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Worlds Without End, Part 1

38th of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Martin Pasko. First aired November 4, 1985.

Previous episode: Excalibur
Next episode: Worlds Without End, Part 2

The Dreadnoks steal a matter transmuter that can alter a substance's molecular structure. As Zartan is intercepted and pursued by several Joes, Steeler complains about the apparent futility of the whole Joe/Cobra conflict. Zartan's second attempt to steal the transmuter leads to a conflict over a canyon, where the device is activated. Steeler and seven other Joes wake up in a similar but barren land, and he is stung by a strange mutant bug and soon grows feverish. Confused by an abandoned Joe motor pool and a civilian's reference to Destro's Weather Dominator, the Joes return to G.I. Joe Headquarters and find it closed and under guard by Cobras.

Believing they were out for months or years, the Joes break into their Headquarters and learn that nearly the whole team is listed as killed or missing. They repair a few of the vehicles, but Flint's A.P.C. is given chase by the Dreadnoks dressed as police officers. Three Joes in Sky Hawks find altered monuments proving that Cobra has conquered the world. As the Dreadnoks close in on Flint, the date on a newspaper convinces him that the Joes are still in the present but in a parallel dimension. Lady Jaye's unit reaches the same conclusion just as they fall under attack by Cobra Rattlers.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Flint333 seconds36 linesflying Falcon Glider; sent to alt-Earth; in A.P.C.; captured by Dreadnoks
Lady Jaye263 seconds27 linesin Armadillo; sent to alt-Earth; flying Sky Hawk
Steeler237 seconds21 linesin Mauler; sent to alt-Earth; bitten by insect; with Grunt at HQ
Clutch221 seconds21 linesin Armadillo and W.H.A.L.E.; sent to alt-Earth; flying Sky Hawk
Grunt184 seconds11 linesin Armadillo and W.H.A.L.E.; sent to alt-Earth; at HQ with Steeler
Barbecue180 seconds9 linesin W.H.A.L.E.; sent to alt-Earth; in A.P.C.; captured by Dreadnoks
Airtight161 seconds7 linesin W.H.A.L.E.; sent to alt-Earth; in A.P.C.; driving Silver Mirage; captured by Dreadnoks
Footloose145 seconds11 linesin W.H.A.L.E.; sent to alt-Earth; flying Sky Hawk
Cobra Commander68 seconds6 linesbriefed on matter transmuter; ruling alt-Earth
Destro66 seconds4 linesbriefing Cobra Cmdr on transmuter
Zartan62 seconds9 linesstealing transmuter; flying Viper Glider; disguised as Gen. Wagstaff
Ripper59 seconds3 linesstealing transmuter; alt version serving as police officer
Buzzer56 seconds4 linesstealing transmuter; alt version serving as police officer
Torch56 seconds2 linesstealing transmuter; alt version serving as police officer
Baroness47 seconds3 linesbriefed on matter transmuter; disguised as Dr. Renault; alt version learns of Steeler
Copperhead18 seconds2 linesdriving Water Moccasin; struggling with Steeler over transmuter
Cutter6 seconds1 linedriving W.H.A.L.E. to rendezvous with Flint
Troops Appearing
Cobra37 seconds alt versions flying C.L.A.W.s and guarding Joe HQ
Tele-Viper26 seconds1 linemanning rocket base; alt versions guarding Joe HQ
Vehicles Appearing
Sky Hawk96 seconds used to patrol alt-Earth
Killer W.H.A.L.E.55 seconds used to rendevzous with matter transmuter
A.W.E. Striker51 seconds found near portal and at Joe HQ
Armadillo42 seconds used to fight Dreadnoks; seen at Joe HQ
Mauler38 seconds used to fight Dreadnoks
Silver Mirage36 seconds stored in A.P.C.; used to flee Dreadnoks
Viper Glider32 seconds used by Zartan to escape with transmuter
C.L.A.W.26 seconds used to attack Joes in alt-Earth
A.P.C.25 seconds used to patrol alt-Earth
Water Moccasin22 seconds used to ferry Zartan and retrieve transmuter
Stinger21 seconds used by Dreadnoks to steal transmuter
Falcon Glider17 seconds used by Flint to pursue Zartan
Rattler9 seconds used to attack Joes on alt-Earth
H.I.S.S.6 seconds seen in street on alt-Earth
Non-Toy Characters: Cobra technicians, Herb, Martha, Leila
Non-Toy Equipment: Cobra rocket, civilian motorcycle, Cobra police cruiser

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.3 set (Disc 9, Episode 3)
  • The file names of Blowtorch, Duke, Bazooka, and Breaker are mentioned in this episode.
  • The collapse of the train tressle when the transmuter is activated is Copperhead's last appearance in the Sunbow series, leading some viewers to speculate that he was killed, or else transported to the parallel dimension along with the other Joes. He is next seen in the DiC miniseries Operation Dragonfire.