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The Phantom Brigade

19th of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Sharman Di Vono. First aired October 9, 1985.

Previous episode: Money to Burn
Next episode: Synthoid Conspiracy, Part 1

Cobra attacks a munitions factory in the Carpathian Mountains as revenge for refusing their business, but G.I. Joe arrives on the scene and drives off the attackers. In a nearby castle, Cobra Commander consults a gypsy to summon three spirits using relics. A Roman centurian, a Mongolian rider, and an American WWI pilot appear and pledge to serve Cobra, and he sends the ghosts to attack the Joes at the factory.

The Baroness, learning that Cobra Commander hopes to use ghosts to replace his human agents including herself, informs the Joes of the ghosts' nature and their ties to the relics, and gives up the location of Cobra's local hideout. Wild Bill and Cover Girl show the pilot that they are Americans, and the ghosts agree to assist the Joes at acquiring the relics. The Joes assault the castle as the ghosts threaten Cobra Commander, who flees in terror. Following the battle, the Joes give the ghosts' relics a proper burial.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Duke214 seconds24 linesin convoy defending factory; leading attack on castle; burying relics
Scarlett157 seconds13 linesin Skystriker defending factory; on hovercraft; present at burial
Wild Bill153 seconds16 linesin Dragonfly pursuing ghost plane; attacking Maj. Bludd; present at burial
Cobra Commander144 seconds22 linesusing relics to summon ghosts; monitoring Joe assault on caste; fleeing in Moray
Roadblock133 seconds9 linesin convoy defending factory; on hovercraft; present at burial
Maj. Bludd107 seconds10 linesin F.A.N.G. leading attack on factory and attacking hovercraft
Cover Girl107 seconds8 linesin convoy defending factory; in Dragonfly with Wild Bill pursuing ghost plane; present at burial
Gung-Ho104 seconds7 linesin convoy defending factory; parachuting to assault castle; present at burial
Baroness93 seconds9 linesescorting gypsy; rebuffed by Cobra Cmdr; revealing ghosts' secret to Joes
Quick Kick83 seconds3 linesmeeting Roman Warrior; defending factory; on hovercraft; present at burial
Snow Job32 seconds4 linesdefending factory; attacking castle
Snake Eyes28 seconds defending factory; taking out Snow Serpent; attacking castle; present at burial
Background Characters
Alpine21 seconds2 linesdefending factory
Airborne21 seconds (silent)parachuting to assault castle; present at burial
Thunder17 seconds2 linesin Slugger defending factory
Timber11 seconds with Snake Eyes during assault on castle
Rip Cord11 seconds (silent)parachuting to assault castle
Cutter10 seconds (silent)driving hovercraft in assault on castle
Troops Appearing
A.V.A.C.28 seconds5 linesin Firebats attacking factory; prevented from scrambling Firebats on castle roof
Eel19 seconds1 linebringing gypsy to Cobra's castle; trying to board Joe hovercraft
Cobra15 seconds attacking factory, rounded up as prisoners; defending castle
Snow Serpent13 seconds2 linesreporting suspicious Joe activity near castle
Greenshirt3 seconds1 lineguarding castle exit during assault
Cobra Officer2 seconds defending castle (17:30-31)
Vehicles Appearing
Dragonfly100 seconds used to defend factory, pursue ghost plane, and shoot down Maj. Bludd's FANG
F.A.N.G.80 seconds used to attack factory and Joe hovercraft
A.P.C.61 seconds part of convoy defending factory
Slugger41 seconds part of convoy defending factory
Firebat40 seconds used to attack factory; on castle roof
Killer W.H.A.L.E.34 seconds used to assault Cobra's castle
Skystriker25 seconds used to defend factory
Mauler14 seconds part of convoy defending factory
Armadillo13 seconds part of convoy defending factory
Moray13 seconds used to transport gypsy to castle; used by Cobra Cmdr. to flee
H.I.S.S.5 seconds used to attack factory
Viper Glider5 seconds used to attack factory
Non-Toy Characters: Tolbukin, Ivan, gypsy queen, Roman Warrior, Mongolian Warrior, American Warrior, Jenny
Non-Toy Equipment: ghostly biplane, Joe cargo plane

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.2 set (Disc 5, Episode 6).
  • First appearance: A.V.A.C.
  • Wild Bill once refers to Cobra's aircraft as Stingers. While Stinger is a prototype name for the Rattler, the Firebats in this episode are called Stinger Squadron, so the reference is unclear.
  • Most early episodes end with a joke of some sort. This is the first stand-alone episode to have a serious ending.