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The Sludge Factor, Part 1

8th of 20 episodes in DiC season 2. Written by Phil Harnage. First aired October 7, 1991.

Previous episode: Long Live Rock and Roll, Part 2
Next episode: The Sludge Factor, Part 2

As a scientist gives a presentation at his new fertilizer factory, Flint shoots at a B.A.T. about to plant a bomb, but a stray shot knocks the scientist into a toxic vat. Cobra proceeds to destroy the plant, and the scientist is presumed dead. Soon thereafter, Eco-Warrriors HQ falls under attack by Sludge-Vipers, Flint and Clean-Sweep are captured, and Cobra begins stealing food from freighters and trucks, intending to be the world's sole food provider.

The Sludge Vipers are revealed to be under the command of Cesspool. After a brief pursuit through his junkyard base and a narrow escape from a car crusher, Flint orders Clean-Sweep to escape while he remains behind. After another Cobra attack, flooding rice fields and harvesting the rice underwater, Cesspool and his Sludge Vipers raid Cobra's volcanic island base with Flint in tow. There Cesspool forces an alliance with Cobra Commander and reveals himself to be the missing scientist.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Flint341 seconds43 linesat presentation, investigating plant, defending Eco-Warrior HQ, captured by Cesspool, taken to volcano base
Cesspool287 seconds28 linesgiving presentation, in Septic Tank at Eco-Warriors HQ, at junkyard base, attacking volcano base, forcing alliance with Cobra Cmdr
Clean-Sweep248 seconds24 linesat presentation, investigating plant, defending Eco-Warrior HQ, captured by Cesspool
Major Altitude115 seconds20 linesflying Glider, observing theft of food trucks, at rice field
Cobra Commander111 seconds18 linesdisguised at presentation, flying Battle Copter to threaten freighters, at volcano base, in giant sub, accepting alliance with Cesspool
Hawk78 seconds15 linesinside General, driving Attack Cruiser to rescue Major Altitude and at rice field
Background Characters
Cloudburst7 seconds(silent)driving Badger at rice field, climbing onto raft
Zap6 seconds(silent)driving Badger at rice field, climbing onto raft
Roadblock2 seconds(silent)Climbing onto raft after rice flooding (7:18-19)
Skymate2 seconds(silent)Climbing onto raft after rice flooding (7:18-19)
Troops Appearing
Sludge Viper214 seconds driving Septic Tank, attacking Eco-Warrior HQ, flying attack chopper, manning volcano base, at junkyard, attacking volcano base
Crimson Guard Immortal59 seconds on sub at volcano base, among Cobra troops during base attack, inside giant sub
B.A.T.42 seconds disguised, planting bomb at presentation, securing attacked freighter, planting bomb to flood rice, defending volcano base
Range-Viper12 seconds defending volcano base
Toxo-Viper1 second included in error among Cobra troops during base attack (18:24)
Vehicles Appearing
Septic Tank113 seconds used to attack Eco-Warrior HQ, escorting Flint and Clean-Sweep, chasing Clean-Sweep's car, at volcano base
Attack Cruiser95 seconds parked at Joe camp, used to rescue Major Altitude, at rice field
Cobra Battle Copter30 seconds used to threaten freighters
Badger20 seconds parked at Joe camp, at rice field
Glider (Cloudburst's)17 seconds used for recreation by Major Altitude
General6 seconds parked at Joe camp
Retaliator6 seconds used to airlift flooded Badgers and Attack Cruiser
Earthquake2 seconds used to harvest rice underwater (17:33-34)
Non-Toy Characters:
Non-Toy Equipment: giant Cobra submarine, red Cobra attack chopper, jeeps fitted with sludge cannons, robotic (?) sharks used to harvest rice, sludge fighter planes

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 2 set (Disc 2, Episode 1)
  • First appearances (in order): Cesspool, Clean-Sweep, Toxo-Vipers (animation error); the Septic Tank
  • This episode presents Sludge Vipers as initially non-Cobra troops unfamiliar to the Joes, but they were used as Cobra agents in Chunnel and Long Live Rock and Roll, which predate this story in both airdate order and production order.