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Sins of Our Fathers

28th of 30 episodes in Sunbow season 2. Story by Steve Gerber, Teleplay by Buzz Dixon. First aired November 18, 1986.

Previous episode: Not a Ghost of a Chance
Next episode: In the Presence of Mine Enemies

Against Destro's objections, Cobra Commander is attempting to communicate with a creature below Destro's ancestral home. At Joe Headquarters, Dial-Tone learns his application for reenlistment has been denied and he is discharged. In disguise, Zarana recruits Dial-Tone to help with a communications system that turns out to be the Commander's project. Flint, also in disguise, monitors Dial-Tone's activity, but his cover is blown. Hawk leads a Joe rescue team that arrives just as Cobra succeeds in contacting the creature.

Cobra Commander sends the creature after Serpentor. The Joes are unable to hurt it, but they follow it to Cobra Island and attempt to warn Serpentor, realizing Cobra's help may be necessary to stop it. The creature is too strong for Cobra, so Serpentor draws it away from the Terror Drome. Destro eventually offers assistance, and the Joes use his recording of a chant to lure the creature out to a deep sea trench.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Dial-Tone258 seconds27 linesin Killer W.H.A.L.E.; denied reenlistment; hired by Cobra; rescued and reinstated by Joes
Hawk166 seconds27 linesmonitoring Dial-Tone's activities; leading Tomahawk rescue mission; fighting creature
Flint149 seconds11 linesoverseeing Dial-Tone's mission disguised as villager; captured
Serpentor142 seconds15 linessending Cobra Cmdr on fool's errand; dismissing Joe warnings; fighting creature
Cobra Commander135 seconds16 linesassigned to communicate with Destro's creature; sending it after Serpentor
Destro88 seconds10 linesskeptical of attempts to communicate with creature; using chant to lure it away
Lift-Ticket63 seconds4 linesflying Tomahawk to rescue Flint and Dial-Tone and fight creature
Zarana46 seconds8 linesdisguised as Chipper Dougan to hire Dial-Tone; capturing Flint and mimicing his voice
Dr. Mindbender40 seconds3 linesfiring lasers at Destro's creature
Mainframe31 seconds1 linemonitoring Dial-Tone's activities; detecting Zarana's impersonation of Flint
Roadblock23 seconds4 linespreparing to party with Leatherneck and Wet-Suit; part of rescue team
Scrap-Iron11 seconds3 linesin Stun attacking Destro's creature
Cutter11 seconds2 linesdriving Killer W.H.A.L.E. during Cobra sub attack
Wet-Suit10 seconds3 lineshelping capture Cobra sub; preparing to party with Roadblock and Leatherneck
Beach Head10 seconds1 linedriving a Devilfish during attack on Cobra sub
Leatherneck8 seconds3 linespreparing to party with Roadblock and Wet-Suit
Shipwreck6 seconds1 linehelping capture Cobra sub in northern Africa
Background Characters
Low-Light12 seconds (silent)in Killer W.H.A.L.E. during attack on Cobra sub
Sci-Fi5 seconds (silent)in Killer W.H.A.L.E. during attack on Cobra sub
Airtight3 seconds (silent)walking a guard post at Joe HQ
Gung-Ho3 seconds (silent)flying Tomahawk to rescue Flint and Dial-Tone
Bazooka2 seconds (silent)walking a guard post at Joe HQ (3:02-03)
Troops Appearing
Tele-Viper73 seconds3 linesmanaging communication project; capturing Flint; at Terror Drome during Hawk's warning
Viper45 seconds2 linesmanning battle stations at Terror Drome; flying Trubble Bubbles against Joes
B.A.T.14 seconds malfunctioning during attempt to communicate with creature; attacked on Cobra Island
Strato-Viper13 seconds flying Night Ravens to attack Destro's creature; at Terror Drome after creature's defeat
Motor Viper11 seconds driving Stuns to attack Destro's creature
Greenshirt7 seconds in Killer W.H.A.L.E. during attack on Cobra sub
A.V.A.C.4 seconds flying Firebats against creature
Vehicles Appearing
Tomahawk183 seconds used to rescue Flint and Dial-Tone and to pursue Destro's creature
Air Chariot69 seconds flown by Serpentor against Destro's creature
Trubble Bubble31 seconds used to attack Joes on Cobra Island
Stun28 seconds used to fight Destro's creature
Killer W.H.A.L.E.27 seconds used to attack Cobra sub
Firebat26 seconds used to fight Destro's creature
Devilfish14 seconds used to attack Cobra sub
Night Raven11 seconds used to fight Destro's creature
Non-Toy Characters: Hector Ramirez (audio only), Destro's creature
Non-Toy Equipment: blue Cobra passenger plane

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 2.0 set (Disc 4, Episode 5).
  • This story functions as a sequel to the first-season episode Skeletons in the Closet.