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Cobra Quake

36th of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Ted Pedersen. First aired October 28, 1985.

Previous episode: The Traitor, Part 2
Next episode: Excalibur

On the way to a Tokyo economic summit, Flint and Gung-Ho's plane full of delegates is attacked by Cobra Rattlers. Once forced down, the plane is revealed to be a decoy full of Joe vehicles. Skystrikers arrive to drive off Cobra, while the real delegates land safely in Japan. Meanwhile, Quick Kick and Bazooka's work with trainees is interrupted by an earthquake caused by Cobra. Bazooka joins Lady Jaye to meet with seismologist Dr. Morita, but they are attacked by Storm Shadow and his ninjas. Quick Kick arrives, and he and Bazooka pursue Storm Shadow only to be attacked by Scrap-Iron, while Lady Jaye investigates Dr. Morita's house and is captured.

Quick Kick, Bazooka, and trainee Teiko track Lady Jaye's homing signal to a Cobra base, where they free her and Dr. Morita. Dr. Morita helps the Joes pinpoint bombs set to cause earthquakes across Japan. Joes are dispatched to the bombs' locations, and Bazooka walks the three teams through the disarming process. The Joes celebrate their victory with a traditional Japanese dinner of octopus.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Bazooka301 seconds40 linesat Japan training center; pursuing Cobra agents and disarming bombs; driving Silver Mirage
Lady Jaye248 seconds29 linesat economic summit; fighting Storm Shadow's ninjas; captured by Baroness; disarming bomb
Quick Kick241 seconds33 linesat training camp; fighting and pursuing Storm Shadow; disarming bomb; driving Silver Mirage
Flint142 seconds29 linesflying decoy plane; driving Silver Mirage against ambush; at remote base; disarming bomb
Gung-Ho78 seconds14 linesflying decoy plane; disarming bomb
Baroness78 seconds9 linesfying F.A.N.G. to capture Dr. Morita and Lady Jaye; at island base
Cobra Commander70 seconds9 linesobserving decoy ambush; with Baroness at island base
Scrap-Iron34 seconds4 lineschasing Quick Kick, Bazooka, and Teiko; flying a F.A.N.G.
Storm Shadow31 seconds4 linesdisguised as Dr. Morita; leading ninja agents against Bazooka and Lady Jaye
Thunder21 seconds2 linesdriving Slugger against ambush; standing guard outside economic summit
Wild Weasel18 seconds11 linesleading Rattlers against decoy plane
Ace4 seconds4 linesleading Skystrikers against Rattlers
Background Characters
Breaker7 seconds (silent)in remote command center during decoy ambush and bomb hunt
Clutch5 seconds (silent)standing guard outside economic summit
Recondo4 seconds (silent)standing guard outside economic summit
Roadblock4 seconds (silent)standing guard outside economic summit
Scarlett3 seconds (silent)standing guard outside economic summit
Spirit3 seconds (silent)standing guard outside economic summit
Airtight2 seconds (silent)standing guard outside economic summit (5:38-39)
Barbecue2 seconds (silent)in remote command center during bomb hunt (17:24-25)
Cover Girl2 seconds (silent)standing guard outside economic summit (5:38-39)
Footloose2 seconds (silent)in remote command center during bomb hunt (17:24-25)
Troops Appearing
Cobra34 seconds1 lineusing Rattlers and Ferrets to capture delegates
Greenshirt9 seconds rounding up Cobras; standing guard outside economic summit
Vehicles Appearing
Rattler80 seconds used to attack decoy delegate plane
Silver Mirage67 seconds used to pursue Cobra agents in Tokyo
F.A.N.G.33 seconds flown by Baroness to Tokyo and by Scrap-Iron to pursue Joes
Slugger30 seconds used against Cobra ambush; stationed outside economic summit
Skystriker22 seconds used against Cobra ambush
Ferret18 seconds used to attack decoy delegate plane
Dragonfly13 seconds flying around economic summit
Non-Toy Characters: Joe ninja trainees, Teiko, Cobra ninja agents (in Storm Shadow's outfit), Dr. Morita
Non-Toy Equipment: decoy passenger plane, inflatable raft, grey Joe cargo plane

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.2 set (Disc 7, Episode 5)