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An Eye for an Eye

42nd of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty. First aired November 8, 1985.

Previous episode: Eau de Cobra
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Cobra attacks a Joe convoy transporting a fusion-engine plane. During the battle, one Rattler is shot down and crashes into a family's cabin. With Lady Jaye's help, the family escapes with minor injuries, and the father, Charles Fairmont, blames G.I. Joe for the incident and vows to settle the score with Cobra himself. He infiltrates Joe Headquarters in search of information on Cobra activities but is quickly discovered by Lady Jaye. He persuades her to help him strike Cobra, escorting him to a base she thinks is abandoned. Rattlers attack as their Skystriker nears the base.

An experimental weapon causes the Skysytriker to crash near the island base. Lady Jaye is quickly captured and taken to interrogation. Mr. Fairmont comes to the rescue, and the two scrounge up explosives to destroy the weapon. As Cobra targets a Joe rescue team, Fairmont destroys the gun with a well-aimed grenade throw. Joes parachute onto the island as Lady Jaye shoots up the command center. Fairmont runs off after Cobra Commander and becomes a hostage. The Commander escapes, and Fairmont returns to his family.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Lady Jaye479 seconds52 linesescorting fusion-engine plane; at HQ; flying Skystriker to take civilian to Cobra base
Cobra Commander188 seconds27 linesflying Rattler to attack convoy; overseeing Power Destroyer; interrogating Lady Jaye
Flint121 seconds22 linesdriving flatbed truck; at hospital; watching TV at HQ; flying Skystriker against Cobra base
Maj. Bludd112 seconds7 linesleading search team at Cobra base; flying Rattler to escape with Cobra Cmdr
Bazooka70 seconds6 linesescorting fusion-engine plane; fighting at Cobra base
Alpine55 seconds9 linesescorting fusion-engine plane; fighting at Cobra base
Shipwreck43 seconds3 lineswatching TV at HQ; at HQ when Lady Jaye found missing
Polly42 seconds5 lineswatching TV at HQ; overhearing Lady Jaye's plan; at HQ when Lady Jaye found missing
Recondo35 seconds3 linesescorting fusion-engine plane; watching TV at HQ
Roadblock24 seconds2 linesat HQ when Lady Jaye found missing; flying Skystriker against Cobra base
Breaker14 seconds1 lineat HQ when Lady Jaye found missing
Gung-Ho5 seconds1 linefighting at Cobra base
Snow Job3 seconds4 linesescorting fusion-engine plane
Background Characters
Airtight24 seconds (silent)manning turret on flatbed truck
Dusty9 seconds (silent)watching TV at HQ; fighting at Cobra base
Thunder8 seconds (silent)at HQ when Lady Jaye found missing
Zap8 seconds (silent)at HQ when Lady Jaye found missing (sometimes colored as Short-Fuze)
Troops Appearing
Cobra261 seconds1 lineflying FANGs and Rattlers; manning Cobra base; outfit worn by Charles Fairmont
Snow Serpent27 seconds3 linesattacking Joe convoy
Greenshirt14 seconds fighting at Cobra base
Vehicles Appearing
Rattler98 seconds used to attack Joe convoy and Lady Jaye's Skystriker
Skystriker85 seconds flown by Lady Jaye to Cobra base; flown by Flint's team to attack Cobra base
Snow Cat25 seconds used to escort fusion-engine plane
FANG20 seconds used to attack Joe convoy
Non-Toy Characters: Fairmont boy, Sally Fairmont, Mrs. Fairmont, Charles Fairmont, Army MP, Dr. Fillmoss
Non-Toy Equipment: armed Joe flatbed truck, fusion-engine plane, grey Joe cargo plane

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.3 set (Disc 9, Episode 7)