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Twenty Questions

23rd of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Buzz Dixon. First aired October 2, 1985.

Previous episode: Spell of the Siren
Next episode: The Gamesmaster

Joe maneuvers are interrupted by a news crew for the TV show Twenty Questions, collaborating with a peace activist intent on proving the G.I. Joe/Cobra conflict to be a fabrication and a waste of taxpayer money. With Duke off-base, Flint assigns Shipwreck to occupy the journalists with a tour of Heaquarters. Offended by their skepticism, Shipwreck instead takes them on an authorized excursion to a suspected Cobra operation. They are shot down near a Cobra base and captured, but alert Joes at Headquarters surmise what Shipwreck has done and assemble a small search party to follow.

Shipwreck and the journalists learn the peace activist is actually the Baroness in disguise, and that Cobra is about to raid the Rocky Mountain Chemical Weapons Arsenal. Reporter Hector Ramirez staves off execution by asking to interview Cobra Commander. The Joe search party arrives, but the ensuing battle sets off laughing gas and other gases from the successful raid, sending everyone into hysterical fits of laughter. A vehicle crash during the confusion sets off explosions that cause a cave-in. Joes and Cobra all escape, and Duke finally arrives ony to find the Joes still giggling uncontrollably from the effects of the gas. Ramirez can only thank the Joes for the battle footage he was able to capture on film.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Shipwreck392 seconds47 linesin Mauler at maneuvers; escorting journalists; in Dragonfly; captured; at Cobra base
Alpine135 seconds16 linesin A.W.E. Striker at maneuvers; playing pool in rec room; in Dragonfly for search party
Cover Girl119 seconds14 linesat maneuvers; watching Spider-Man in rec room; in Dragonfly leading search party
Zartan118 seconds14 linesdisguised as shepherd; with Dreadnoks; on Ferret raiding arsenal and inside base
Buzzer117 seconds8 linesoperating missile defense; on Ferrets raiding chem arsenal and inside base
Gung-Ho105 seconds12 linesin Mauler at maneuvers; at shooting range; in Dragonfly for search party
Ripper101 seconds4 linesoperating missile defense; on Ferrets raiding chem arsenal and inside base
Spirit99 seconds5 linesat maneuvers; in rec room; in Dragonfly for search party
Cobra Commander91 seconds13 linesat base with prisoners; operating tunneling machine; being interviewed
Flint70 seconds11 linesin Mauler at maneuvers; assigning Shipwreck; reporting to Duke; in Dragonfly
Torch65 seconds1 lineoperating missile defense; on Ferrets raiding chem arsenal and inside base
Duke62 seconds7 linesin Sky Hawk returning to HQ; in Dragonfly to Rockies; finding Shipwreck
Baroness61 seconds5 linesdisguised as Arnold; driving tunneling machine; guarding Shipwreck
Freedom36 seconds with Spirit in rec room and helping search party
Wild Weasel34 seconds7 linesleading Rattlers against Dragonflies; stuck in tree and interrogated by Joes
Rip Cord32 seconds3 lineswatching Spider-Man in rec room; suspicious of Shipwreck
Ace30 seconds3 linesat maneuvers; watching Spider-Man in rec room; suspicious of Shipwreck
Breaker5 seconds1 linereporting intercepted Cobra message to Duke and Flint
Background Characters
Scarlett17 seconds (silent)at maneuvers; reading Spider-Man comic in rec room
Roadblock16 seconds (silent)on obstacle course
Quick Kick10 seconds (silent)at maneuvers; on obstacle course
Snake Eyes9 seconds at maneuvers; at shooting range
Airborne9 seconds (silent)at maneuvers; on obstacle course
Blowtorch9 seconds (silent)at maneuvers; on obstacle course
Thunder8 seconds (silent)watching Spider-Man in rec room
Wild Bill8 seconds (silent)at maneuvers; on obstacle course
Doc7 seconds (silent)reading in rec room
Grunt3 seconds (silent)on obstacle course
Lady Jaye2 seconds (silent)on obstacle course (4:56-57)
Short-Fuze2 seconds (silent)at shooting range (5:10-11)
Snow Job2 seconds (silent)at shooting range (5:10-11)
Barbecue1 second (silent)on obstacle course (4:54)
Clutch1 second (silent)at maneuvers (1:15)
Rock 'n Roll1 second (silent)on obstacle course (4:46)
Troops Appearing
Cobra34 seconds1 linemanning Cobra base, deployed to raid chem arsenal; driving Water Moccasin
Greenshirt13 seconds in shooting range tower; scrambling to Dragonflies
Crimson Guard9 seconds guarding prisoners during tunneling machine execution
Vehicles Appearing
Dragonfly132 seconds on airfield; used to travel to Rockies, search for Shipwreck
Sky Hawk42 seconds at maneuvers; on airfield; used by Duke to return to Joe HQ
Rattler39 seconds used to attack Dragonflies; destroyed during cave-in
A.W.E. Striker37 seconds at maneuvers; on airfield
Mauler36 seconds at maneuvers
Ferret32 seconds used to raid chemical weapons arsenal
Water Moccasin14 seconds used inside Cobra base; crash sets off explosions that cause cave-in
Armadillo6 seconds at maneuvers
Skystriker6 seconds on airfield and flying over it
Non-Toy Characters: Hector Ramirez, Tom the Cameraman
Non-Toy Equipment: news van; Cobra tunneling machine

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.2 set (Disc 5, Episode 1).
  • Arnold's think tank, the Committee On Basic Reductions of Armies, is probably a nod to the penchant for revealing acronyms often displayed in G.I. Joe's Marvel comic series. A more obvious tribute to Marvel is the appearance of Spider-Man on the rec room TV and the cover of Scarlett's reading material.
  • A film titled "The Amusement Park of Terror" is referenced in the episode. This was the subtitle to Part 5 of The Revenge of Cobra miniseries.
  • The character Hector Ramirez has appeared in several other Sunbow productions, including Inhumanoids, Jem, and possibly The Transformers.
  • In the chart above, Arnold's thirteen lines are not counted for the Baroness because he has a different voice actor (Michael Bell).