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The Greatest Evil, Part 2

12th of 20 episodes in DiC season 2. Written by Bob Forward and Eve Forward. First aired October 22, 1991.

Previous episode: The Greatest Evil, Part 1
Next episode: Infested Island

Duke and Cobra Commander escape their crashing plane, and Shockwave and Crimson Guard #1 are able to elude their captors long enough to blow the Headman's distribution house. But the Headman and his money are gone, and Duke receives word that Falcon and Cindi have been kidnapped. The forces sift through the rubble and interrogate prisoners to find the Headman's remote desert factory, finally tracing its location when Falcon and Cindi reach a radio room and contact Duke.

As Headhunters chase after Falcon and Cindi, Joe and Cobra launch a full-scale attack on the factory. Overwhelmed, the Headman takes a dose of his Spark just before his office is raided. As he jumps down an escape hatch, Joes and Cobras give chase until he turns to spray them with a hose attached to his Spark supply. Falcon jumps the Headman, causing the kingpin to become coated with the drug. As his flesh begins to melt away, Cobra leaves to loot the factory, and Falcon reunites with the Joes. The Headman hits a self-destruct button as he collapses, just as Cobra discovers his money vault. The Joes and Cobras escape without incident, but Cobra's moneybags turn out to be filled with newspaper. Falcon and Cindi return to the hospital to finish their treatment.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Falcon312 seconds28 linestaken to factory, contacting Duke, eluding captors with Cindi, attacking Headman, reuniting with Joes
Duke222 seconds24 linesescaping crash, cheering explosion, contacted by Falcon, flying chopper, chasing Headman, reconciling with Falcon
Headman207 seconds17 linesat factory, trying to recruit Falcon, taking Spark, dying from overdose
Shockwave205 seconds16 linescaptured, destroying distribution house, locating factory, cheering, on Paralyzer, chasing Headman
Cobra Commander134 seconds12 linesescaping crash, in cheering shot, in attack chopper, chasing Headman, looting factory, escaping in chopper
Bullet-Proof88 seconds8 linescheering, driving Battle Wagon, chasing Headman
Metal-Head73 seconds5 linesdriving Battle Wagon, chasing Headman
Mutt58 seconds7 linescheering explosion of distribution house, reporting kidnapping to Duke, searching building, flying Locust, in factory
Baroness57 seconds6 linessearching distribution building, cheering, in Locust with Mutt, in factory as Cobra leaves
Gristle52 seconds6 linesholding Falcon and Cindi at factory
Junkyard34 seconds searching distribution building, in Locust with Mutt
Background Characters
Cutter35 seconds(silent)driving Badger to attack factory, chasing Headman
Capt. Grid-Iron17 seconds(silent)cheering explosion, rounding up prisoners, cheering again, with Duke's team after final battle
Scarlett8 seconds(silent)cheering, in factory as it begins to self-destruct
Psyche-Out7 seconds(silent)with Duke's team after final battle
Roadblock6 seconds(silent)cheering explosion of distribution house, rounding up prisoners, cheering again
Major Altitude4 seconds(silent)fighting at distribution center
Interrogator2 seconds(silent)fighting at distribution center (3:30-31)
Stalker2 seconds(silent)with Duke's team after final battle (20:05-06)
Troops Appearing
Crimson Guard Immortal199 seconds17 linespretending to switch sides, destroying distribution house, driving Paralyzer, chasing Headman
Headhunter105 seconds defending distribution house, manning factory, taken prisoner, chasing Falcon and Cindi
Night Vulture15 seconds cheering explosion of distribution house, rounding up prisoners, digging through rubble, with Cobra Cmdr in factory
Sky Creeper15 seconds cheering explosion of distribution house, rounding up prisoners, cheering again, with Cobra Cmdr in factory
Sludge Viper8 seconds digging through rubble of distribution house
B.A.T.5 seconds cheering explosion of distribution house (severely off-model), digging through rubble
Toxo-Viper5 seconds cheering explosion of distribution house, digging through rubble
Desert Scorpion3 seconds digging through rubble of distribution house
Night Creeper2 seconds digging through rubble of distribution house (4:47-48)
Vehicles Appearing
Battle Wagon67 seconds used to attack factory
Locust46 seconds used to attack factory
Paralyzer32 seconds being airlifted, used to attack factory
Storm Eagle21 seconds crashing, seen near beginning of attack on factory
Badger18 seconds being airlifted, used to attack factory
Parasite14 seconds being airlifted, used to attack factory
Retaliator5 seconds used to airlift vehicles to factory
Liquidator3 seconds seen flying as attack on factory begins
Non-Toy Characters: Crimson Guard #1, Cindi
Non-Toy Equipment: treaded missile truck at factory, red Cobra attack chopper

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 2 set (Disc 2, Episode 5)
  • Range-Vipers are mentioned but do not appear in the episode.
  • When Falcon first contacts Duke, there is a brief shot from much later in the episode spliced in on the DVD copy (specifically, characters running toward the Headman's escape hatch.) I do not know whether this was present in the original airing.
  • Four Joes wearing Grid-Iron's uniform are seen cheering when Duke gives the order to move out. Also, among numerous animation errors, a Sky Creeper is seen with the Joes in the final group shot.