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Operation Dragonfire: Day 4

9th of 10 episodes between the regular seasons of the Sunbow and DiC series. Written by Doug Booth. First aired September 7, 1989.

Preceded by: Operation Dragonfire: Day 3
Next episode: Operation Dragonfire: Day 5

Cobra chases the Joes out of the Lost City, but in the jungle the ape warriors revert to normal monkeys. Gnawgahyde steals a parked Joe Conquest, and Scoop is freed in the resulting chaos. With Low-Light in pursuit, Scoop returns to Cobra in hope of learning their plans. Cobra Commander uses the Lost City's Dragonfire to "Pythonize" stolen Conquests and various troops, creating the Python Patrol, with Copperhead in command. As the Joes return to Headquarters, Cobra Commander makes an alliance with Destro against Serpentor. When Serpentor arrives at the Lost City, he is captured by Scoop (despite a momentary betrayal by Copperhead), and the Commander uses Dragonfire to transform Serpentor into an iguana-like creature.

Destro joins Cobra Commander and his new Python Patrol, and the two load up an airship to attack Sorcerer's Mesa, the last Dragonfire location. The Commander asks Scoop to provide inside information on the Joe base there, as Alley Viper attacks Low-Light and drops him from the airship as it lifts off.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Cobra Commander317 seconds35 lineschasing Joes from Lost City, creating Python Patrol, making alliance with Destro, capturing Serpentor
Scoop254 seconds20 linesprisoner of Joes, freed by Stalker, returning to Cobra, flying Conquest against Serpentor
Serpentor179 seconds18 linesflying Condor to Lost City, captured and turned into an iguana
Gnawgahyde178 seconds7 linesstealing Conquest, witnessing Pythonization, providing iguana to transform Serpentor
Copperhead119 seconds11 linesattacking Joes in jungle, giving uniform to Cobra Cmdr, Pythonized, flying Conquest against Serpentor and Scoop
Low-Light102 seconds19 linesescaping ape warriors, disguised as Night-Viper to pursue Scoop, fighting Alley Viper
Stalker97 seconds9 linesescaping ape warriors, freeing Scoop, extracted by X-19
Baroness77 seconds6 lineschasing Joes from Lost City, witnessing Pythonization, insisting Destro dump Zarana
Sgt. Slaughter68 seconds9 linesescaping ape warriors, extracted by X-19
Destro35 seconds6 linesmaking alliance with Destro
Background Characters
Mutt27 seconds (silent)deactivating Joe vehicles, fleeing ape warriors, extracted by X-19
Footloose25 seconds (silent)outside Lost City, fleeing ape warriors, extracted by X-19
Spirit18 seconds (silent)outside Lost City, fleeing ape warriors, extracted by X-19
Junkyard14 seconds outside Lost City, with Mutt in jungle, extracted by X-19
Barbecue14 seconds (silent)outside Lost City, fleeing ape warriors, extracted by X-19
Zarana4 seconds (scream only)dumped by Destro
Troops Appearing
Python Viper167 seconds at Cobra base, with Python Conquests, cheering Serpentor's capture, driving Stuns and ASPs
Night-Viper149 seconds attacking Joes in jungle, piloting stolen Conquest, assisting Pythonization, outfit stolen by Low-Light
Alley Viper143 seconds15 linesattacking Joes in jungle, repeatedly falling out of favor with Cobra Commander, fighting Low-Light
Crimson Guard97 seconds outfit worn by Scoop after returning to Cobra
Python Trooper35 seconds at Cobra base, with Python Conquests
Annihilator17 seconds attacking Joes in jungle
Aero-Viper8 seconds one flying Condor to Lost City
Python Officer6 seconds one seen with Python Conquests
Python Tele-Viper4 seconds one seen with Python Conquests
Vehicles Appearing
Python Conquest141 seconds created by Dragonfire, flown to capture Serpentor, escorting airship
Condor Z25104 seconds flown by Serpentor to Lost City
Conquest X-3049 seconds stolen by Cobra, turned into Python Conquests
Python A.S.P.26 seconds created by Dragonfire, aboard airship, used by Low-Light to try to contact Joe base
Hovercraft23 seconds at Cobra's base when Serpentor is captured
Python Stun19 seconds created by Dragonfire, loaded onto airship
Phantom X-1917 seconds extracting Joes from jungle
A.S.P.6 seconds turned into Python ASPs
Armadillo4 seconds outside Lost City, destroyed during Joe retreat
Raider4 seconds outside Lost City, destroyed during Joe retreat
Stun3 seconds turned into Python Stuns
Non-toy Characters: Ape warriors, Gnawgahyde's iguana
Non-toy Equipment: Destro's airship

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 1 set (Disc 1, Episode 4)
  • First appearances (in order): Python Vipers, Python Troopers, Python Tele-Vipers, Python Officers, and Aero-Vipers; the Python Conquest, Phantom X-19, Condor Z25, Python A.S.P., and Python Stun.