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Lights! Camera! Cobra!

14th of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Buzz Dixon. First aired October 10, 1985.

Previous episode: Operation Mind Menace
Next episode: Cobra's Candidate

The director of a movie about the G.I. Joe team insists on hiring real Joes as technical advisors, as Cobra discovers that among the film's authentic equipment is a captured Firebat with a homing device programmed with the location of Cobra Headquarters. Zartan is hired to steal or destroy the Firebat. The Joes prove poor advisors as Shipwreck darts off to Hollywood and Cover Girl follows, leading to a fight in a pool hall that gets them arrested, along with Torch who is tailing them. Zartan lures Dusty and Recondo into the desert where they end up stranded, but he fails to destroy the Firebat during his mission.

Released, Shipwreck and Cover Girl find the missing Joes, but Dusty is hospitalized and Shipwreck ends up in the Firebat, whose homing device activates, taking him to Cobra Headquarters where he is held captive. Cover Girl disguises Recondo as Torch and demands a prisoner exchange, while simultaneously the Dreadnoks spring the real Torch from jail. When the Joes' ruse fails, Cobra attacks the studio but is driven off by Joe reinforcements. The movie crew films the battle and places it in the movie, but the Joes are snubbed at the premiere as the director thanks only his parents for their inspiration.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Shipwreck288 seconds35 linesJoe consultant on movie set, in Trubble Bubble, captured by Cobra; at premiere
Cover Girl183 seconds23 linesJoe consultant on movie set, in Silver Mirage and Trubble Bubble, leading hostage exchange, at premiere
Cobra Commander181 seconds22 linesportrayed in movie, commissioning Zartan, torturing Shipwreck, in Firebat with Shipwreck as hostage
Zartan170 seconds20 linesaborting bank theft, racing Joes, sabotaging movie set, on Ferret rescuing Torch
Mutt139 seconds9 lineson movie set, guarding Firebat, freeing Shipwreck; at premiere
Recondo131 seconds13 linesJoe consultant on movie set, in Silver Mirage racing Zartan, disguised as Torch; at premiere
Blowtorch122 seconds4 linesJoe consultant on movie set, flying Rattler to search for missing Joes, at premiere
Destro98 seconds11 linesleading Firebat attack on movie studio, rescuing Cobra Cmdr
Dusty89 seconds8 linesJoe consultant on movie set, hospitalized after hyena attack; at premiere
Buzzer86 seconds6 linesaborting bank theft, sabotaging movie set, on Ferret rescuing Torch
Torch83 seconds4 linesaborting bank theft, following Shipwreck, jailed, rescued by Dreadnoks
Junkyard81 seconds with Mutt on movie set, attacking Ripper, guarding Firebat; at premiere
Ripper74 seconds3 linesaborting bank theft, sabotaging movie set, on Ferret rescuing Torch
Background Characters
Duke33 seconds (silent)portrayed in movie; actual character does not appear
Gung-Ho14 seconds portrayed in movie; actual character does not appear
Snake Eyes7 seconds portrayed in movie; actual character does not appear
Bazooka1 second (silent)seen fighting in studio battle (19:56)
Ace0 seconds1 lineleading Skystrikers at studio battle (audio only)
Troops Appearing
Cobra68 seconds1 lineportrayed in movie, capturing and torturing Shipwreck, in Firebats at studio battle
Crimson Guard18 seconds1 linecapturing Shipwreck, reporting to Cobra Cmdr
Greenshirt15 seconds portrayed in movie; present at studio battle
Cobra Officer9 seconds torturing Shipwreck
Tele-Viper5 seconds2 linesinforming Zartan of prisoner exchange
Vehicles Appearing
Firebat124 seconds one on movie set, sought by Dreandoks; others used to attack movie set
Trubble Bubble57 seconds taken from studio to search for missing Joes, used to fend off hyenas
Silver Mirage49 seconds seen on movie set, used to race Zartan and follow Shipwreck
Ferret44 seconds seen on movie set, used by Dreadnoks to rescue Torch; called a "Python Cycle"
Skystriker8 seconds used to defend movie studio
Stinger5 seconds seen on movie set
V.A.M.P. Mark II5 seconds seen on movie set
Rattler4 seconds taken from studio to search for missing Joes
A.P.C.3 seconds seen on movie set
M.O.B.A.T.3 seconds seen on movie set
Armadillo2 seconds seen on movie set (5:20-21)
H.I.S.S.2 seconds seen on movie set (5:24-25)
R.A.M.2 seconds seen on prop lot, colored as a Silver Mirage (11:23)
Non-Toy Characters: Actors playing Cobra Commander, Duke, Gung-Ho, and Snake Eyes; Marty Goldblatt, George Lanceburg, cameramen
Non-Toy Equipment: movie tanks, helicopters, and truck; Dreadnoks' armored car

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.2 set (Disc 5, Episode 7).
  • First Appearance: Tele-Vipers; the Firebat.
  • The Ferret is once called a Python Cycle, a name that appears on early production sketches of the vehicle. Note that the Trubble Bubble has its early three-engine design. However, the presence of Silver Mirages, Dusty, and a miscolored Bazooka, as well as a grey Snake Eyes outfit, indicate that the episode was produced after, or concurrently with, The Pyramid of Darkness.
  • Dusty is mistakenly colored as Spirit in a far shot just before Zartan challenges him and Recondo to a race.