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G.I. Joe: The Movie Opening Sequence

5th of 5 Sunbow opening sequences. First aired April 18, 1987.

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Previous episode: Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep
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Cobra attacks a ceremony on Ellis Island, only to find the event guarded by G.I. Joe. As the Joes defend the Statue of Liberty, Cobra Commander plants a bomb at the statue's base. Joe air power holds off Cobra's vehicles while Duke, via jet pack, carries the Commander's bomb to the Cobra airship, which is destroyed when the bomb explodes. The Joes pose victorious on Lady Liberty's crown.

Some of the Joes in the final shot on Liberty's crown are a little hard to make out due to the glare of the lights. Upon careful examination, I believe the lineup is (from left to right): Lady Jaye, Flint, Footloose, Beach Head, Quick Kick, Lifeline, Roadblock, Duke, Scarlett, Gung-Ho, Wild Bill, Snake Eyes, Low-Light, Hawk, and Iceberg.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Duke31 seconds1 linein J.U.M.P. defending statue, lifting fallen US flag, in final pose
Cobra Commander26 seconds1 lineflying C.L.A.W. to plant bomb on statue, calling retreat
Alpine16 seconds (silent)fighting B.A.T.s, grappling onto Firebat
Snake Eyes8 seconds hijacking a Trubble Bubble, shooting at Cobra, in final pose
Roadblock8 seconds (silent)emerging from Liberty's crown, in J.U.M.P., in final pose
Flint7 seconds (silent)in J.U.M.P. to defend statue, in final pose
Lifeline7 seconds (silent)running with Recondo's team, in final pose
Quick Kick7 seconds (silent)fighting Vipers on the ground, in final pose
Scarlett7 seconds (silent)punching Torch while flying a J.U.M.P., in final pose
Beach Head6 seconds (silent)fighting alongside Iceberg, in final pose
Gung-Ho6 seconds (silent)flying Sky Hawk, in final pose
Hawk6 seconds (silent)firing a machine gun from the wing of a Conquest (2:25-26), in final pose
Destro5 seconds (silent)giving bomb to Cobra Cmdr, flying Trubble Bubble
Footloose5 seconds (silent)fighting near Lady Jaye, in final pose
Lady Jaye5 seconds (silent)fighting near Footloose, in final pose
Wild Bill5 seconds (silent)in final pose
Iceberg4 seconds (silent)fighting alongside Beach Head, in final pose
Spirit4 seconds (silent)running with Recondo's team, shooting from statue, fighting Vipers on ground
Tomax4 seconds (silent)on Cobra airship, flying Trubble Bubble
Xamot4 seconds (silent)on Cobra airship, flying Trubble Bubble
Baroness3 seconds (silent)on Cobra airship, flying Trubble Bubble
Cover Girl3 seconds (silent)emerging from Liberty's crown, fighting Vipers on the ground
Grunt3 seconds (silent)running with Recondo's team, shooting from statue
Low-Light3 seconds (silent)in final pose
Recondo3 seconds (silent)leading team of running Joes, shooting from statue
Freedom2 seconds attacking Torch beneath the Statue of Liberty (2:15-16)
Junkyard2 seconds attacking Torch beneath the Statue of Liberty (2:15-16)
Airtight2 seconds (silent)flying J.U.M.P. past Snake Eyes (1:53-54)
Barbecue2 seconds (silent)running with Recondo's team (1:24-25)
Maj. Bludd2 seconds (silent)shot out of a C.L.A.W. (1:04-05)
Stalker2 seconds (silent)emerging from Liberty's crown (1:16-17)
Torch2 seconds (silent)attacked simultaneously by Freedom, Junkyard, and Scarlett (2:15-16)
Bazooka1 second (silent)tripping and accidentally destroying a Cobra Moray (2:18)
Clutch1 second (silent)shooting from statue as Cobra Cmdr flies to the top (1:47)
Cutter1 second (silent)in a J.U.M.P. when Firebat crashes (2:07)
Flash1 second (silent)running with Recondo's team (1:25)
Rip Cord1 second (silent)flying in J.U.M.P. past Snake Eyes (1:54)
Shipwreck1 second (silent)nearly hit by Bazooka's stray blast (2:19)
Short-Fuze1 second (silent)running with Recondo's team (1:25)
Steeler1 second (silent)running with Recondo's team (1:25)
Zap1 second (silent)running with Recondo's team (1:25)
Troops Appearing
Cobra24 seconds deployed in parachutes, C.L.A.W.s, and Trubble Bubbles
Viper21 seconds flying Trubble Bubbles to attack Statue of Liberty
A.V.A.C.6 seconds piloting Firebat grappled by Alpine
Greenshirt6 seconds emerging from Liberty's crown, flying in J.U.M.P.s
B.A.T.5 seconds flying a C.L.A.W., fighting Joes on Statue of Liberty
Crimson Guard3 seconds punching out TV camera
Vehicles Appearing
Trubble Bubble41 seconds used to attack Statue of Liberty, flown by Cobra leaders
C.L.A.W.34 seconds used to attack Statue of Liberty
J.U.M.P.31 seconds used to defend Statue of Liberty
Firebat29 seconds forced into a crash by Alpine
Sky Hawk8 seconds used to defend Statue of Liberty
Moray6 seconds destroyed by Bazooka and Conquests
Conquest X-303 seconds used to defend Statue of Liberty, destroying Morays
Non-Toy Equipment: Cobra airship

Misc. Notes

  • This opening sequence is often hailed as the best single piece of vintage-era G.I. Joe animation.