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Revenge of the Pharaohs

2nd of 19 episodes in DiC season 1. Written by Ted Pedersen. First aired September 26, 1990.

Previous episode: United We Stand
Next episode: Granny Dearest

While G.I. Joe is in Egypt investigating rumors of Cobra activity, Night Creeper Leader attempts to steal a Pharaoh statue from a museum. A head injury during battle causes NCL to believe he is the reincarnated Pharaoh. Destro persuades Cobra Commander that NCL's delusions could be used to solve Cobra's financial problems. Cobra takes a dam and threatens to flood Pyramid City unless Egypt is turned over to Night Creeper Leader. As the Joes help evacuate Pyramid City, NCL kidnaps Lady Jaye, intent on making her his queen.

As Ambush and Grid-Iron try to defuse bombs at the dam, Cobra begins looting the evacuated city. Alerted by Lady Jaye, the Joes chase Cobra out of the city, but Night Creeper Leader blows the dam before all its bombs can be defused. Joe and Cobra work together to seal the canyon leading to the city so they can escape. Night Creeper Leader flees, giving up his dream of being Pharaoh, but he allows Lady Jaye to depart in peace.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Night Creeper Leader266 seconds20 linesstealing statue, assuming Pharaoh's identity, kidnapping Lady Jaye, at Cobra base
Lady Jaye247 seconds28 linesat museum during theft, at Joe camp, leading evacuation, kidnapped, signaling Joes
Cobra Commander193 seconds26 linesobjecting to Night Creeper Leader, making Cobra broadcast, negotiating with Bullhorn, flying Hurricane and Dominator
Bullhorn139 seconds15 linesat museum during theft, at Joe camp, negotiating with Cobra, with Hawk at canyon, in Retaliator
Capt. Grid-Iron119 seconds11 linesat Joe camp, on dam mission
Hawk111 seconds15 linesat Joe camp, assigning Bullhorn to negotiate with Cobra, driving MBB against Cobra and at canyon
Ambush104 seconds14 linesat Joe camp, evacuating Pyramid City, on dam mission
Destro102 seconds14 linessupporting Night Creeper Leader, driving Dominator to loot Pyramid City
Salvo93 seconds12 linesat Joe camp, evacuating Pyramid City, attacking Destro's forces, in Hawk's MBB
Background Characters
Freefall7 seconds(silent)flying Retaliator to rescue Hawk
Sgt. Slaughter6 seconds(silent)leading Joe calisthenics by satellite
Rock 'n Roll2 seconds(silent)at Joe camp (6:51-52)
Troops Appearing
Laser-Viper94 seconds stealing statue, surrounding dam security, looting Pyramid City, evacuating dam, in Rages at canyon
Night Creeper53 seconds stealing statue, kidnapping Lady Jaye, at Cobra base
Undertow32 seconds3 linesattacking dam, driving Piranhas
Range-Viper22 seconds2 linesworking Cobra Cmdr's broadcast, guarding occupied dam
Greenshirt2 seconds driving Hammers (14:17; 18:59)
Vehicles Appearing
Dominator76 seconds leading looting of Pyramid City, used to evacuate dam and rescue Night Creeper Leader
Mobile Battle Bunker68 seconds at Joe camp site, used to defend Pyramid City
Rage54 seconds used to guard occupied dam, loot Pyramid City, and seal canyon
Hammer45 seconds at Joe camp site, used to help evacuate and defend Pyramid City, and seal canyon
Retaliator43 seconds used to rescue Hawk and Salvo
Hurricane V.T.O.L.28 seconds used to lift Pharaoh statue, flown by Cobra Cmdr
Piranha24 seconds used to attack dam
Non-toy characters: Salvo's goat
Non-toy equipment: Lady Jaye's jeep

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 1 set (Disc 2, Episode 2)
  • First appearances (in order): Night Creeper Leader, Night-Creepers, Undertow, and Freefall; the Piranha.
  • This episode was included on VHS in early 1991 with the figure Rapid Fire, who nevertheless did not appear in this (or any other) story.