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Flint's Vacation

44th of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Beth Bornstein. First aired November 13, 1985.

Previous episode: Primordial Plot
Next episode: Hearts and Cannons

Flint leaves Joe HQ for a surprise visit to his cousin in Pleasant Cove. Flint arrives to find his cousin's family in a hypnotic state, and they immediately go to bed. He suffers nightmares of Cobra that night and awakens to see the town's residents filing out into the streets, escorted by Cobra troopers. He follows the crowd to the docks, sees them boarding a submarine, and visits the local sheriff's office, which is occupied by Zartan and the Dreadnoks. He flees, and Cobra gives chase. Flint is eventually captured and taken to Cobra's underwater base, where the townspeople are being used as slave labor. Cobra hypnotizes Flint using a recording of a local news broadcast.

Cobra broadcasts a threat to destroy the world's vegetation, and the Joes spot Flint working behind Cobra Commander. Lady Jaye and Breaker parachute into Pleasant Cove and infiltrate a suspicious TV studio. They discover the subliminal messages in the news broadcast. Following a brief battle on the ocean surface, a Joe team uses a stolen Cobra sub to break into the underwater city. Cobra summons the townspeople to attack them, but their trance is broken when Breaker broadcasts his own message using the subliminal transmitter. Meanwhile, Tripwire is unable to stop Cobra's plant-destroying rocket, but he re-routes it into space. Cobra Commander activates a self-destruct mechanism, but the Joes evacuate the city in time.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Flint406 seconds44 linesvisiting cousin; captured; hypnotized for slave labor in undersea base
Lady Jaye236 seconds37 linesat HQ; investigating with Breaker; hijacking Cobra sub to undersea base
Cobra Commander209 seconds38 linesusing subliminal commands to control civilian slives in undersea base; face on dartboard
Breaker105 seconds16 linesat HQ; investigating with Lady Jaye; overriding subliminal broadcasting
Baroness92 seconds5 lineswith Cobra Cmdr in undersea base; in Water Moccasin attacking Joes
Shipwreck79 seconds11 lineson USS Flagg and in Killer WHALE; in undersea base
Zartan77 seconds9 linesdisguised as sheriff; capturing Flint; commanding Moray; in undersea base
Quick Kick68 seconds (silent)at HQ during broadcast; on USS Flagg and in Killer WHALE; in undersea base
Maj. Bludd62 seconds1 linein charge of slave labor in undersea base; driving Water Moccasin
Barbecue61 seconds4 linesat HQ during broadcast; on Flagg and in Killer WHALE; in undersea base
Tripwire48 seconds5 lineson USS Flagg; in undersea base; rerouting Cobra rocket
Polly45 seconds (silent)with Shipwreck on Flagg, in Killer WHALE, and in undersea base
Buzzer43 seconds5 linesdressed as police chasing Flint; in Moray attacking Joes
Deep Six43 seconds2 lineson USS Flagg; in undersea base
Torch37 seconds3 linesdressed as police chasing Flint; in Moray attacking Joes
Ripper32 seconds3 linesdressed as police chasing Flint; in Moray attacking Joes
Cutter32 seconds1 lineon USS Flagg; driving WHALE; in undersea base
Destro23 seconds4 lineswith Cobra Cmdr in undersea base
Airtight23 seconds1 lineat HQ during broadcast; on Flagg and in Killer WHALE
Footloose21 seconds3 linesat HQ when Flint leaves and during broadcast
Bazooka16 seconds3 lineshelping Breaker override subliminal broadcast
Ace5 seconds1 lineloading dartboard onto Skystriker on USS Flagg
Troops Appearing
Cobra112 seconds3 linesflying FANGS to chase Flint; supervising slaves; guarding TV station
Vehicles Appearing
Killer WHALE40 seconds used to travel to Cobra undersea base
FANG21 seconds used to chase Flint outside town
Moray18 seconds used to attack Joes in Killer WHALE
USS Flagg11 seconds used to launch rescue mission to Cobra undersea base
Skystriker10 seconds used to transport dartboard to Breaker
Water Moccasin7 seconds used to attack Joes in Killer WHALE
HISS5 seconds seen next to Cobra rocket during Cobra Cmdr's broadcast
AWE Striker3 seconds parked outside Ted's house in final scene
Non-Toy Characters: Mrs. Harris, Harris girl, Harris boy, Ted Harris, Chuck
Non-Toy Equipment: Flint's convertible, Cobra submarine

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.3 set (Disc 10, Episode 3)