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Last Hour to Doomsday

6th of 30 episodes in Sunbow season 2. Written by Tom Dagenais. First aired September 25, 1986.

Previous episode: Arise, Serpentor, Arise! Part 5
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As the Baroness returns from planting a typhoon-causing Vortex Cone at the Panama Canal, she is attacked by the Joes. Flint and Lady Jaye steal her Moray and infiltrate a nearby Cobra base, with Lady Jaye disguised as the Baroness. They steal a disk of the cone's schematics, but their cover is blown soon after. Cobra broadcasts a threat to use the cone within 48 hours, and the Joes prepare to send a team to find and deactivate the device.

Flint and Lady Jaye steal a Rattler, shoot down an entire Cobra squadron and return to Joe Headquarters, but the disk turns out to be damaged. A decoy fleet lures Cobra out of hiding, allowing Deep Six to locate Cobra's undersea base, and Flint and Lady Jaye lead an underwater assault team, but they find the base defended by B.A.T.s. Flint and Lady Jaye are briefly captured, but they escape as the Joes storm Cobra's base and Wet-Suit deactivates the Vortex Cone.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Flint284 seconds37 linesinfiltrating Cobra lagoon base; returning to HQ; captured by Destro at undersea base
Lady Jaye260 seconds28 linesdisguised as Baroness to infiltrate lagoon base; returning to HQ; captured by Destro
Baroness220 seconds19 linesreplaced by disguised Lady Jaye; returning to base; at Undersea Base Delta
Destro174 seconds21 linessuspicious of Lady Jaye's Baroness disguise; in charge of Undersea Base Delta
Cobra Commander130 seconds22 linesbroadcasting vortex cone threat; leading Firebats against decoy fleet
Duke66 seconds6 linesleading capture of Baroness's Moray
Wet-Suit59 seconds8 linesin S.H.A.R.C. locating undersea base; deactivating vortex cone
Leatherneck53 seconds6 linesat HQ during Cobra broadcast; part of diving team
Hawk45 seconds4 linesat Joe HQ during Cobra broadcast; communicating with Flint during undersea base battle
Mainframe41 seconds5 linesat HQ during Cobra broadcast; repairing damaged floppy disk
Deep Six30 seconds4 linesat Joe HQ during Cobra broadcast; flying S.H.A.R.C. to locate Cobra's undersea base
Lifeline25 seconds6 linespart of diving team; removing android arm from Shipwreck
Shipwreck15 seconds2 linespart of diving team; having android arm removed after battle
Dr. Mindbender14 seconds1 lineattacked by octopus on Undersea Base Delta
Wild Weasel10 seconds2 linesleading Rattlers against decoy fleet
Wild Bill9 seconds4 linesflying cargo plane to capture Cobra Moray
Background Characters
Roadblock23 seconds (silent)at Joe HQ during Cobra broadcast; part of diving team
Stalker13 seconds (silent)at Joe HQ during Cobra broadcast; part of diving team
Doc7 seconds (silent)at Joe HQ during Cobra broadcast; attending Shipwreck in final scene
Dial-Tone6 seconds1 linemonitoring Cobra activities in air convoy
Beach Head4 seconds (silent)part of diving team
Cover Girl4 seconds (silent)at Joe HQ during Cobra broadcast
Gung-Ho4 seconds (silent)at Joe HQ during Cobra broadcast; possibly miscolored as Leatherneck at undersea base
Low-Light3 seconds (silent)part of diving team
Troops Appearing
B.A.T.86 seconds defending Undersea Base Delta; attacking Flint and Lady Jaye
Cobra69 seconds1 linestationed at lagoon base; failing to guard vortex cone; captured at undersea base
Viper21 seconds manning Cobra Undersea Base Delta
Eel12 seconds1 lineactivating vortex cone; captured at undersea base
Greenshirt11 seconds on copter capturing Cobra Moray; watching Shipwreck's arm removal
Cobra Officer4 seconds1 linereturning Baroness to lagoon base
Vehicles Appearing
Rattler126 seconds used to travel to vortex cone; one stolen by Flint and Lady Jaye to attack others
Moray114 seconds stolen by Flint and Lady Jaye to infiltrate lagoon base
Firebat34 seconds used to attack decoy fleet
F.A.N.G.22 seconds stationed at lagoon base; one stolen by Flint
Dragonfly18 seconds part of Joe air convoy
S.H.A.R.C.15 seconds used to locate Cobra undersea base
Conquest X-3013 seconds escorting Joe air convoy
Water Moccasin9 seconds stationed in lagoon base
Stinger6 seconds stationed in lagoon base
A.S.P.4 seconds hitched to Stingers inside Cobra base (colored grey)
Trubble Bubble2 seconds stationed in lagoon base
Non-Toy Characters: unique Cobra flight suits; green Joe frogsuits; giant octopus
Non-Toy Equipment: twin-rotor cargo copter; grey cargo jet; Cobra cargo plane; fat green cargo plane; Joe wrecking robots

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 2.0 set (Disc 1, Episode 6).
  • The featured characters and vehicles for this story (esp. grey Firebats and Roadblock's old uniform) are peculiar for season 2, and the abundance of non-toy designs, prevailing off-model animation, and unusual editing style suggest production issues and was possibly animated by a different studio than usual. As suggested by the episode's production number, placing it between The Wrong Stuff and The Pit of Vipers, it was originally to be written for the first season but was delayed due to the writer's failing health. It was ultimately updated to include B.A.T.s and other new products.