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Spy Troops: The Movie

1st of 3 Reel FX films. Written by Larry Hama. First aired September 27, 2003.

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G.I. Joe stages war games to test Hi-Tech's new M.I.R.C. system that allows Wild Bill to pilot his Night Attack Chopper by remote. Zartan, impersonating Shipwreck, steals the M.I.R.C. and the Chopper during a decoy Cobra attack on the Joes' base, taking Scarlett along as a prisoner. Shortly thereafter, the real Shipwreck is found tied up at Joe base. Duke orders Shipwreck and Snake Eyes to infiltrate Cobra Mountain to destroy the Chopper, rescue Scarlett, and prepare for a Joe raid.

Snake Eyes quickly plants a bomb on the Chopper and frees Scarlett, and Shipwreck disguises himself as Cobra Commander to get the access codes to the main door and base defenses. But the bomb is deactivated and Shipwreck is caught as the Joes' attack begins. One of the Crimson Guards turns out to be Agent Faces, a new G.I. Joe agent, and he opens the main door, allowing the other Joes to storm the enemy base.

Cobra activates its newly improved B.A.T.s, who are impervious to the Joes' weapons and controlled by Destro and the Baroness via the stolen M.I.R.C. headsets. As Snake Eyes duels Storm Shadow, Duke and Scarlett attack Destro and the Baroness, destroying the headsets and rendering the B.A.T.s powerless. Cobra Commander tries to flee in the stolen helicopter using a third M.I.R.C., but he loses control while fighting the Patriot Grizzly, and the craft crashes. Debris from the explosion causes a chain reaction that destroys the Cobra base, though all the Joes are able to escape.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Cobra Commander515 seconds57 linesin intro, at Cobra Mountain, impersonated by Shipwreck, flying Crimson Command Copter
Shipwreck425 seconds44 linesin intro, captured and replaced by Zartan, freed, flying Air Assault to Cobra Mountain, disguised as Cobra Cmdr
Duke350 seconds61 linesdriving Smoke Screen, in intro, briefing Joes, driving Sand Razor, flying Air Assault, storming Cobra Mountain, fighting Destro
Snake Eyes301 seconds in Smoke Screen, in intro, in food line, at 2 briefings, defending base, infiltrating Cobra Mountain, rescuing Scarlett, dueling Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow278 seconds7 linesin intro, at Cobra Mountain defeating B.A.T.s, controlling B.A.T.s, dueling Snake Eyes
Destro240 seconds18 linesin intro, at Cobra Mountain, in H.I.S.S. to attack base, controlling B.A.T.s, fighting Duke
Scarlett224 seconds22 linesdriving Smoke Screen, in intro, in food line, at briefing, captured, fighting Baroness
Heavy Duty224 seconds12 linesdriving H.I.S.S., in food line, at 3 briefings, defending base, flying Air Assault, storming Cobra Mountain
Beach Head217 seconds21 linesdriving Sand Razor, in food line, at 3 briefings, defending Joe base, flying Air Assault, storming Cobra Mountain
Dr. Mindbender194 seconds23 linesat Cobra Mountain building B.A.T.s, assigned to repaint Chopper, in lab
Baroness167 seconds9 linesin intro, at Cobra Mountain, in H.I.S.S to attack Joe base, in elevator, in lab, controlling B.A.T.s, fighting Scarlett
Wild Bill160 seconds29 linesflying Night Attack Chopper, at 3 briefings, driving Patriot Grizzly to defend Joe base and attack Cobra Mountain
Tunnel Rat142 seconds3 linesin food line, at 3 briefings, driving Smoke Screen, flying Air Assault, storming Cobra Mountain
Agent Faces117 seconds9 lineson screen at briefing, disguised as Crimson Guard, helping Shipwreck escape
Dusty117 seconds3 linesdriving H.I.S.S., at 3 briefings, flying Night Attack Chopper, flying Air Assault, storming Cobra Mountain
Flint114 seconds4 linesdriving H.I.S.S., in food line, at 3 briefings, flying Sky Sweeper to Cobra Mountain, flying Air Assault, storming Cobra Mountain
Polly91 seconds2 linesflying away as Shipwreck is freed, with Shipwreck at Cobra Mountain
Hi-Tech72 seconds15 linesin Night Attack Chopper, at 2 briefings, in Patriot Grizzly with Wild Bill
Zartan23 seconds8 linesdisguised as Shipwreck (which accounts for the low screen time), stealing M.I.R.C., at Cobra Mountain
Background Characters
Barrel Roll80 seconds(silent)in food line, at 3 briefings, flying Air Assault, storming Cobra Mountain
Torpedo31 seconds(silent)at 3 briefings
Troops Appearing
Crimson Guard252 seconds8 linesat Cobra Mountain, on screen at briefing, uniform worn by Agent Faces
B.A.T.132 seconds in Mindbender's lab, used in demonstration, defending Cobra Mountain
Viper67 seconds1 linegathered to hear Cobra Cmdr, in to attack Joe base, flying F.A.N.G.s, at 3rd Joe briefing, defending Cobra Mountain
Iron Grenadier50 seconds gathered to hear Cobra Cmdr, in Crimson Command Copter, in elevator, defeated by Scarlett, in lab, fleeing
Vehicles Appearing
Night Attack Chopper213 seconds used for war games and to defend base, captured and repainted as Crimson Command Copter
Patriot Grizzly199 seconds used to defend base, airdropped to attack Cobra Mountain
H.I.S.S. IV173 seconds used for war games, parked at Cobra Mountain
Air Assault Glider111 seconds used to insert Shipwreck and attack Cobra Mountain
Sand Razor104 seconds used for war games and to defend base
Smoke Screen Transport91 seconds used for war games and to defend base
Crimson Command Copter82 seconds repaint of Night Attack Chopper, flown by Cobra Cmdr
F.A.N.G. III56 seconds parked at Cobra Mountain, landing as Shipwreck arrives, used to defend Cobra Mountain
Sky Sweeper42 seconds used to insert Snake Eyes
Non-Toy Equipment: white and yellow Joe cargo plane

Misc. Notes

  • This 45-minute film was first aired on Cartoon Network. In December 2003 it was released on VHS and DVD. The VHS was packaged with the 2002 O-ring versions of Snake Eyes (in black), Duke, and Cobra Commander, with the only accessory being a black copy of Red Star's AK-103. The DVD was included in a Ninja Showdown two-pack of 12-inch versions of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.
  • Hi-Tech was not released as an action figure until January 2004. Except for Agent Faces' disguise, post-vintage Crimson Guards were not available as figures until late 2004.
  • Scarlett mentions that Heavy Duty is the cousin of Roadblock.
  • The team present at Duke's third briefing (before the Joes head to Cobra Mountain) includes a Cobra Viper and two copies of Tunnel Rat.
  • The original G.I. Joe jingle plays late in the movie when Shipwreck kicks Dr. Mindbender.
  • The G.I. Joe Greatest Battles DVD, released with four figures in February 2009, includes edited clips featuring the air assault on Cobra Mountain and the battle inside the hangar.