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Where the Reptiles Roam

28th of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Gerry and Carla Conway. First aired October 18, 1985.

Previous episode: The Funhouse
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A team of Joes steals data from a Cobra information center. The stolen disk reveals that Cobra recently bought a Texas dude ranch near a satellite farm. Wild Bill, Lady Jaye, Alpine, and Bazooka investigate and are welcomed by ranchers Ma and Pa, whose daughter takes a shine to Wild Bill. Underground, Cobra immediately identifies the Joes and assigns the Dreadnoks to harrass them. After being threatened by a loose bull and a horse spooked by a burr in its saddle, the Joes become suspicious. Wild Bill steers a stampede away from the solar power farm, and the consequent dust storm allows Zartan to enter and steal a chip that gives control of the satellites to Cobra.

That night, the Dreadnoks capture Alpine and Bazooka, as Lady Jaye follows the ranchers to Cobra's hideout. There she discovers Cobra intends to use the satellites to use sunbeams as a weapon, but she is quickly recognized. Outside, Mary Belle reveals herself to be the Baroness, but Wild Bill overpowers her and Zartan. Cobra transmits a ransom demand to Joe HQ and destroys the Golden Gate Bridge. The Joe Team assaults the ranch and dodges Cobra's beams by advancing on foot. The battle concludes when Wild Bill leads a stampede against Cobra's vehicles. Cobra's leaders escape in Trubble Bubbles, and later outside Joe HQ, Wild Bill reflects on his adventure with Snake Eyes and Timber.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Alpine216 seconds17 linesleading raid on info center, investigating ranch disguised as Big Bob Austin
Wild Bill208 seconds32 linesleading Dragonflies at info center, investigating ranch disguised as Bill Austin
Lady Jaye202 seconds18 linesinvestigating ranch disguised as Jane Austin, then as Cobra tech
Bazooka193 seconds16 linesraiding info center, investigating ranch disguised as Little Bob Austin
Cobra Commander153 seconds20 linesusing solar energy to melt Golden Gate Bridge from ranch hideout
Flint125 seconds16 linesleading extraction team, driving M.O.B.A.T. against ranch hideout
Breaker114 seconds8 linesraiding info center, at HQ during Cobra Cmdr's broadcast
Snake Eyes108 seconds raiding info center, at HQ, assaulting ranch hideout
Destro89 seconds9 linesat control room beneath ranch hideout, driving Stinger against Joes
Zartan64 seconds10 linesdisguised as ranch hand at hideout
Baroness62 seconds8 linesdisguised as Mary Belle at ranch hideout, fleeing in Trubble Bubble
Timber61 seconds raiding info center, assaulting ranch hideout
Cover Girl45 seconds5 linesdriving R.A.M. to pick up Alpine's team, driving Wolverine against ranch hideout
Scarlett42 seconds3 linesdriving Wolverine to pick up Alpine's team, at HQ, flying Skystrikers over ranch
Buzzer39 seconds4 linesdisguised as ranch hand at hideout, driving ATV
Torch39 seconds2 linesdisguised as ranch hand at hideout, driving ATV
Ripper38 seconds2 linesdisguised as ranch hand at hideout, driving ATV
Recondo17 seconds2 linesscouting for assault on ranch hideout
Ace9 seconds2 linesled Skystrikers against ranch hideout
Background Characters
Shipwreck40 seconds (silent)at HQ during Cobra Cmdr's broadcast
Roadblock18 seconds1 lineassaulting ranch hideout
Spirit25 seconds (silent)at HQ during Cobra Cmdr's broadcast, assaulting ranch hideout
Airborne12 seconds (silent)driving V.A.M.P. II to pick up Alpine's team, at HQ, assaulting ranch hideout
Clutch5 seconds (silent)assaulting ranch hideout
Footloose5 seconds (silent)at HQ during Cobra Cmdr's broadcast
Troops Appearing
Greenshirt35 seconds driving R.A.M.s, V.A.M.P.s, and M.O.B.A.T.s against ranch hideout
Cobra13 seconds1 linedefending info center
Cobra Officer6 seconds manning control room beneath ranch hideout
Tele-Viper2 seconds operating camera during Cobra Cmdr's broadcast (15:30-31)
Vehicles Appearing
Trubble Bubble21 seconds used by Cobra leaders to escape ranch hideout
Dragonfly18 seconds used against Cobra information center
Wolverine17 seconds used against Cobra information center and ranch hideout
Stinger16 seconds driven by Destro to defend ranch hideout
M.O.B.A.T.11 seconds used against ranch hideout
Skystriker10 seconds used against ranch hideout
A.P.C.7 seconds used against ranch hideout
Slugger7 seconds used against ranch hideout
V.A.M.P.7 seconds used against ranch hideout
R.A.M.5 seconds used against info center
Mauler4 seconds used against ranch hideout
V.A.M.P. Mark II4 seconds used to pick up Alpine's team at info center
A.W.E. Striker1 second animation error for Destro's Stinger (18:39)
Non-Toy Characters: unnamed Joe data analyst; Ma and Pa Joad.
Non-Toy Equipment: blue Cobra three-wheelers; Wild Bill's Cadillac convertible.

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.2 set (Disc 6, Episode 6).