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That's Entertainment

12th of 19 episodes in DiC season 1. Written by George Caragonne. First aired October 18, 1990.

Previous episode: Night of the Creepers
Next episode: I Found You...Evy

General Hawk and Captain Krimov reminisce over movie star/USO personality Jackie Love as G.I. Joe Headquarters begins guarding a handheld fusion generator known as the MAP. Cobra attacks Headquarters and is easily driven off, but Sgt. Slaughter increases security for weeks, leading to low morale and strained tempers. To let off steam, Hawk invites Jackie Love to entertain the troops, but Cobra intercepts the communication, and Cobra Commander kidnaps Love with the intention of impersonating him in order to steal the device.

The disguised Commander gives a successful performance at Joe HQ, taking the Baroness along in the form of actress Fiona Diamond. She requests a tour from Capt. Krimov and knocks him out to steal the generator. Krimov sounds the alarm, and he and Hawk follow Cobra back to the studio they have taken over. As the real Love and Diamond are about to fed to the sharks, Hawk and Krimov stage a rescue, with a late assist from Sgt. Slaughter, and recover the celebrities and the device. Hawk's momentary confusion over the final fate of Love and Diamond are captured on film for the Joes to enjoy later.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Capt. Krimov433 seconds48 lineswatching Road to Beirut, on guard duty, at performance, misled by "Fiona Diamond," rescuing Jackie Love, in audience at end
Hawk416 seconds50 linessecuring MAP, destroying Hammerhead, MCing Jackie Love in flashback, at performance, rescuing Jackie Love, in audience at end
Cobra Commander303 seconds37 linesattacking Joe HQ, driving Rage, kidnapping and impersonating Jackie Love, flying Retaliator to Joe HQ, at captured studio
Sgt. Slaughter108 seconds8 linessecuring HQ to protect MAP, alerted when MAP is stolen, driving MBB to rescue Hawk and Krimov, in audience at end
Heavy Duty96 seconds9 lineswatching Road to Beirut, on guard duty, arguing with Krimov, meeting "Fiona Diamond," at HQ after theft of MAP
Baroness70 seconds4 linesdisguised as Fiona Diamond, asking Love to talk Cobra Cmdr out of pursuing a career in comedy
Metal-Head57 seconds2 linesat Cobra briefing/tantrum, at captured studio after theft of MAP
Background Characters
Night Creeper Leader16 seconds1 lineoperating camera at captured studio
Lady Jaye53 seconds(silent)watching Road to Beirut, restraining Capt. Krimov, at performance
Ambush46 seconds(silent)watching Road to Beirut
Rock 'n Roll25 seconds(silent)watching Road to Beirut
Rampart9 seconds(silent)at HQ when Cobra retreats and after theft of MAP
Capt. Grid-Iron7 seconds(silent)at HQ when Cobra retreats, at lunch
Scoop6 seconds(silent)restraining Heavy Duty
Bullhorn5 seconds(silent)at lunch at HQ
Freefall3 seconds(silent)at HQ after theft of MAP
Pathfinder3 seconds(silent)at HQ when Cobra retreats
Troops Appearing
Crimson Guard Immortal114 seconds attacking Joe HQ, driving Rages, at Cobra briefing/tantrum, guarding Jackie Love
Range-Viper66 seconds at Cobra briefing/tantrum, guarding Jackie Love & crew, cornering Hawk and Krimov
Desert Scorpion41 seconds3 linesreporting news of Jackie Love's visit, at captured studio after theft of MAP
Incinerator29 seconds at Cobra briefing/tantrum, raiding studio
S.A.W.-Viper26 seconds at Cobra briefing/tantrum
Night Creeper3 seconds above shark tank at captured studio, cornering Hawk and Krimov
Laser-Viper2 seconds aiding Cobra Cmdr's escape from Joe HQ (13:18-13:19)
Vehicles Appearing
Mobile Battle Bunker31 seconds being repaired at HQ, parked at HQ during Krimov's tour, used to rescue Hawk and Krimov
Dominator24 seconds used to extract Cobra Cmdr and Baroness from Joe HQ
Hammerhead16 seconds used to attack Joe HQ
Rage16 seconds used to attack Joe HQ
Retaliator11 seconds used by Cobra Cmdr to fly to Joe HQ
Hammer2 seconds parked at HQ during Krimov's tour (11:59-12:00)
Non-Toy Characters: Jackie Love, Bing Crosby expy, Fiona Diamond, numerous generic Joes (not standard greenshirts)

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 1 set (Disc 3, Episode 5)
  • The featured celebrities are based on Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour from the Road to... movie series of the 1940s.