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A Is for Android

14th of 20 episodes in DiC season 2. Written by Sandra Ryan. First aired October 25, 1991.

Previous episode: Infested Island
Next episode: Shadow of a Doubt

Frustrated when yet another surprise attack is thwarted by the G.I. Joe Team, Cobra Commander frets to Destro, who appeases him by revealing a near-perfect android replica of General Hawk (only near-perfect due to its penchant for telling lame jokes at random moments). Meanwhile, the real Hawk is driving home an illiterate boy named Adam, who has run away to join G.I. Joe. They are attacked on the way; Hawk is captured, but he is able to send Adam back to Joe Headquarters using his flight pack. The android takes Hawk's Badger back to the Joe base, where he fails to recognize Adam and summons the Joes to the parade ground, ordering them to dismantle the security system. Adam warns Bullhorn and Psyche-Out of his suspicion that the real Hawk was captured, but he is unable to persuade them before Cobra launches an attack.

As Hawk orders the Joes to fend off the attack without vehicles, Adam hops a fence and follows tire tracks to find the Cobra base. There he fails to find the prison due to his inability to read, but he is captured and somehow thrown in the same cell as Hawk. They escape using a multitool that Hawk gave Adam earlier. Stealing a jet, they fly back to confront the impostor. As the other Joes turn the tide of battle, the two Hawks duel in the command center. Following the real Hawk's instructions, Adam blasts the android with a laser as Cobra retreats. Adam is commended later in an official ceremony.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Hawk548 seconds73 linesescorting Adam from HQ, captured, replaced by android, escaping
Psyche-Out219 seconds13 linesambush party, with Adam, on parade ground, driving Brawler to defend HQ
Bullhorn191 seconds17 lineswith Adam at HQ, on parade ground, driving Brawler to defend HQ
Pathfinder156 seconds7 linespart of ambush party, on parade ground, defending HQ in Attack Cruiser
Cobra Commander154 seconds18 linesobserving ambush, capturing Hawk, leaving for battle, retreating from Joe HQ
Ambush142 seconds9 linespart of ambush party, on parade ground, defending HQ in Attack Cruiser
Destro61 seconds5 linespresenting android, capturing Hawk, leaving for battle
Background Characters
Rock 'n Roll70 seconds(silent)part of ambush party, on parade ground
Dojo62 seconds(silent)part of ambush party, on parade ground
Flint52 seconds(silent)on parade ground
Stalker52 seconds(silent)on parade ground
Roadblock48 seconds(silent)on parade ground
Clean-Sweep33 seconds(silent)on parade ground
Ozone33 seconds(silent)on parade ground
Mutt28 seconds(silent)on parade ground
Snake Eyes27 seconds part of ambush party, on parade ground
Tracker26 seconds(silent)on parade ground
Low-Light23 seconds(silent)on parade ground
Heavy Duty18 seconds(silent)on parade ground
Grunt15 seconds on parade ground
Salvo15 seconds(silent)on parade ground
Troops Appearing
Desert Scorpion81 seconds ambushed by Joes, driving Paralyzers to capture Hawk and attack Joe HQ
Range-Viper61 seconds capturing and restraining Hawk, attacking Joe HQ, chasing Adam
Sky Creeper59 seconds8 linesin glider ambushed by Joes, chasing Adam, fueling jet as it is stolen
B.A.T.29 seconds attacking Joe HQ
Night Vulture7 seconds in gliders ambushed by Joes and attacking Joe HQ
Vehicles Appearing
Badger158 seconds used in ambush, by Hawk to escort Adam, driven by android, in battle at HQ
Liquidator91 seconds used to attack Joe HQ, flown by Hawk to escape Cobra base
Paralyzer75 seconds used to capture Hawk and attack Joe HQ
Attack Cruiser36 seconds used to defend Joe HQ
Brawler26 seconds used to defend Joe HQ
Cobra Battle Copter25 seconds used to capture Hawk and attack Joe HQ, seen leaving Cobra base
Parasite23 seconds used to capture Hawk and attack Joe HQ
Earthquake21 seconds used to attack Joe HQ
Battle Wagon16 seconds used in ambush, driven by android Hawk during Joe HQ battle
Glider (Sky Creeper's)14 seconds ambushed by Joes
Non-Toy Characters: Adam Hanes, Adam's father
Non-Toy Equipment: Cobra fuel truck

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 2 set (Disc 2, Episode 7)