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Satellite Down

17th of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Ted Pedersen. First aired September 25, 1985.

Previous episode: Red Rocket's Glare
Next episode: Money to Burn

When Cobra takes control of a new Joe spy satellite, the Joes force it down, and it lands in the African jungle. Assigned to search the unexplored region, Spirit and Dusty spot Storm Shadow emerging from a burning hut and rescue its occupant, an old explorer named MacIntosh, whose expedition was killed years earlier by Primords, proto-humans believed to be mythical. As more Joes arrive to search for the satellite, a Cobra attack separates Spirit, Lady Jaye, and MacIntosh from the group. Shortly thereafter they are ambushed by Storm Shadow and his Crimson Guard agents, but the Primords interrupt the battle and take the whole lot captive.

As Flint's team awaits the Bridge Layer to cross a canyon, the captives discover that the Primords have the satellite and are treating it as a god. The hominids attempt to sacrifice Lady Jaye at an altar, but Freedom comes to the rescue. The villagers pursue the Joes and Cobras until a grenade thrown by Storm Shadow sets off a rock slide. Lady Jaye finds shelter with the Primord chief's son as Flint's team finally arrives. The chief thanks the Joes and forms an alliance with them. That night, Cobra returns to retrieve the downed satellite, but the Joes and Primords fight back and the satellite is destroyed during the battle. The Joes leave the Primords a television as compensation, but the primitives are appalled by the programming and smash the device after the Joes have left.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Spirit338 seconds27 linesin Skystriker, captured by Primords, defending satellite, fighting Storm Shadow
Lady Jaye284 seconds29 linesin A.W,E. Striker, captured by Primords, defending satellite
Storm Shadow263 seconds17 linesat MacIntosh's hut, captured by Primords, fighting Spirit, trying to retrieve satellite
Dusty216 seconds28 linesin Skystriker, fighting Storm Shadow, tracking satellite, with Primords
Flint205 seconds25 linesat HQ, leading jungle team, in Silver Mirage, with Primords
Freedom119 seconds with Spirit in jungle, injured by Primords, rescuing Lady Jaye
Destro30 seconds3 linesinside Cobra base monitoring satellite, receiving report from Storm Shadow
Cobra Commander29 seconds4 linesinside Cobra base monitoring satellite, receiving report from Storm Shadow
Breaker24 seconds6 linesat HQ monitoring satellite and bringing it down
Background Characters
Tollbooth2 seconds (silent)operating Bridge Layer (10:56-10:57)
Troops Appearing
Crimson Guard137 seconds2 linesinside Cobra base; captured with Storm Shadow; in F.A.N.G.s and C.L.A.W.s to get satellite
Cobra19 seconds inside Cobra base, attacking Bridge Layer, extracting Storm Shadow
Cobra Officer7 seconds inside Cobra base
Vehicles Appearing
Skystriker79 seconds flown over jungle by Spirit and Dusty
A.W.E. Striker55 seconds driven by Lady Jaye before and after jungle mission
F.A.N.G.54 seconds used to try to retrieve satellite; one briefly stolen by Flint
Mauler45 seconds used to track satellite and blast boulders
Armadillo35 seconds used to track satellite
Silver Mirage34 seconds used to track satellite (sometimes colored green)
Bridge Layer30 seconds used to allow tracking team to cross canyon
C.L.A.W.14 seconds used to attack Bridge Layer and try to retrieve satellite
Trubble Bubble9 seconds used to attack Bridge Layer
V.A.M.P. Mark II9 seconds with Flint's team at canyon (once colored green)
Non-Toy Characters: MacIntosh, generic Joes in green camouflage, Primords, toothbrush mascots
Non-Toy Equipment: spy satellite

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.1 set (Disc 4, Episode 3).
  • Instead of the usual greenshirts, this episode includes the same camouflaged troopers seen at the beginning of The Revenge of Cobra, Part 4.
  • In production order, this is the third episode in a row in which Lady Jaye falls from a height.