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The Revenge of Cobra, Part 5:
Amusement Park of Terror

10th of 10 Sunbow episodes before Season 1. Written by Ron Friedman. First aired September 14, 1984.

Previous episode: The Revenge of Cobra, Part 4
Followed by: Sunbow Season 1 Opening Sequence

Lady Jaye rescues Flint's team from the ice as Joe and Cobra return to their respective bases. When Zartan offers the laser core to the highest bidder, his broadcast allows both sides to trace his location. As the Joes prepare their assault, Storm Shadow steals the ion correlator from Joe Headquarters and Destro's forces overrun Zartan's amusement park hideout. Zartan surrenders, giving Cobra all three components of the Weather Dominator, which is quickly reassembled.

Meanwhile, Duke, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, and Honda Lou escape from the Arena of Sport, and Duke plants a homing device allowing the Joe Team to locate the Cobra temple. The Joes' assault on the temple is hindered by the Weather Dominator until the escaped captives procure creeper vines and plant them at the base of the Dominator. Thanks to the vines, Cobra's defenses collapse and the Joes quickly move in. Cobra Commander, caught in the vines, is taken into custody, but Destro again escapes, this time with Zartan hitching a ride on his glider. Breaker uses the Weather Dominator to return the world's weather to normal...almost.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Zartan201 seconds9 linesat amusement park hideout, forgiven by Cobra Cmdr., escaping with Destro
Destro161 seconds20 linesflying Rattler, fighting at Zartan's hideout, using Dominator, escaping in glider
Cobra Commander145 seconds15 lineslocating Zartan's hideout, forgiving Zartan, captured by Joes
Flint100 seconds18 linesleading Skystrikers to Zartan's hideout, leading Skystrikers against Cobra temple
Roadblock96 seconds8 linesfighting in arena, escaping, using creeper vines to capture Cobra Cmdr.
Duke88 seconds12 linesin arena, escaping and planting homing device, planting creeper vines
Lady Jaye78 seconds3 linesrescuing Flint's team, at Zartan's hideout, flying Skystriker against Cobra temple
Torch62 seconds4 lineshiding with Zartan at amusement park, escaping in Chameleon
Snake Eyes60 seconds in arena, escaping, planting creeper vines
Ripper56 seconds1 linehiding with Zartan at amusement park, escaping in Chameleon
Maj. Bludd53 seconds2 linesat Zartan's hideout, defending Cobra temple, captured by Mutt
Buzzer50 seconds1 linehiding with Zartan at amusement park, escaping in Chameleon
Storm Shadow48 seconds (silent)stealing ion correlator from Joe HQ
Gung-Ho44 seconds3 linesrescued by Lady Jaye, at HQ when temple located, driving VAMP2 against temple
Shipwreck44 seconds1 linerescued by Lady Jaye, at Zartan's hideout, flying in Skystriker against temple
Rip Cord42 seconds4 linescutting power to Zartan's hideout
Breaker40 seconds4 linescutting power to Zartan's hideout, correcting weather with Dominator
Short-Fuze32 seconds6 linesguarding HQ, at Cobra temple for last Dominator use
Zap31 seconds3 linesguarding Joe HQ
Doc22 seconds1 linelocating Zartan's hideout, taking Cobra Cmdr into custody
Scarlett16 seconds1 lineat HQ when Cobra temple located, driving VAMP, capturing Baroness
Baroness13 seconds1 lineescorting Destro's plane in Rattler, defending Cobra temple, captured by Scarlett
Background Characters
Cover Girl21 seconds (silent)at HQ when Zartan's hideout found, driving Wolverine against Cobra temple
Scrap-Iron18 seconds (silent)with Cobra Cmdr. locating Zartan's hideout
Rock 'n Roll17 seconds (silent)attacking Cobra temple, taking Cobra Cmdr. into custody
Timber16 seconds guarding ion correlator, knocked out by Storm Shadow's gas
Snow Job16 seconds (silent)rescued by Lady Jaye
Spirit14 seconds (silent)rescued by Lady Jaye, attacking Cobra temple
Thunder10 seconds (silent)driving Slugger against Cobra temple
Junkyard9 seconds helping Mutt capture Maj. Bludd
Steeler9 seconds (silent)driving M.O.B.A.T. against Cobra temple
Clutch6 seconds (silent)attacking Cobra temple
Stalker6 seconds (silent)attacking Cobra temple
Mutt4 seconds (silent)capturing Maj. Bludd
Wild Bill2 seconds1 linepresent for last Dominator use (19:11-12)
Grunt2 seconds (silent)attacking Cobra temple (17:14-15)
Sparks2 seconds (silent)at Cobra temple for last Dominator use (19:04-05)
Tripwire2 seconds (silent)at Cobra temple for last Dominator use (19:04-05)
Troops Appearing
Cobra56 seconds attacking Zartan's hideout, defending Cobra temple
Cobra Officer47 seconds1 linechasing and attacked by escapees, reassembling Dominator
Greenshirt38 seconds2 linesguarding ion correlator, driving VAMP against Cobra temple
Crimson Guard29 seconds guarding hydromaster, chasing escapees, guarding throne room
Vehicles Appearing
Skystriker118 seconds used against Cobra temple
H.I.S.S.45 seconds used to attack Zartan's hideout and defend Cobra temple
M.O.B.A.T.42 seconds used against Cobra temple
Wolverine26 seconds used against Cobra temple
Rattler25 seconds flown over Zartan's hideout
Slugger24 seconds used against Cobra temple
V.A.M.P.23 seconds used against Cobra temple
Viper Glider22 seconds used to defend Cobra temple and by Destro and Zartan to escape
V.A.M.P. Mark II19 seconds used against Cobra temple
Stinger18 seconds used to attack Zartan's hideout
Water Moccasin18 seconds at Zartan's hideout as an escape vehicle
A.S.P.12 seconds used at Zartan's hideout and to defend Cobra temple
Chameleon5 seconds used by Dreadnoks to escape
R.A.M.5 seconds used against Cobra temple
A.P.C.4 seconds used against Cobra temple
P.A.C./R.A.T.s1 second used against Cobra temple (16:43)
Non-Toy Characters: Honda Lou West
Non-Toy Equipment: Joe and Cobra cargo planes, Cobra twin-rotor helicopter, various emplacements at Bayou World Park

Misc. Notes

  • Time references for this episode do not include the opening recap. For recordings with the recap, add 2 minutes, 20 seconds.
  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.1 set (Disc 2, Episode 5).
  • At the very beginning of the assault on Cobra temple (14:05-06), Cover Girl's original blond-haired character model is briefly used.
  • Destro's escape and Breaker's goof to end the miniseries recall similar events at the end of A Real American Hero, Part 5.
  • The 2008 release of the DVD with related figures (Destro, Lady Jaye, and Roadblock) included both the Weather Dominator and a set of creeper vines.