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Kindergarten Commandos

5th of 20 episodes in DiC season 2. Written by Douglas Booth. First aired October 1, 1991.

Previous episode: El Dorado – The Lost City of Gold
Next episode: Long Live Rock and Roll, Part 1

Cobra sets fire to a warehouse full of schoolbooks, and the Joes discover it's part of a plan to replace the materials with Cobra-biased textbooks. Mercer follows the Cobras to a printing plant and hops onto a truck full of books. The books are delivered to an elementary school Cobra has taken over. As Cobra Commander begins teaching his values to the kindergarten class and Metal-Head gives an artillery demonstration, Mercer is cornered by Slice and Dice and tied up by the students.

Bored by the Commander's lessons, the children quickly turn on their new teachers while one frees Mercer, who calls in Duke's team. Cobra reinforcements arrive as well, and a battle ensues while Mercer and the children defend the school grounds. The Cobras eventually retreat in disgrace.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Mercer256 seconds40 linesflying glider to warehouse, flying Cobra Battle Copter to printing plant, in Cobra truck, tied up by students, defending school
Cobra Commander231 seconds29 linesin schoolbook photo, overseeing takeover of school, captured by Mercer and students
Metal-Head112 seconds10 linesguarding captured teachers, destroying cafeteria truck, captured by Mercer and students
Road Pig110 seconds19 linesat printing plant, driving Parasite to lead reinforcements
Dice = DiC's Slice88 seconds8 linesdelivering books to school, capturing Mercer, in cafeteria, captured by Mercer and students
Slice = DiC's Dice82 seconds1 linedelivering books to school, capturing Mercer, in cafeteria, captured by Mercer and students
Duke59 seconds7 linesat Joe HQ, flying Retaliator, guarding captured printing plant, driving Battle Cycle, in classroom
Tracker36 seconds5 linesin warehouse, at Joe HQ, guarding captured printing plant, driving Patriot
Overkill31 seconds4 linesdestroying firetruck, leading B.A.T.s to schoolhouse
Background Characters
Bullhorn12 seconds(silent)driving Badger, outfit used for generic Cobras driving reinforcement vehicles
Major Altitude11 seconds(silent)guarding captured printing plant, flying Battle Copter; outfit used by generics rounding up prisoners
Interrogator7 seconds(silent)driving Earthquake among reinforcements (possibly intended to be a generic Cobra)
Cloudburst3 seconds(silent)standing guard at Cobra printing facility
Snake Eyes2 seconds outfit used for generic pilots for Battle Copters (14:56-57)
Skymate1 second(silent)standing guard at Cobra printing facility (11:25)
Troops Appearing
B.A.T.80 seconds at printing plant, one seen captured with its hands up, manning reinforcements
Incinerator31 seconds2 linestorching schoolbooks, flying Battle Copters to leave warehouse, captured
Desert Scorpion5 seconds driving Parasite and Paralyzer among reinforcements
Orangeshirt2 seconds guarding Cobra prisoners (1:24-25)
Vehicles Appearing
Cobra Battle Copter65 seconds used to escape warehouse, called in as reinforcements, used to power carousel
Paralyzer37 seconds parked outside school, called in as reinforcements
Parasite37 seconds parked outside school, called in as reinforcements
Patriot35 seconds leaving Joe HQ, among Duke's forces
Battle Cycle32 seconds leaving Joe HQ, among Duke's forces
Earthquake29 seconds called in as reinforcements
Badger26 seconds leaving Joe HQ, among Duke's forces
Glider (Skymate's)22 seconds used to fly to warehouse
Retaliator13 seconds transporting water to warehouse fire
Battle Copter8 seconds among Duke's forces
Glider (Night Vulture's)4 seconds called in as reinforcements
Non-Toy Characters: Ben Fang-lin, Bradley, Tommy, Billy, Kathy, Debbie; one student and two teachers left unnamed
Non-Toy Equipment: Cobra delivery truck

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 2 set (Disc 1, Episode 5)
  • First appearances: Tracker, Major Altitude, Interrogator; Joe Glider (Skymate's color scheme)
  • This episode is noteworthy for an unusual amount of recycled shots, severely limited animation, and use of Joe individuals' uniforms for generics on both sides.