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There's No Place Like Springfield, Part 2

55th of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Steve Gerber. First aired December 13, 1985.

Previous episode: There's No Place Like Springfield, Part 1
Followed by: Sunbow Season 2 Opening Sequence

Shipwreck is deposited in his yard. Polly reports to Cobra Commander, who is trying to learn Mullaney's secret formula from Shipwreck. He insists ignorance while being interrogated by the Crimson Guard, but confesses that there is a code word known only to Lady Jaye. Cobra is revealed to be searching for Mullaney; the whole future scenario is a ruse, the retired Joes having been synthoids. The real Polly arrives and coaches Shipwreck through a realization of Cobra's plot.

Shipwreck makes his way to Cobra's underground base, which he discovers is Cobra's Temple Alpha. He finds a lab, where Polly recites the code word he overheard from Prof. Mullaney. Shipwreck dumps the formula's ingredients into the sewer system and drops a match, setting off explosions all over the island. The Joes sight the explosions from the USS Flagg, where Lady Jaye and Prof. Mullaney are revealed to be safe. Shipwreck discovers his wife and daughter are synthoids, leaving him with nothing as he rejoins the Joe Team.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Shipwreck515 seconds57 linesinterrogated in hospital; escaping with real Polly; destroying Temple Alpha
Polly271 seconds29 linessynthoid reporting to Cobra Cmdr; real Polly defeating synthoid; with Shipwreck
Cobra Commander108 seconds13 linesdream image; overseeing Shipwreck's interrogation; cornering Shipwreck in lab
Xamot105 seconds27 linessupervising interrogation of Shipwreck; reporting to Cobra Cmdr
Tomax103 seconds28 linessupervising interrogation of Shipwreck; reporting to Cobra Cmdr
Doc81 seconds9 linessynthoid at hospital; questioning Twins; reconstituted
Lady Jaye37 seconds5 linesin interrogation flashback; on U.S.S. Flagg; meeting Shipwreck as part of rescue team
Roadblock26 seconds2 linesdream image; on U.S.S. Flagg escorting Prof. Mullaney
Destro25 seconds3 linesdream image; cornering Shipwreck in lab
Zartan22 seconds3 linesbriefing Cobras on synthoids; cornering Shipwreck in lab
Buzzer22 seconds1 lineplaying with mini-synthoids; cornering Shipwreck in lab
Baroness11 seconds1 linedream image; leading Rattlers searching for Prof. Mullaney
Flint9 seconds3 linessynthoid reconstituted; real Flint on U.S.S. Flagg; leading rescue team
Background Characters
Ripper22 seconds (silent)playing with mini-synthoids; cornering Shipwreck in lab
Torch22 seconds (silent)playing with mini-synthoids; cornering Shipwreck in lab
Snake Eyes5 seconds on Shipwreck's desert skiff in interrogation flashback
Scarlett4 seconds (silent)dream image; synthoid reconstituted
Torpedo2 seconds (silent)synthoid reconstituted (16:32-33)
Deep Six1 second (silent)synthoid reconstituted (16:33)
Duke1 second (silent)dream image (3:41)
Troops Appearing
Cobra19 seconds searching for Prof. Mullaney; seen below car wash; running from explosions
Crimson Guard13 seconds cornering Shipwreck in lab; Cadet Deming wears a blue version of the uniform
Tele-Viper9 seconds1 linein control room at Temple Alpha
Greenshirt4 seconds on U.S.S. Flagg
Vehicles Appearing
U.S.S. Flagg38 seconds dream image in interrogation; near Temple Alpha when base explodes
Rattler17 seconds used to search for Prof. Mullaney
Skystriker10 seconds on deck of U.S.S. Flagg; used to transport search team to Temple Alpha
S.H.A.R.C.2 seconds in interrogation flashback (7:35-36)
Stinger2 seconds seen on island during search for Prof. Mullaney (11:10-11)
Trubble Bubble1 second seen on island during search for Prof. Mullaney (11:08)
Non-Toy Characters: Mara, Althea, P-9, Crimson Guard Cadet Deming, Prof. Mullaney

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.3 set (Disc 11, Episode 8)
  • The dialogue identifies Cobra's base as Temple Alpha, said to be their main island headquarters, but an on-screen map gives it the name Springfield, which was the location of Cobra's hidden headquarters in the Marvel comic series.