter, Patriot, Ice Sabre, and Brawler.
  • Uniquely, the DiC season 2 episodes have a story-relevant cold open before the opening sequence. Also, the Terror Drome is re-established as Cobra's main headquarters. Mercer mentions "the new G.I. Joe Headquarters," which does not appear until Shadow of a Doubt.