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General Confusion

10th of 19 episodes in DiC season 1. Written by Steven Greene. First aired October 15, 1990.

Previous episode: Injustice and the Cobra Way
Next episode: Night of the Creepers

In a South American jungle, the Joes attack a Cobra operation extracting exposive sap from trees. Tagging along is Dr. Carday, who is collecting data on the cost of Joe missions for the US Senate. Based on the recommendations of Dr. Carday, who is actually Zarana, the Joes' budget is slashed, and the Joes are ordered to report to Battle World, a low-cost training center that is secretly a Cobra trap to capture the General.

At Battle World, the General is held in a clearing while the other Joes are divided up and sent to what they believe are simulations, where they are attacked by Cobras. Heavy Duty and Low-Light are captured, but Dusty surmises the trap and alerts Big Ben and Sci-Fi. The alerted Joes regroup, but they too are captured. After some taunting from Zarana, Big Ben escapes and finds Capt. Krimov, and they steal back the General. Cobra's command base is quickly overrun, and the Joes return to Headquarters. The Senate restores the Joes' budget, having concluded that "defeat is not cost-effective."

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Big Ben239 seconds30 linesin Amazon, flying Retaliator in jungle and at Battle World
Dusty231 seconds38 linesdriving Hammer in jungle and at Battle World
Sandstorm188 seconds with Dusty in Hammer in jungle, at HQ, and at Battle World
Capt. Krimov134 seconds19 linesoperating General in Amazon and at Battle World
Heavy Duty102 seconds11 linesin Hammer in Amazon, in General at HQ, on Locust at Battle World
Cobra Commander98 seconds6 linesat Battle World command base
Destro92 seconds8 linesoverseeing the sapping of trees in Amazon, at Battle World command base
Low-Light78 seconds19 linesflying Locust over Amazon and in Cave World
Zarana78 seconds7 linesdisguised as Dr. Deborah Carday, at Battle World command base
Sci-Fi64 seconds8 linesin Hammer in Amazon, flying Retaliator at Battle World
Metal-Head27 seconds4 linesoverseeing the sapping of trees in Amazon
Background Characters
Rampart10 seconds(silent)aboard General in Amazon
Troops Appearing
Desert Scorpion53 seconds9 linesattacking Joes at Battle World/Desert World, reporting to command base
Crimson Guard Immortal45 seconds sapping exposives from trees, at Battle World command base, standing guard
Rock-Viper21 seconds1 linecapturing Joes in Desert World
Incinerator15 seconds1 lineat Battle World command base, attacking Dusty in Desert World
Range-Viper4 seconds capturing Low-Light and Heavy Duty in Cave World
Night Creeper3 seconds driving Rages at Battle World
S.A.W.-Viper2 seconds jumping from an exploding Rage (15:41-42)
Vehicles Appearing
General280 seconds in Amazon, at HQ, captured at Battle World
Retaliator149 seconds used to attack Cobra in Amazon, at HQ, training in Urban World
Hammer140 seconds used to attack Cobra in Amazon, at HQ, training in Desert World
Locust122 seconds used to spot trees in Amazon, at HQ, training in Cave World
Dominator54 seconds used to sap trees in Amazon, attacking Locust in Cave World
Rage26 seconds destroyed by Joes in Amazon, used to escort General, in Urban World ambush
Hurricane V.T.O.L.9 seconds attacking Dusty in Desert World

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 1 set (Disc 3, Episode 3)
  • First appearances (in order): Big Ben, Sandstorm, Desert Scorpions, Incinerators, and Rock-Vipers.
  • Zarana is colored as Lady Jaye in two shots, both inside Cobra's command base.
  • This is the only appearance of a giant scorpion, presumably based on the one included with the Desert Scorpion figure.