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D-Day at Alcatraz, Part 1

15th of 19 episodes in DiC season 1. Written by David B. Carren and J. Larry Carroll. First aired November 5, 1990.

Previous episode: An Officer and a Viperman
Next episode: D-Day at Alcatraz, Part 2

Tipped off by an informant, Skydive leads a large Joe force in Lappland in search of a Cobra base. They are ambushed, but Cobra throws the battle and surrenders, including Cobra Commander and Destro. They are imprisoned in Alcatraz under the care of Warden Dandridge, but their goal is to escape and steal a nearby experimental submarine, the Comstock Lode. Meanwhile, Metal-Head is haunted by "The Ghost of Alcatraz."

Suspicious of Cobra's intentions, Pathfinder convinces Skydive to visit his informant, who turns out to be the Baroness in disguise. Grid-Iron is still not convinced Cobra was captured on purpose and orders Pathfinder to drop the issue. The Baroness attacks Alcatraz the next day, allowing Cobra to take over the prison, but Pathfinder sneaks onto the prison island a short time later. He is captured almost immediately, and Destro sends the Joes an all-clear in Pathfinder's voice. Cobra then attacks the Joes and hijacks the Comstock Lode, using its anti-electricity PM weapon to disable the Joes' vehicles.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Metal-Head298 seconds27 linesdisguised as Lapplander for ambush, surrending, imprisoned at Alcatraz, haunted
Pathfinder260 seconds32 linesin General in Lappland, at Alcatraz, at Sky Patrol HQ, visiting Skydive's informant, sneaking onto Alcatraz
Cobra Commander254 seconds24 linesat base, surrendering in Lappland, imprisoned at Alcatraz, aboard Comstock Lode
Destro226 seconds18 linesat base, surrendering in Lappland, imprisoned at Alcatraz, capturing Pathfinder, driving Dominator
Skydive158 seconds20 linesflying Sky Raven on Lappland mission, training at Sky Patrol HQ, visiting informant, using boat to take Pathfinder to Alcatraz, flying Sky Hawk
Capt. Grid-Iron102 seconds15 linesin General in Lappland, refusing to listen to Pathfinder's suspicions
Baroness77 seconds10 linescontacted by Cobra Cmdr, disguised as Joe informant Shirley, driving Hammerhead to attack Alcatraz, piloting Comstock Lode
Topside46 seconds7 linesferrying Cobra prisoners to Alcatraz, guarding the Comstock Lode
Background Characters
Sub-Zero34 seconds2 linesin General in Lappland
Rock 'n Roll10 seconds(silent)manning a gun station over Cobra prisoners
Drop Zone2 seconds1 linein Sky Raven during Lappland battle (3:08-09)
Big Ben1 second(silent)running from exploding Hammer during Lappland ambush (2:53)
Lady Jaye1 second(silent)running from exploding Hammer during Lappland ambush (2:53)
Troops Appearing
Range-Viper109 seconds1 lineCobra forces in Lappland ambush, imprisoned at Alcatraz, in Hammerhead command modules, capturing Pathfinder, driving Rages
Laser-Viper86 seconds imprisoned at Alcatraz, attacking Alcatraz from Hammerhead subs, stealing Comstock Lode
Snow Serpent79 seconds1 lineCobra forces in Lappland ambush, imprisoned at Alcatraz
Crimson Guard Immortal42 seconds parachuting/running from vehicles, imprisoned at Alcatraz
Undertow28 seconds1 linedriving Hammerhead sleds to attack Alcatraz, stealing Comstock Lode
Night Creeper27 seconds fighting Joes at bakery
Alley Viper23 seconds imprisoned at Alcatraz
S.A.W.-Viper9 seconds guarding the captured Alcatraz prison
Greenshirt5 seconds in Hammer to defend the Comstock Lode
Orangeshirt2 seconds guarding the Comstock Lode (12:07-08)
Vehicles Appearing
General79 seconds ambushed in Lappland
Sky Hawk (SP)54 seconds flying with Sky Patrol in Lappland, attacking hijacked Comstock Lode
Mobile Battle Bunker42 seconds guarding the Comstock Lode
Hammerhead35 seconds used to attack Alcatraz
Dominator31 seconds used to ambush Joes in Lappland and attack the Comstock Lode
Rage26 seconds used to ambush Joes in Lappland and attack the Comstock Lode
Sky Raven22 seconds leading Sky Patrol reinforcements in Lappland, flying over Sky Patrol Headquarters
Hammer15 seconds ambushed in Lappland, guarding the Comstock Lode
Avalanche13 seconds ambushed in Lappland
H.I.S.S. II7 seconds exploding in Lappland ambush, used to attack the Comstock Lode
Sky S.H.A.R.C.6 seconds flying with Sky Patrol in Lappland
F.A.N.G. II3 seconds being shot during Lappland ambush
Hurricane V.T.O.L.3 seconds attacking and being shot during Lappland ambush
Non-Toy Characters: Warden Dandridge, M.P.s, The Ghost of Alcatraz
Non-Toy Equipment: Topside's ferry, Skydive's boat, Pathfinder's raft

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 1 set (Disc 4, Episode 2)
  • First appearances: Drop Zone; the Sky Raven and Sky S.H.A.R.C.
  • Warden Dandridge addresses Pathfinder by his file name, Sgt. Iannotti.
  • Despite being in a strategic position and being voiced by Morgan Lofting, Warden Dandrige is not the Baroness in disguise.