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Cobra's Creatures

1st of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Kimmer Ringwald. First aired September 30, 1985.

Preceded by: Sunbow Season 1 Opening Sequence
Next episode: Countdown for Zartan

Cobra abducts Rip Cord, Mutt, and Junkyard from a flight test and brings them to a castle where scientist Dr. Lucifer has prepared a Hi-Freq device capable of controlling animals. Using Junkyard as a test subject, Cobra sets Junkyard after his master. As the dog chases Mutt into the swamps, Cobra uses Hi-Freq to threaten energy sources and national capitals with wild animals. Cobra Commander then demands the release of various imprisoned criminals, one of whom is Dr. Lucifer's only love, Professor Attila.

Scarlett poses as Attila to infiltrate the castle but is quickly found out and imprisoned along with Rip Cord. She is able to activate a homing signal that allows the Joes to locate the castle. As Mutt tires from being hunted by Junkyard, Spirit and Snake-Eyes free the captive Joes, and Flint leads an assault on the castle immediately thereafter. Hi-Freq is ultimately destroyed, returning Junkyard and the other animals to normal, and Dr. Lucifer is captured and placed in jail alongside the real Prof. Attila.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Cobra Commander224 seconds30 linesat Lucifer's castle, using Hi-Freq to control animals, demanding prisoners released
Mutt219 seconds26 linesjump test, captured and pursued by Junkyard; at prison
Junkyard187 seconds jump test, captured and controlled by Hi-Freq to attack Mutt; at prison
Scarlett162 seconds19 linesat HQ; disguised as Prof. Attila but captured; freed by Spirit; at prison
Rip Cord136 seconds13 linesjump test, captured and held in Lucifer's dungeon, rescued by Spirit
Spirit117 seconds8 linesin Falcon Glider; part of rescue team sent to Lucifer's castle; at prison
Flint82 seconds20 linesjump test, at Joe HQ, planning rescue, leading attack in JUMP, at prison
Snake Eyes81 seconds in Falcon Glider; part of rescue team sent to Lucifer's castle; at prison
Freedom48 seconds part of rescue team sent to Lucifer's castle
Timber48 seconds part of rescue team sent to Lucifer's castle
Wild Bill34 seconds6 linesin Dragonfly attacked by locusts; at HQ; in Dragonfly attacking Lucifer's castle
Doc27 seconds1 linewatching jump test, at Joe HQ for Cobra Cmdr's broadcast, guessing Dr. Lucifer's involvement
Breaker22 seconds3 lineswatching jump test, at Joe HQ detecting Scarlett's signal
Background Characters
Roadblock10 seconds (silent)in Silver Mirage attacking Lucifer's castle; at prison
Cover Girl6 seconds (silent)watching jump test
Troops Appearing
Cobra202 seconds2 linesat Lucifer's castle, in F.A.N.G.s and C.L.A.W. using Hi-Freq in the fields, at prison
Greenshirt30 seconds3 lineswatching jump test, in Sky Hawks attacked by locusts, attacking Lucifer's castle
Crimson Guard12 seconds2 linesfreeing Prof. Attila from Stonehall Prison
Cobra Officer5 seconds at Lucifer's castle when Scarlett is discovered
Vehicles Appearing
Skystriker82 seconds used for canine parachute jump test
Dragonfly36 seconds seen on ground during jump test; attacked by locusts; used to attack Dr. Lucifer's castle
F.A.N.G.20 seconds used to control lions and whales with Hi-Freq
Sky Hawk20 seconds attacked by locusts
Falcon Glider10 seconds used by Spirit and Snake Eyes to reach Dr. Lucifer's castle
J.U.M.P.8 seconds used by Flint to shoot drawbridge from above
P.A.C./R.A.T.s7 seconds oversized Machine Gun used in attack on Dr. Lucifer's castle
Mauler6 seconds used in attack on Dr. Lucifer's castle (early simplified design)
Silver Mirage4 seconds used in attack on Dr. Lucifer's castle (early design, green in 3 of 4 shots)
C.L.A.W.3 seconds used to control locusts with Hi-Freq
A.P.C.2 seconds seen on the ground during jump test (2:38-39)
V.A.M.P.2 seconds seen on the ground during jump test (2:38-39)
V.A.M.P. Mark II2 seconds seen on the ground during jump test (2:38-39)
Non-Toy Characters: Dr. Lucifer, Prof. Attila, King Star captain and engineer, Stonehall Prison Warden
Non-Toy Equipment: Cobra helicopters, King Star (oil tanker)


  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.1 set (Disc 4, Episode 6).
  • First appearances (in order): The Mauler and Silver Mirage.
  • This episode appears to have been produced before The Pyramid of Darkness: Snake-Eyes is in his blue outfit from The Revenge of Cobra, and the only post-TROC appearances are from the Mauler and Silver Mirage, which seem to be unfinished designs.