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Operation Mind Menace

13th of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Martin Pasko. First aired October 15, 1985.

Previous episode: Battle for the Train of Gold
Next episode: Lights! Camera! Cobra!

Flash and Airborne fly over Easter Island, pursuing a Cobra FANG that is transporting a kidnapped Hawaiian woman, who is later revealed to be an out-of-body traveler. Meanwhile, Duke and Lady Jaye observe an ESP test involving Airborne's brother Tommy, who is revealed to be a telekinetic. Cobra captures Tommy during the test, holding off the Joes with a man who can create fire with his mind. The Joes give chase but are shot down over Washington, D.C. Flash and Airbone are captured on the island, where Cobra is using the powers of captured "psionics" against their will. Cobra departs the island, leaving Flash and Airborne to fend off the island's famous statues, which have been brought to life using Tommy's amplified powers.

Duke and Lady Jaye arrive at the island in time to rescue Flash and Airborne, and they and several other Joes assault Cobra at a secondary mountain base. They free the psionics guarding the base outside by removing their slave crowns but are caught by interior defenses produced by Tommy. Airborne makes his way to Tommy's shielded post and uses an old model helicopter he had made as a child to stir up family sentiment that overrides the slave crown. Cobra's leaders escape, but the Joes and the rescued psionics celebrate with hot dogs on the National Mall.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Airborne257 seconds30 linesflying a Dragonfly, captured on Easter Island, rescuing his brother at K12 base
Flash190 seconds23 linesin a Dragonfly, captured on Easter Island, driving Polar Battle Bear at K12 base
Duke173 seconds22 linesobserving Tommy, rescuing Airborne & Flash, leading assault on K12 base
Destro137 seconds13 linestransporting Tommy, fleeing K12 base
Lady Jaye121 seconds15 linesobserving Tommy, rescuing Airborne & Flash, part of assault on K12 base
Cobra Commander114 seconds19 linesin command at Easter Island and K12 Cobra bases
Stalker73 seconds7 linespart of team assaulting K12 base
Blowtorch63 seconds7 linesdriving Polar Battle Bear at K12 base
Snow Job22 seconds3 linesdriving Polar Battle Bear at K12 base
Storm Shadow21 seconds1 linekidnapping Tommy (different voice)
Background Characters
Wild Weasel12 seconds (silent)flying cargo plane to transport psionics
Troops Appearing
Cobra163 seconds1 lineflying F.A.N.G.s and driving, manning Cobra bases, kidnapping psionics
Cobra Officer55 seconds6 linescapturing Airborne and Flash, guarding psionics
Vehicles Appearing
Dragonfly76 seconds flown in pursuit of F.A.N.G.s to Easter Island
Sky Hawk71 seconds used to pursue Cobra's cargo plane from Tommy's test
F.A.N.G.39 seconds transporting Hawaiian girl to Easter Island base
Polar Battle Bear36 seconds used to assault Cobra's K12 base
H.I.S.S.23 seconds fitted with cranes to transport captives at Easter Island base
Skystriker6 seconds outside Tommy's test, flown by Duke and Airborne to K12 base
Trubble Bubble6 seconds used by Cobra Cmdr and Destro to flee K12 base
Rattler5 seconds seen parked at Easter Island base
Non-Toy Characters: Hawaiian out-of-body traveler, Tommy Talltree, parapsychologists, Carmandy
Non-Toy Equipment: Cobra cargo plane

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.2 set (Disc 6, Episode 3).
  • Aside from an ambiguously-assigned line in A Real American Hero Part 2, this is the only episode in which Flash has a speaking role.