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The Rotten Egg

12th of 30 episodes in Sunbow season 2. Written by Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty. First aired October 7, 1986.

Previous episode: The Million Dollar Medic
Next episode: Once Upon a Joe

Following a successful raid on a Cobra weapons lab, Leatherneck is invited to be the guest of honor at CEC Academy's graduation ceremony. When he arrives, he finds out it's a Cobra training camp run by his old rival, Buck McCann, and he is taken prisoner. Meanwhile, the Joes drill for their own showing at the Marine graduation at Parris Island. In flashback, McCann is revealed to have been a promising but crooked recruit whom Leatherneck caught stealing weapons to sell on the black market.

Leatherneck is used as a target for the cadets to hunt down. He evades the trainees until one of them falls into the river. He saves her at the cost of being recaptured. When he wakes up, he learns the cadets are about to attack and bomb the Parris Island ceremony. He escapes and hitches a ride to Parris Island, and he and the Joes stop McCann's attack.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Leatherneck516 seconds51 linesattacking weapons lab; driving Silver Mirage to CEC Academy; fighting at ceremony
Wet-Suit79 seconds8 linesattacking weapons lab; at HQ; flying Conquest; fighting cadets at ceremony
Beach Head72 seconds12 linestraining soldiers; concerned about Leatherneck; fighting Cobra cadets at ceremony
Low-Light56 seconds2 linesattacking weapons lab; with Wet-Suit at HQ; fighting Cobra cadets at ceremony
Roadblock54 seconds7 linesattacking weapons lab; flying Conquest; fighting Cobra cadets at ceremony
Zandar40 seconds2 linesdriving motorcycle to Parris Island; bike stolen by Leatherneck; attacking at ceremony
Dial-Tone20 seconds2 linesattacking weapons lab; at command center
Monkeywrench20 seconds1 linedriving motorcycle to Parris Island; attacking at ceremony
Hawk17 seconds3 linesassigning Joes to attend Parris Island graduation ceremony
Serpentor8 seconds2 linesin Air Chariot inspecting recruits; at Parris Island in imagine spot
Wild Bill6 seconds2 linesflying Tomahawk in attack on weapons lab
Lifeline5 seconds2 linesdelivering invitation to Leatherneck
Slip-Stream4 seconds2 linesleading Conquests in attack on weapons lab
Background Characters
Buzzer22 seconds (silent)driving motorcycle to Parris Island; attacking at ceremony
Torch17 seconds (silent)driving motorcycle to Parris Island; attacking at ceremony
Ripper13 seconds (silent)driving motorcycle to Parris Island; attacking at ceremony
Mainframe9 seconds (silent)at command center with Dial-Tone
Zarana8 seconds (silent)driving motorcycle to Parris Island; attacking at ceremony
Troops Appearing
Viper23 seconds captured in attack on Cobra weapons lab
Greenshirt3 seconds loading Cobra prisoners onto A.P.C.
Strato-Viper1 second prisoner being loaded onto A.P.C. (2:04)
Vehicles Appearing
Conquest X-3050 seconds used to attack weapons lab and fly to Parris Island graduation ceremony
Silver Mirage28 seconds used by Leatherneck to drive to CEC Academy
Tomahawk13 seconds used to attack weapons lab and deliver Leatherneck's invitation
Air Chariot7 seconds used by Serpentor during cadet inspection
Moray6 seconds used to evacuate weapons lab
A.P.C.3 seconds used to load prisoners after attack on weapons lab
Rattler2 seconds seen at CEC Academy as Serpentor inspects cadets (11:42-43)
Non-Toy Characters: generic Joes in Wet-Suit's outfit, CEC Cadets, Mike P. Randall, Sheila McDermott, Buck McCann, Marine MPs
Non-Toy Equipment: blue Dreadnok motorcycles

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 2.0 set (Disc 2, Episode 5).
  • The character Buck McCann is likely a play on the name of Leatherneck's voice actor, Chuck McCann.